The Best Two Years
a feature film written and directed by Scott S. Anderson
about four missionaries in Holland

In theaters February 20, 2004!

Review Roundup
Scores from Reviews Nationwide Given to Scott S. Anderson's "The Best Two Years"

Numerical average of these graded scores: 67.9% (out of 100)
  Average score is 3 stars out of 4, or a "B" freshness score: 77.3%
  22 reviews counted: 17 positive; 5 negative page:

[In the table below, the column labeled "RT.c" shows a plus or minus sign, indicating whether the website rated the review mainly positive (+) or negative (-). Reviews with nothing in the "RT.c" column (that is, they have no plus or minus by them, were not catalogued by the website, and are not included in the score.]

SourceReview AuthorRT.cGradeGrade
as # Colin Liddle A 100
The Spectrum (St. George, UT) Bruce Bennett + A- 92
Tooele Transcript-Bulletin (Utah) Audrey Rock-Richardson + B+ 84
Salt Lake Tribune Sean P. Means + 3/4 75
Deseret News Jeff Vice + 3/4 75
Ogden Standard-Examiner Steve Salles 3/4 75
Reno Gazette-Journal Forrest Hartman + 3/4 75
Arizona Daily Star Phil Villarreal + 3/4 75
Talking Pictures Tony Toscano + 3/4 75
Movie Parables Michael Elliott + 3/4 75
Entertainment Spectrum Vince Koehler + 3/4 75 Eric D. Snider + B 75 Adam Mast B- 67 Christopher Null + 3.5/5 67
Salt Lake City Weekly Scott Renshaw 2.5/4 63
Boxoffice Magazine Wade Major + 3/5 56
Movie View Ryan Cracknell + 3/5 56
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN) John Beifuss - 2/4 50
Seattle Times John Hartl - 2/4 50
Denver Rocky Mountain News Robert Denerstein - C 50
Dallas Morning News Tom Maurstad - C 50
Arizona Republic Bill Muller - 2/5 34

The following reviews did not include a "grade," but they were given a "fresh" or "rotten" rating (+ or -) by

SourceReview AuthorRT.c
Kansas City Star Robert W. Butler + Victoria Alexander +
Variety Joe Leydon +
New Times (Phoenix) Luke Y. Thompson +

The following reviews did not have a number or letter rating, nor were they catalogued by the website:
Daily Universe / BYU NewsNet Joe Ghiz positive
Salt Lake Tribune Robert Kirby positive
Deseret News Chris Hicks positive
Meridian Magazine Thomas C. Baggaley positive

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