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Richard Dutcher's film "Brigham City"
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Acting up: Local thespian making a name for himself in LDS flicks

By: Jeff Vice
Date: 20 February 2004
Source: Deseret News


Contrary to popular belief, Kirby Heyborne has not been in every LDS movie ever made. But he has been in quite a few -- especially over the past couple of years...

..."I was not in '(The Legend of) Johnny Lingo,' " he quickly points out, adding with a laugh, "Also, you may not have noticed this, but I'm in the background in Richard Dutcher's movies. I'm playing 'the set.' "...

LDS Cinema Gets Better and Gets a Bum Rating

By: Thomas C. Baggaley
Date: 20 February 2004
Source: Meridian Magazine


...The first of these is the release of a wonderful little film called The Best Two Years. No, this film isn't the second coming of It's a Wonderful Life, but as far as making a film for the LDS market, I think this film hits it right on the head. In fact, I would not hesitate to say that of all the various LDS-market theatrical release feature films (including those from Richard Dutcher and the relatively high-budget The Other Side of Heaven), I personally enjoyed watching this one most of all...