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The Best Crop:
A History of Orchard Farming in Orem, Utah (2002)

"The Best Crop": Text from Back Video Cover

Orem, Utah was born as a fruit-growing town, grew according to the rhythms of the orchards, changed as the needs of orchardists changed, and today struggles to define itself as its orchards are replaced by suburbs, shopping malls, and office complexes. Orchards not only gave geographical and economic shape to Orem, but also gave meaning to the lives of thousands of people who worked on them over the years. The stories people tell make it clear that while farmers in Orem did not ignore economic considerations, those considerations were part of a broader fruit growing culture, one that emphasized religious devotion, family ties, community cooperation, and a beautiful, well-ordered landscape.

© 2002 - 55 minutes - Stereo - Color - TM024
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"The Best Crop"
OPENING credits as they appear in the video

Funded in part by grants from
Brigham Young University
College of Fine Arts &
Communications Media Arts
Production Committee

The Utah State Historical

Brigham Young University
Religious Studies Center

"The Best Crop"
CLOSING credits as they appear in the video

Produced by Brigham Young University
College of Fine Arts
& Communications

Theatre & Media Arts

College of Family, Home &
Social Sciences

History Department

April Chabries

Gary Daynes
Richard Ian Kimball

Director of Photography
W. Grant Williams

Brad Barber

Randy Astle

Musical Score
Lincoln Highway

Assistant Producer John Zick
Narrator Robert Nelson
Assistant Directors Brad Barber
Christian Sampson
Production Managers Christian Sampson
Tamillisa Wood
Camera Operators Matthew Hamilton
Kelly Mecham
Brad Barber
Rachel Chabries
Jared Hess
Camera Assistants Brandon Christensen
William Boaz
Travis Cline
Key Grip Quentin Wilson
Sound Mixers J.D. Hacken
K.C. Blake
Sammie Markham
Historical Advisors Gary Daynes
Richard I. Kimball
Hollice Scott
Research Assistants Laura Nelder
Emily West
Post Production Manager Bo Bahoravitch
On-Line Editor Robert O. Morton
Film Transfer/Colorist David Nauta
Sound Designers Richard Duke
Kreg Peeler
Production Assistants Desiree Dolron
Dan Fredley
Scheduling Marian Brunner
Accounting Amy Langlois
Zina Gifford
Payroll Sherill Gillman

Archival Materials Provided by

L. Tom Perry Special Collections,
Harold B. Lee Library, BYU

Utah State Historical Society
Used by permission
all rights reserved

Special Collections & Archives,
Merrill LIbrary, Utah State University

BYU Museum of Art
Used by permission
all rights reserved

The Valentine Family

Beatrice Pyne

Quote from
Emma E. Stratton

Additional Footage Provided by
William Boaz

Special Thanks

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Motion Picture Studio

Julie Porter's First Grade Class
Timpanogos Elementary School

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Sharon Stake Welfare Farm

St. Francis Catholic Church

Hollice Scott

The Fruit Farmers of Utah Valley

Dedicated to the memory of
Dick W. Burr
A great American fruit farmer

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