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Official "Out of Step" Press Kit

[Below is the text of the press kit file provided by the producers of "Out of Step." The file was downloaded from the website (a website set up by the producers of "Out of Step"), and was first available from that location on 23 August 2002.

Perhaps the most useful new information to come out of this press kit is the complete cast and crew credits, which were, of course, included in the film itself, but were not previously available online.

The production notes and capsule biographies of key filmmakers and stars behind the movie were available in previous incarnations of the official "Out of Step" movie site (, but many of these exist in expanded form in the press kit. The plot synopsis in the press kit is more detailed than any account previously posted on the official website. Also, information about the movie's co-producer Kenneth Marler was not previously available on the official website.]

"Out of Step" opening credits,
as printed in the press kit

[Presumably these are identical to the credits as they appear in the movie, although the formatting is likely different.]





Produced by

Executive Producers

Associate Producers

Screenplay by

Directed by RYAN LITTLE

Directory of Photography

Casting Director

Production Designer

Edited by

"Out of Step" closing credits,
as printed in the press kit

[Presumably these are identical to the closing credits as they appear in the film, except for changes in formatting. Note that the names of cast and crew members are capitalized in the press kit, and probably in the movie. Capitalization has been standardized here for enhanced search purposes.]

Jennifer Thomas Alison Akin Clark
Paul Michael Buster
Dave Jeremy Elliot
Mrs. Thomas Tayva Patch
Mr. Thomas Rick Macy
Mr. Rigg Peter Holden
Club Waitress Katherine Disque
Keisha Nicolle Robledo
Prof. Schultz David Morgan
Desiree TL Forsberg
Bishop Bernie R. Diamond
Camille Rachel Emmers
Mr. Rigg's Assistant Jake Fry
Student One Brian Clark
Student Two Seth Kawasaki
Charlie Lincoln Hoppe
Niki Dawn Kalana
College Student Chris Bentley
Michelle Britney Marler
Danielle Kelsey Marler
Man Chris Clark
Café Friend Ginger Parker
Party Extra Joel Wallin
Cute Girl Michelle Ange
Rehab Director Michael Joseph Battey
Kriya Performers David Hyter
Erik Forsberg
Matthew Lynn Seaton
Dance Assistant Abe Mills
Featured Swing Dancers Alysia Ahlstrom
Jared Roberts
Virgil Feinauer
Sharon Adams
Shauna Marble
Jon Middleton
Breanne Newman
Paul D. Greenwood
William Hopper
Matt Hayden

Directed by Ryan Little
Original Story by Willow Leigh Jones
Screenplay by Michael Buster
1st Screenplay Revision Nikki Anne Schmutz
Final Screenplay Revisions Jeremy Elliot
Executive Producers Kenneth Marler
Bernie R. Diamond
Donald Cummins
Director of Photography Michael Worthen
Additional Photography by Mark Andersen
Production Designer Doug Ellis
Editor Wynn Hougaard
Assistant Editor Krissy Church
Casting by Jennifer Buster
Costume Designer TL Forsberg
First Assistant Director Brian Brough
Second Assistant Director Scott M. Hurst
Associate Producers Erik Forsberg
Dawn Kalana
Script Supervisor Kathy Craven
Art Director Anne Kirkham Black
Assistant Art Director Jennifer Kirkham
Art Production Assistants Amanda Schutz
Heidi Hathaway
Nicole Marriott
Cory Lorenzen
Jason (Badger) Tieman
Locations Manager Anthony Derbidge
Prop Master Bryan Stinson
Assistant Props Marcus Cano
Key Hair Stylist Pam Johnson
Key Wardrobe Director TL Forsberg
Wardrobe/Hair & Makeup Lynnea Kartchner
Wardrobe Assistant Heidi Scott
First Camera Assistant Dalan Granat
2nd Camera Assistant Laura Johnson
Camera Loader Jon Winquist
Gaffer Chris Kendrick
Best Boy Electric Steve Scott
Electrician Jason Hatfield
Brandon Christiansen
Key Grip Mathew Stumphy
Key Grip Swing Shane Seggar
Best Boy Grip Jarom Ellsworth
Sound Mixer Les Udy
Boom Operator Russell Lasson
Production Coordinator Michael Lynch
Production Assistants Tony Hoggan
Mike Hammari
John Boyd
Rulon Poulen
Kent Findley
Catering Coordinator Tammy Tucker
Sales Associate Kristina Green
Security Advisor Michael Lynch
Still Photographer Brian Clark

Assistant Director Mark Inman
Director of Photography Dalan Granat
Ryan Little
Camera Assistant Jarom Ellsworth
Electrician Guy Marler

The filmmakers wish to extend their personal
thanks to the following for
their contributions in the making of this movie:

LDS Business College
Sip'N Surf
Zephyr Club
University of Utah
Hilton Hotels
Gandolfo's New York Deli
Marian Clegg
Lynn Thopson
American Academy of Ballet
The Gathering Place
Dr. Sharon Kay
BYU Division of Arts
Georgia Apartments
Richard & Nikki Schmutz
Kristina Green
David & Dawn Kalana
Dot Hagen Mortensen, Artist
Dan & Jennifer Seaton
Lynnea Kartchner
Phil Kirk
Members of Rebel Creek Band
Rod Fife
Ruth Ellis
Bishop Smith & Family
Crystal Inn
Rubber Ball Productions
Christian and Kirsten Vuissa
Creative Media Group
Hotel Temple Square Corporation
Cindy Longhurst
Carr Printing Co., Inc.
All Cast and Crew

Utah Department of Corrections/
Adult Probation & Parole Region 3

Agents & Staff of
Adult Probation & Parole

Kolob New, Used, Rare,
And Antiquarium Books
Plus Art & Frame

This film is dedicated to my son Walt
and future children to always live
their dreams
          - Cary Derbidge

The characters and events depicted in
this photoplay are fictitious. Any
similarities to actual persons, living
or dead, is purely coincidental.

This motion picture is protected under
the laws of the United States and
other countries. Unauthorized
duplication, distribution or exhibition
may result in civil liability and
criminal prosecution.

Copyright © 2000
Vision Star Entertainment.
All Rights Reserved.

[See also: additional comments about credits]

Plot Synopsis for "Out of Step"
from official press kit

Dancing is Jenny Thomas' life, the ultimate dream of her heart. All of her hard work pays off when she is accepted into the dance program at a prominent New York university. Against her mother's wishes, but with the support of her father, she moves from her small Utah hometown, tohe "Big Apple."

In New York City Jenny auditions for a scholarship, which she desperately needs to be able to afford tuitition past her first year. She doesn't get it. A heartbroken Jenny is met by Mr. Rigg, the head of the dance department, who gives her the lead in the main dance production of the year. Can she do it? Jenny is not as sure as Mr. Rigg. "I know you've got what it takes. You use this year and this production to show the board you've got what it takes." Jenny doesn't feel ready, but she's got to do it. Her scholarship and her dream are on the line.

Keeping her mind solely on dance proves harder than Jenny expected as she finds herself in the middle of real life, with school, friends, love interests, and her religious beliefs all pulling her different ways. When applying for a job, she meets Paul. He catches her interest with his witty humor and flirtatious personality. She likes Paul, but how can she take him seriously when he has a goal to date a girl from every one of the fifty states? Paul is a film major and asks her if he can film a documentary of her and her dancing for his project this year. What better way to keep her in his sights, right? Then she meets Dave. He is a musician, and a good one at that. Immediately her interest in this handsome, mysterious stranger is piqued. She asks around only to hear that he is a druggie, no one she should go after -- or is he? After classes, Jenny sees Dave outside a drug rehab center. Curious, she follows him in. She finds that he didn't go there for treatment. He plays his guitar and sings for the patients. She has to get out fast before he sees her! Not only does he see her, they run into each other, literally! Embarrassed, Jenny stumbles over what to say, finally turning to leave. But before she leaves she asks him to go out with her. How could she do that? She's never been so forward! Dave, completely surprised says "yes." Dave and Jenny become close: closer than Jenny has ever been with a guy before. From a short distance, Paul sees what is going on and doesn't like it. While spending all this time with Jenny, his one track mind toward girls has shifted to a main flow of thoughts about Jenny, the beautiful and talented dancer.

Jenny and those around her take a ride on an emotional roller coaster as life twists and turns. Jenny fights to save her scholarship, help her friends and deal with the confusing emotions that come with falling in love for the first time.

"About the Production"
Production Notes for "Out of Step"
from official press kit

OUT OF STEP is a film for anyone who has ever had a dream that just seemed a little bigger than they could achieve. It embraces the age-old theme that a small town nobody can become a big city success when the heart is in the right place. This is a living, breathing story about one girl's desire to take on the odds and be the best dancer that ever came to New York City. Willow Leigh Jones brought to life the original story. Then with enthusiasm producer Cary Derbidge purchased the rights to the story and acquired the writing skills of Michael Buster and others to shape the story into a screenplay.

The creative style of Ryan Little, feature director, was added to give this film a refreshingly unique look, style and sound. "There was no question going into this project that somehow we had to create a way to tell this story -- we had to bring a high level of authenticity to the dancing in this film," said Little.

The filmmakers agreed to use Mormon characters, but to tell the story in such a way that would relate to anyone of any faith of [sic] belief system. A unified vision was set and the production was on its way. The film is set in a reality-based world, but it is heightened and stylized. "This film is unique in style, and rich in performance," said Derbidge.

Canadian music band Kriya was brought in to help design edgy-feeling music to sharpen the film's visual style. The music set a precedent for a slick editing style and dynamic visual movement.

Alison Clark was a natural choice for the lead due to her strong dancing ability and her acting background. Michael Buster and Jeremy Elliot were the perfect fit with their authentic performances, giving the film another level of truism and honesty.

About the Cast
from the press kit


Alison Akin Clark stars as Jennifer Thomas, a gifted dancer from a small Mormon town who heads to New York in hopes of pursuing her dream of becoming an accomplished Broadway dancer.

Born in Burbank, California, Alison was destined to be a success. Graduating high school in Yakima, Washington, she received a scholarship and a BA degree at Brigham Young University in the Music/Dance/Theater program. While attending college, Alison was chosen to be in the highly recognized BYU Young Ambassadors. Currently employed through Stiletto Entertainment in Los Angeles, California, Alison has spent the last year traveling to over 32 different countries as the lead singer on the MS MAASDAM for the Holland America Cruise Line.

Alison has extensive theatrical experience playing various leading roles, such as Billie Dawn in "Born Yesterday", Amalia Balash in "She Loves Me", and she is now starring as Laurey in the summer production of "Oklahoma" at the Tuacahn Amphitheater in St. George, Utah.


Michael was born in Lake Forrest, Illinois (near Chicago), and was raised in Connecticut and California. He got his BFA in music dance theater at BYU where he appeared in plays such as "Children of Eden," "Playing for Time" and "Prodigals." He also directed productions of "The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket" and "Sunday In The Park With George."

MIchael works extensively in the voiceover market and has lent his voice to many commercials, television shows and animated series. He is best known for his role as Elder Kinegar in the independent hit God's Army. He has also appeared on "The Drew Carey Show," "The Visitor" and "Kenan and Kel" and stars in an upcoming feature entitled "The Summer House." Some of his theater credits include the critically acclaimed and award winning "The Last Session" at the Tiffany Theatre on Sunset. He also appeared in "Oklahoma" as Ali Hakim at the Jackson Hole Playhouse.


Jeremy Elliot, who plays a Savvy NYU Student, was most recently featured in murder mystery Brigham City, a Zion Films production directed by Richard Dutcher. Jeremy can be seen in The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd, by Academy Award winning director, Kieth Merrill, as the lead role of Jacob. He will also appear in the upcoming television mini-series, "Firestarter" on USA network.

Jeremy attended Brigham Young University on scholarship in BYUs [sic] acclaimed Theater and Media arts Department where he received extensive classical and contemporary acting training. Along with being an accomplished actor, he is also a well trained and highly versatile singer as well as a prolific songwriter (several of his songs are featured in Out of Step). While at BYU, Jeremy won many awards including the Irene Ryan (national college acting competition) Award for Best Scene Partner. He has had extensive stage experience, most recently appearing as Roat in Provo Theater Company's "Wait Until Dark."

Jeremy has been working professionally for over five years appearing in numerous film and television productions including several appearances on "Touched By Angel," [sic] "Promised Land," "Cover Me," "Pacific Blue," "The King's Falcon," and "Perfect Murder Perfect Town (the Jean Benet Ramsey story)" among others. Jeremy is from Santa Rosa, California, born February 15, 1972; has a wife -- actor, Wendy Gardiner, and son, Gabriel.

TAYVA PATCH (Mrs. Thomas)

Tayva Patch was born and raised in Winslow, Arizona, and came to Provo to attend Brigham Young University, where she met and married her husband, Brian Patch. She received an Associate of Arts Degree in 1975 and returned to study at BYU in 1990, twice winning that school's Best Actress award. She served extensively in community theater work as an actress and costume designer, and served for two years with the Audio-Visual Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Since beginning a professional film career six years ago, she has worked extensively in L.D.S. Film Productions, including work for the Church Education System, and is currently appearing in The Testaments at the Legacy Theatre. She has appeared in "Touched By An Angel," "Promised Land," several movies of the week for television and cable, and local commercials for KSL and Bonneville. She has appeared in starring roles in "Wait Until Dark" at Provo Theatre Company, "Playing For Time" and "Man For All Seasons" at BYU. She has a starring role in Brigham City, the most recent film produced by Richard Dutcher, and will also be featured in the upcoming Disney film, The Secret Keeper.

Tayva's other passions include art, architecture, interior design, history, and going to Lake Powell with her family. She is most grateful for the opportunity to provide the world with four children, now all grown-ups. She says her husband is fabulous, but she's raising him and doesn't know how he will turn out yet!

RICK MACY (Mr. Thomas)

Rick Macy lives in Utah and has performed in many productions. He was the lead role in The Testaments. He has co-starred in "Bugg-Off," "Message In A Cell Phone," "Return To The Secret Garden," "Secret of Treasure Mountain," "Knocking At Heaven's Door," and "Two Catch Two." He has also appeared on "Touched by an Angel" numerous times, as well as the television shows "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town", "Unsolved Mysteries", and "Under Contract". Rick has also acted in a CBS movie of the week and two PBS specials, as well as participated in numerous Industrial and Educational films.


Peter Holden is with Classic Talent Management in Los Angeles. Born into the Portland theater scene, he appeared in his first professional production at the age of eight in Jules Phiffer's "Little Murders," a critically acclaimed hit for the raucous Timberwood Theater Company. He starred in his first television show at age 14, playing the antagonist in the hit Japanese series "From Oregon with Love." He was the Northwest's voice for young men in radio spots for the May Co., and performed in multiple print and commercial work for Fred Meyer and Gordon Slade. he spent most of his high school years in theaters learning from the breadth of talent in Portland in the mid-eighties. His father, Robert Holden, is an award winning theater director and highly regarded artistic director of the CoHo Theatre Company.

In California, Peter landed a recurring role on "The New Dragnet," a series regular on the short running soap "The Desert Sand's Rise" and a recurring guest star on the hit series "The Wonder Years." In the theater, he was in the American premiere of "Merlin," world premiere of "When a Woman Loves a Man" for the Melrose Theater, as Napoleon in Shaw's "Man of Destiny," several Shakespeare plays, and writer/producer/actor in the critically acclaimed anti-gulf war show "KIA." He starred in the indie feature "City of Roses," did a guest star appearance on "The Pretender" and then performed with Bob Beeringer on "Living in Captivity."

Peter landed a role on "Frasier," then starred in the multiple festival award-winning comedy short "Ladies Room L.A." Then he played the lead in the V pilot "The Theaory of Everything," and was the recruiter in "No Turning Back," winning the People's Choice Award at the Madrid Film Festival, and then a series regular part on the paramount pilot "Shooting Fish," the part of CC on the soon to be released "X.C.U." for Sean Cunningham. He has just finished the demanding role of Diego, a drug dealer and murderer, in "Black Hole."

Peter currently resides in L.A. with his wife, Sandi, and children Lennon and Robert.


The New York born, Boston raised, LA transplant thoroughly enjoyed making her film debut in the great state of Utah. Nicolle began her acting career at age 15 when she was cast in the weekly New England television show "SuperKids." She worked commercially throughout high school and college. Immediately after her graduation from Boston University, Nicolle was cast in the nationally aired ABC television drama "In the Shadow of Love: A teen AIDS story," wher she met her husband-to-be Luis. Her love of acting brought her to "The Harrison Project," a critically acclaimed Boston theater company, where she worked on many productions including "Search & Destroy" and "The Gingham Dog." She also appeared in First, the Harrison Project's award winning short film. Nicolle continued to work with other theater companies on various productions including the world premiere of the highly acclaimed "Worl' do fo 'Fraid". Before moving to California, Nicolle returned to television as the co-host of "Food New England," a weekly magazine show. In addition to her acting work, Nicolle enjjoys writing and producing short films for her church. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, their pit bull, dachshund, and cat.

About the Filmmakers
(from the "Out of Step" Press Kit)


At the age of nine years old Cary wrote his first screenplay. It was a story ofa boy who had to break through a city surrounded by a force field in order to fight and destroy an evil emperor and ride of on a white unicorn with the beautiful princess.

At the age of twelve he acted in his first TV commercial for Institute of Terror Haunted House. He then began acting and performed in local professional commercials and plays. At the age of 14, he was a state record holder in track and field, but knee problems made him decide to try acting. He was picked for a supporting role in the theatrical play "A Day a Night and a Day," produced by Doug Stewart, writer of the hit play "Saturday's Warrio." During his two years of performing he fell in love with the stage and wrote, directed, starred and scored his first musical "Flight Upon Light" at the age of sixteen. The play had over twnety speaking roles and was performed in two local theaters in Utah. He also produced his first album from the musical, and sold it in local stores.

Cary had a childhood desire to produce feature films; at the age of 22 he produced films such as "Privates Eyes," and "2000 Stripling Warriors." At 24 he founded Vision Star Entertainment; he he and his wife Willow, with their newborn son Walt, packed their bags and moved to Burbank, California. Since then he has worked on many local and national shows like "Wheel of Fortune." But he soon found himself wanting to fulfill his childhood dream and produce his first theatrical film.


Kenneth Marler was born 43 years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah, and started playing guitar at age 10. After high school he attended The Record Lab in Provo, Utah to learn sound engineering. He spent the next ten years doing live sound for several local bands such as Sun Shade & Rain, The Justus Brothers, Avatar, The Hughes Brothers, Ike Egan, and many others. He was in charge of the sound for the musical play, "A Day a Night and a Day," produced by Doug Stewart, writer of the hit musical "Saturday's Warrior." He was also in charge of sound for the play, "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." During this same time he opened his own recording studio, Premier Info. He produced several recording projects such as "Talon," "Flight Upon Light," "Kynda," and more. Since becomming involved in the film industry, Kenneth has commissioned two other screenplays to be written, Turnabout and The Other Side due to go into production soon. He also has several other stories in development. Kenneth lives in Taylorsville, Utah with his wife, Shelley, and their four daughters.

RYAN LITTLE (Director)

Ryan was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He grew up in a family of painters, music composers, and photographers. He startted making films on Super 8 in his early teenage years. Before graduating with a BA and an emphasis in Dirrecting from Brigham Young University in 2000, Ryan started in the BYU Camera Department as a Camera Assistant, focusing his talents on Cinematography. Such acclaimed directors as Blair Treu, TC Christensen, and Academy Award Winner Kieth Merrill felt Ryan was wasting his talents in cinematography and coaxed him into directing.

Ryan started directing short films like Auteur, giving him the Horrigan Film Award. In 1999, Ryan went on to win the Jimmy Stewart Crystal Heart Memorial Award in Heartland Film Festival, and the Academy of Television Arts and Science College TV Awards 1999 Best Dramatic Film (aka College Emmys).

He has since directed many TV commercials and industrial productions for companies such as: New York Burrito, Deer Valley Ski Resort, and Lexus. He is also director of photography for the upcoming feature The Singles Ward.

JENNIFER BUSTER (Casting Director)

Jennifer Buster, wife of actor Michael Buster, lives in the Los Angeles area. She has worked for Liberman/Patton Casting in Los Angeles and works on casting ABC, FOX, HBO, and UPN shows such as, "The Drew Carey Show," "The Norm Show," "Dilbert," "T. Thumb & Thumbelina," and many others. She also has been the casting agent for God's Army, Brigham City, and the upcoming film, The Prophet.

MICHAEL WORTHEN (Director of Photography)

Having served as Director of Photography for Out of Step, Michael also holds credit for numerous television commercials, industrial films, and independent feature films, dealing with many aspects of film production. These independent features include Rockwell, Summer Of The Eagle, and Nightfall.

DOUG ELLIS (Production Designer)

After four years as Art Director for "Spin City," Michael J. Fox dubbed Doug Ellis "the hardest working man in television." Now working for Dreamworks Dramatic Television, Doug has been Art Director for several other prime time television series including "Madigan Man" starring Gabriel Byrne; "Aliens in the Family," a Jim Henson Production; and "The High Life," an HBO production. Doug also worked as the lead man on "House of Buggin," starring John Leguizamo. Doug's film work includes 3 A.M. starring Danny Glover; Entropy, a Tribeca picture starring Stephen Dorff; "Memory of Fire," a PBS docu-drama; "A Midwife's Tale," a PBS documentary based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by the same name; and Milk and Money, an RKO picture starring Calista Flockhart. Doug has also designed numerous theater productions across the nation including: "La Traviata" for Burningham Opera; "Madame Butterfly" for Mississippi Opera; "Hay Fever" for New York University; "Robber Bridegroom" for Manhattan Stage Ensemble; and "The Philadelphia Story" for Brigham Young University, where he now is a Technical Director for the BYU Division of Arts Production.

WYNN HOUGAARD (Editor) Wynn has been a freelance editor at the LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo for over five years where he has worked on a variety of narrative shorts, documentaries, and countless other programs for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Other recent projects include four hour-long PBS documentaries, serving as co-editor on two multiple episode series for nationwide PBS broadcasts, as well as assistant editor for an upcoming feature film entitled, Secret Keeper. He also currently teaches an editing class for Brigham Young University.


Kriya is a new-rock/pop alternative band that features the breathtaking voice and "Visual Phonics" of singer and lyricist TL Forsberg. Kriya has appeared at the Molson Amphitheater with Alanis Morissette, was a huge hit at Canadian Music Week 1999 & 2000 in Toronto and has been featured on The New Music, CITY TV and Much Music. When Kriya performs all senses are engaged. Other band members are David Paul Hyer, Vernon P. Funkwiler and Chris Perra.

TL Forsberg (vocals, lyrics and Visual Phonics)

TL Forsberg, who portrays Desiree in Out of Step, is one of the greatest assets of Kriya. Not only is she a talented vocalist and lyracist, but also a highly talented actor, dancer, writer and stylist. As an actor she has guest-starred in Alliance's "Earth: Final Conflict," Warner's "The Femme Nikita" and Showtime's "Room Full of Mirrors: The Jimi Hendrix Story." As a dancer, TL has danced professionally with the Groupe De La Place Royale, Le Jazz Hot, and the Ottawa Ballet. She has received recognition for her work in "Get Off the Bike" as a poet and playwright. Kriya provides the platform for TL to incorporate all her talents as a vocalist, lyricist and writer, dancer, stylist and actor. TL's avante garde vocal style and sense of fashion, as well as her creation of "Visual Phonics," the mixture of American Sign Language with her vocal stage performance, have helped create cutting-edge performances that have earned Kriya recognition on various TV programs such as "Much Music," "The New Music" and "City TV."

[End of text from press kit.]

Additional Comments about "Out of Step" Credits

24 August 2002

Cary Derbidge was the driving force behind the production of "Out of Step." It was Derbidge who commissioned the screenplay and its revisions, and it was Derbidge who hired director Ryan Little. Derbidge takes only one credit in the movie -- producer. But "Anthony Derbidge" is credited as the Locations Manager. This is probably the same person. "Anthony Derbidge" is another name that Cary Derbidge uses, and is probably the same person.

The other person credited as "producer" is Kenneth Marler. "Out of Step" is the first theatrically released feature film for both Derbidge and Marler, as it is for most of the crew.

Interestingly enough, Kenneth Marler is credited as both "producer" and "executive producer." It is very rare to see the same person credited as both producer and executive producer.

Bernie R. Diamond is quite possibly one of the film's investors. He was a successful businessman in Ogden until he retired from business and embarked on a second career in film. He has appeared in bit parts on the TV series "Touched by an Angel" and the TV miniseries "Firestarter: Rekindled" (2002). In addition to his credit as an executive producer, Bernie Diamond appears on screen briefly in "Out of Step" as Jenny's bishop in New York -- in the scene in which she visits her bishop in his office.

The third individual credited as an executive producer is Donald Cummins, who has no other known film credits.

Erik Forsberg, one of the two associate producers, is also credited as one of the Kriya Performers -- a member of the band Kriya. We presume Erik Forsberg is married to TL Forsberg, the lead singer for the band Kriya, and one of the cast and crew on "Out of Step." This is apparently Erik Forsberg's first feature film. A person named "Karl-Erik Forsberg" is listed in IMDb -- as the title designer for a 1954 Swedish movie "Herr Arnes penningar" -- certainly not the same person.

Singer/songwriter/actress TL Forsberg plays "Desiree" in "Out of Step," the 10th-billed role. Desiree is the roommate of the movie's main character, "Jenny." Desiree/TL Forsberg and her real-life band are featured playing their music in one scene. TL Forsberg is ALSO a crew member, credited as both "Costume Designer" and "Key Wardrobe Director." (These credits seem a bit redundant -- but the point is that Forsberg is the main person responsible for the film's costuming. Forsberg was assisted in this by Lynnea Kartchner, credited with "Wardrobe/Hair & Makeup," and Heidi Scott, credited as the "Wardrobe Assistant." Interestingly enough, Lynnea Kartchner is also credited in the "thanked for contributions" section.

Dawn Kalana is the other associate producer in "Out of Step." Kalana, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, also appears briefly on screen as "Niki." Dawn and her husband David Kalana are included in the the "thanked for contributions" made to the film section. Presumably they were investors.

The two lead actors are Jeremy Elliott and Michael Buster. Jeremy's last name is consistently spelled "Elliot" throughout the press kit, although it is spelled "Elliott" (with 2 t's) on the movie poster, and in most of his other recent film credits. The name is a stage name. He previously used the name "Jeremy Hoop."

Four individual are credited as writers of "Out of Step," none of whom have any previous feature film writing credits. The original story is credited to Willow Leigh Jones. The production notes state: "Willow Leigh Jones brought to life the original story. Then with enthusiasm producer Cary Derbidge purchased the rights to the story and acquired the writing skills of Michael Buster and others to shape the story into a screenplay." Willow Leigh Jones, credited as the writer of the original story, has no other known writing or film credits. Other sources state that she made some contributions to the screenplay as well, although the main screenwriters were Michael Buster and Nikki Anne Schmutz. It is worth noting that producer Cary Derbidge's wife is named "Willow." This is an unusual name. Although one might reasonably conclude that Willow Leigh Jones the writer is Derbidge's wife, the production notes do not state this explicitly.

One unusual aspect of the movie's writing credits is that both male leads -- Michael Buster and Jeremy Elliott -- are also credited as screenwriters. These are really stand-out performances, in a film with excellent writing. If "Out of Step" is any measure of their talents, both Buster and Elliott are formidable talents to watch for -- whether as film writers or film stars.

Casting director Jennifer Buster, as the press kit points out, is married to the movie's star, actor Michael Buster. She also cast "God's Army," which also just happens to feature her husband in a major role. Nothing wrong with that -- he's an amazing actor. The fact that Jennifer Buster was the casting director for Richard Dutcher's "God's Army," "Brigham City" and "The Prophet," as well as "Out of Step," makes her the most prolific casting director of Latter-day Saint-themed feature films.

It may seem peculiar that Katherine Disque is listed 7th in the cast credits for her role as a waitress -- a seemingly less significant role than a few others listed after hers. But perhaps this is because she has quite a track record as an established actress. It may also because the unnamed waitress has more lines than some of the named characters. She has appeared in guest roles on many TV series, including "Frasier," "Pretender", "Dharma & Greg", and "Beverly Hills, 90210." She also has a small role in Ramin Niami's feature film "Paris" (2002).

Rachel Emmers has a small supporting role as "Camille" in "Out of Step." In 1996, while a student at Brigham Young University, Emmers received the award for "Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Character Role," for her role as "Alfred" in the stage production Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

Jake Fry was the choreographer for "Out of Step." He appears on screen, appropriately enough, as a choreographer -- the assistant to "Mr. Rigg," Jenny's dance teacher. Although the official "Out of Step" website lists Jake Fry as the choreographer, the press kit makes no mention of this.

Brian Clark, the actor credited as "Student One" in the closing credits, is the husband of the movie's lead actress Alison Akin Clark. Presumably he is one of the students asked to speak in Jenny's philosophy class. Brian Clark is also credited as the still photographer for the movie. Like his wife, Brian graduated from BYU's music/dance/theater program. The couple has worked together as featured entertainers for Holland America Cruise Lines.

Seth Kawasaki is credited as "Student Two" in "Out of Step." Kawasaki is an actor in the short film "Happy Go Lucky" (2000), made by BYU film student Aaron Ruell. "Happy Go Lucky" features actors Tayva Patch and Chris Kendrick, who also worked on "Out of Step." Kawasaki appeared briefly on screen in the party scene in the short film "Daybreak" (2000), made by BYU film student Christian Vuissa, who also provided some help on the "Out of Step" production.

Lincoln Hoppe has a small role as "Charlie" in "Out of Step." He also had major roles in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature films "Singles Ward" (2002) and "Handcart" (2002), as well as a small role in "The R.M." (2003). This makes him one of the most prolific actors in Latter-day Saint-themed featured films. Previously he was one of the most prolific and acclaimed actors in BYU student films. Hoppe was the 2nd billed star of "Out of Step" director Ryan Little's previous short film, "The Last Good War" (1999).

BYU graduate Chris Bentley, who has a small role as a college student in "Out of Step," is best remembered for his starring role in the excellent Latter-day Saint-themed direct-to-video film "Christmas Mission" (1998).

Britney Marler and Kelsey Marler, who have bit part roles in "Out of Step," are presumably two of producer Kenneth Marler's four daughters. Guy Marler, second unit electrician for "Out of Step," may also be related to the producer. Guy Marler was one of the key staff members of the first-ever Salt Lake City Film Festival, held in 2002. He was in charge of Filmmaker Relations.

Actor Chris Clark, credited simply as "Man" for his bit part in "Out of Step," also had a small role in Richard Dutcher's "Brigham City" (2001).

Ginger Parker is a credited cast member, appearing in a small role as "Café Friend." Parker has no other film credits that we know of. Michael Joseph Battey has a bit part in "Out of Step" as the director of the rehab center that Jeremy Elliott's character sings at. Battey has no other known credits.

Joel Wallin appeared as the historic inventor Wilbur Wright in the award-winning BYU short student film "The Wrong Brother" (2000). Wallin appeared alongside with Chris Kendrick (gaffer for "Out of Step"), who played his brother Orville Wright. Wallin and Kendrick were hilarious in those roles, as older brothers basking in the glory and media attention that came to them after inventing the airplane. This acclaim caused them scoff at their less famous younger brother, the film's titular main character. Joel Wallin was one of the people who directed the BYU-based comedy troupe The Garrens, which also included "Out of Step" actor Lincoln Hoppe and film critic Eric D. Snider.

Christopher E. Kendrick, the gaffer for "Out of Step" billed as "Chris Kendrick," also had the 3rd-billed role in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Handcart" (2002), as well as major roles in Ryan Little's "The Last Good War" (1999) and Aaron Ruell's short film "Happy Go Lucky" (2000). Kendrick had a small role onscreen in Richard Dutcher's Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Brigham City," and worked behind the scenes as that movie's transportation coordinator.

An actress named "Michelle Ange" is credited as "Cute Girl" in the "Out of Step" cast. This is apparently a misspelling of Michelle Ainge, the actress who played "Allyson" in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Singles Ward" (2002). "Allyson" is the cocktail waitress that the main character (played by Will Swenson) meets. He then goes to her apartment where she attempts unsuccessfully to seduce him.

Abe Mills, the African-American dance class assistant in "Out of Step", also had a bit part in the TV movie "Murder at 75 Birch" (1999). Mills is best known as a member of the Deseret Book-owned boy band "Jericho Road." He was a co-host of the Latter-day Saint-produced TV series "Center Street" (1996-1998).

The "featured swing dancers" do not have any other known film credits. One of these dancers is William Hopper. There was a movie actor by this name. He was the son of famed actress-turned-gossip-columnist Hedda Hopper. He appeared in "Stagecoach" (1939), which was filmed in Utah. He died in 1970 and he is not the same person as the William Hopper who danced in "Out of Step" (2002).

In addition to director of photography Michael Worthen, a credit for "additional photography" is given to Mark Andersen. This is doubtless Mark Andersen of Orem, Utah, a photographer and commercial cinematographer whose company, Rubber Ball Productions, provides royalty-free digital stock photography and film. Possibly stock footage was purchased from Andersen, or possibly he provided some custom film footage.

Krisi Church is the assistant editor for "Out of Step," although she is credited in the movie as "Krissy Church." Church is an award-winning film editor. She won the Best Editing Award at the Eclipse Film Festival for her short film "Shattered." She has directed numerous short films while a BYU film student, and has edited many more, including Clint Carpenter's "Iscariot" (2001) and Marcus Cano's "Delusion" (2001).

Brian Brough, the first assistant director for "Out of Step," was also the assistant director for Richard Dutcher's "Brigham City" (2001). He was the producer for the BYU student films "In Time of Need" (1999) and "The Last Good War" (1999, directed by Ryan Little), as well as the independent video "Road to Riches: A Journey to Financial Freedom" (2001), featuring actor Marvin Payne.

Scott Hurst, the second assistant director for "Out of Step" lives in Provo, Utah. He was the director of the short BYU student film "8 Angry Men and a Baby."

Marcus Cano, assistant prop master for "Out of Step," is a BYU film student who directed the short film "Delusion" (2001).

Dalan Granat is credited as First Assistant Camera and also the Second Unit Director of Photography for "Out of Step." He has been a cinematographer on short BYU student films including "Iscariot" (2001) and "Delusion" (2001). He was the production assistant on the award-winning short film "The Last Good War" (1999), directed by Ryan Little. He worked as second assistant camera on Christian Vuissa's short "Daybreak" (2000) and Tawnya Cazier's short "Just Say When" (2000).

Laura Johnson, 2nd Assistant Camera on "Out of Step," is a film student at Brigham Young University. She directed the short documentary "Post Impressions on a Fence" (2001) and the short film "Lords & Ladies." She was the production assistant on the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Brigham City" (2001).

Jon Winquist, camera loader for "Out of Step," was the second assistant cameraman for "Brigham City" (2001). He has other camera credits including "Midnight Man" (ABC) and "The Ticket" (USA cable network).

Jason Hatfield, one of two electricians credited in "Out of Step," was a gaffer and grip for the short film "Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath" (1997), made by BYU students at LDS Motion Picture Studios. He was the cinematographer of the short film "In Time of Need" (1999), produced by Brian Brough and now sold on video in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores.

Brandon Christiansen, the other electrician credited in "Out of Step," was the cinematographer of the short film "In Time of Need" (1999), produced by Brian Brough and now sold on video in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores.

Shane Seggar, the Key Grip Swing for "Out of Step," had a supporting role as the "Rich Young Man" in the short film "Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath" (1997). Seggar graduated from the BYU Film program.

Jarom Ellsworth, Best Boy Grip and Second Unit Camera Assistant for "Out of Step," previously worked as the film loader on "Brigham City" (2001). He was the first assistant camera for Tawnya Cazier's short film "Just Say When." He directed the short documentary "An Old Cowhand" (2001).

Les Udy, sound mixer for "Out of Step," was also the sound mixer for the Latter-day Saint-themed direct-to-video films "Christmas Mission" (1998) and "Saturday's Warrior" (1989). He has also been the sound mixer for numerous TV movies and some other Utah-made feature films, including "The Climb" (2002).

Russell Lasson, boom operator for "Out of Step," was also the boom operator for "He Took My Licking" (2001), a short film sold on video in Latter-day Saint bookstores. Credited as "Russ Lasson," he was the producer of the Krisi Church's short film "Shattered" (2001).

Christian Vuissa and his wife Kirsten are included in the "thanks for contributions" section. The interior of the Vuissas' Utah County apartment was used as the set for the New York City apartment of one of the novel's main characters, "Dave" played by Jeremy Elliot. Christian Vuissa is a BYU film student who has worked on many student films with various cast and crew members of "Out of Step."

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