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Jacque Gray's scenes as "Nicole Johnson"
in episode 5 of the cable TV series
"Resurrection Blvd."
("Resurrection Boulevard")

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Jacque Gray's scenes in the Pilot Episode of "Resurrection Blvd."

Transcript of scenes featuring the character "Nicole Johnson"
(played by actress Jacque Gray)
in "El Regreso de Paco" (episode 5 of season 1 of "Resurrection Blvd.")

Timecode: 19 minutes, 30 seconds:

[CUT TO: EXT. A city park. A group of college-age students are holding an event. All of them are white/Caucasian, and all appear to be upper-middle class, the children of "yuppies." A nicely printed banner hangs suspended between two trees. The banner reads: "ATH" (apparently the abbreviation of the name of their group) and "SPRING CHARITY PICNIC." A few helium balloons can be seen. Table clothes cover some tables.

An older model Ford pickup pulls up to the curb of a sidewalk that runs between the lawn of the park and the parking lot. Alex Santiago, a handsome college-age Hispanic male, gets out of the driver's side of the vehicle. (Alex is one of the lead characters of this TV series. In the series premiere, Alex was attending medical school, which is where he met Nicole. After Alex's brother Carlos had to drop his professional boxing aspirations because of gunshot wounds, Alex dropped out of medical school to pursue a boxing career himself.) Alex walks to the center of the gathering, approaching his girlfriend, Nicole Johnson (played by Jacque Gray).]

ALEX SANTIAGO (Nicholas Gonzalez): Nicole.

[Nicole is wearing a classy summery blouse and a long skirt. Upon seeing Alex, Nicole smiles broadly.]

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): Hey!

[As Alex reaches her she faces him and kisses him briefly on the lips. Some of the other markedly white people at the event watch Alex's arrival and meeting with Nicole with interest. Brad, a tall white guy in yuppie clothes is joking with a friend while he pours himself a drink.]

BRAD THE TALL WHITE GUY (Brent Crawford): [out of earshot of Nicole and Alex] Who is this?

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): Are you hungry? We have tons of food. And there's a lot of people I want you to meet.

ALEX SANTIAGO: Uh, listen... There's been a change of plans.

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): What happened? Is something wrong?

ALEX SANTIAGO: No, no! My sister got accepted to USC Law School, so we're all going out to dinner to celebrate.

[BRAD, THE TALL WHITE GUY continues staring at this meeting between Nicole and Alex, with big sneer on his face, as well as a look of questioning bewilderment.]

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): Oh!

ALEX SANTIAGO: I want you to come.

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): [Looks around.] Um...

ALEX SANTIAGO: It's a big deal for my family.

BRAD THE TALL WHITE GUY: [Speaking loudly enough that everybody around can hear, including Nicole and Alex.] I thought they got rid of affirmative action.

[The other young white males standing next to and talking with BRAD laugh heartily at his joke. They all give each other high fives.]

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): I'm sorry.

ALEX SANTIAGO: [Speaking under his breath.] It's all right. Don't worry about it.

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): [Smiling cheerfully, trying to ignore the rude comment made by the TALL WHITE GUY.] Let me get my bag. Okay?


[Nicole has been holding Alex's hands in hers while talking to him. She drops his hands and turns around to go get her bag. The TALL WHITE GUY, seeing that Nicole is away from Alex, approaches her.]

BRAD THE TALL WHITE GUY: What is this, a joke? We get beat out by the valet?

[The TALL WHITE GUY gently grabs Nicole's arm, as if to prevent her from leaving with Alex. The TALL WHITE GUY and Alex exchange looks.]

BRAD THE TALL WHITE GUY: Hey look, if you get picked up by immigration, uh, you gimme a call. I'll come pick you up.

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): You're such an asshole, Brad.

[BRAD smiles and then walks past Alex, purposely bumping into him and spilling his drink all over Alex's shirt.]

BRAD THE TALL WHITE GUY: Did I do that? I'm so sorry. Sorry.

[Nicole Johnson is angry. She pushes her way between Alex and Brad, walking toward the parking lot.]

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): Let's go!

BRAD THE TALL WHITE GUY: How do you say 'sorry' in Spanish?

[Alex just glares briefly at Brad, but turns and follows Nicole.]

BRAD THE TALL WHITE GUY: [Addressing Nicole, although she is currently walking away from him, with her back to him.] You're a white trash bitch.

[Alex had also been walking away from Brad, but upon hearing this insult he instantly turns around and punches Brad in the face, knocking Brad to the ground. With Brad on the ground, Alex grabs his collar and punches his face five times. Other young white people at the picnic crowd around, murmuring, asking what's going on. Nicole Johnson pulls Alex away from Brad.]

ALEX SANTIAGO: [Looking up at the crowd of shocked white people.] What, do you want some too? What about you? You got something to say, too?

[Brad's white friends say nothing. They just stare at Alex, backing up slightly as he yells at them and shoots them fierce looks. Alex then turns and walks to the pickup. Nicole stares at Alex for a moment and follows him to the vehicle. Brad touches his face and looks at the blood on his face. His nose and lip are bleeding. A friend helps Brad stand up. Brad spits some blood out of his mouth. Brad grabs some ice from the bin cooling the drinks, and applies it to his face.]

End of scene. Timecode: 21 minutes, 0 seconds after start of episode. This scene featuring Nicole Johnson was 1 minute, 30 seconds long.

Timecode: 22 minutes, 20 seconds:

[INT. A fancy restaurant. The Santiago family has gathered to this restaurant, at the invitation of their recently returned Uncle Paco, to celebrate Yolanda's acceptance into USC Law School. This scene has already played out for about one minute, 20 seconds before NICOLE JOHNSON and ALEX arrive.]

[NICOLE JOHNSON and ALEX enter the restaurant, holding hands. They are wearing the same clothes they wore in the previous scene, having come to the restaurant straight from the park where Alex picked Nicole up.

Alex leads Nicole to the table where most of his family is already seated. Alex's older brother Miguel looks up at him disapprovingly.]

MIGUEL SANTIAGO (Mauricio Mendoza): It's about time.


[Upon seeing Alex's family, Nicole smiles broadly and sincerely.]

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): Hi.

[Paco nods, acknowledging Nicole. (Paco is played by actor Esai Morales, who soon thereafter starred as "Lt. Tony Rodriguez" on the TV series "NYPD Blue.") Aunt Bibi smiles at Nicole. Roberto Santiago, the father of Alex, Carlos and Miguel, just kind of looks at her arrival. Alex pulls out a chair and helps Nicole sit down.]

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): [to Alex] Thank you. [Now seated, looks up at the family. Smiles broadly and waves slightly.] Hi.

[Nicole, who is white, is the only non-Latino seated at the table. Also now seated at the table are: Roberto Santiago, his sons Miguel, Carlos and Alex, and his daughter Yolanda, along with Yolanda's lawyer/co-worker boyfriend Peter Terrano, Aunt Bibi (Roberto's sister-in-law), Bibi's son Tommy Corrales, and Bibi's ex-husband (Tommy's father) Paco. Counting Nicole, this is a total of 10 people. Nicole has met them all before, except for Paco.]

AUNT BIBI BEATRIZ CORRALES (Elizabeth Peña/Elizabeth Pena): Oh, Nicole. This is Paco, Tommy's father.

[Paco is seated at the head of the table. Only Yolanda sits between Paco and Nicole, so Paco is quite close to Nicole. Paco stands up slightly and leans over to shake Nicole's hand in a friendly manner. He smiles at her and nods his head in an accepting manner.]

ONE OF THE SANTIAGO SONS: [overheard] Hey, Sis. How's it feel? Huh? [One of Yolanda's brothers is asking her about how she feels being accepted into USC Law School.]

ROBERTO SANTIAGO (Tony Plana): [Addressing his son Alex] Hey. What happened?

[Roberto (Alex's father) points to Alex's hand. Roberto can see that Alex's knuckles are bruised from fighting.]

ALEX: Nothing, Papa.

AUNT BIBI: [Addressing Nicole] You have gorgeous hair.

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): Thank you, Bibi.

AUNT BIBI: You have smarts AND looks. You were SO smart to stay in school.

ROBERTO SANTIAGO: [To Bibi] Don't start, please. Don't start.

AUNT BIBI: I'm having a conversation here, do you mind?

ROBERTO SANTIAGO: We're having a party. [Holds up his wine glass to emphasize the point.]

[Roberto knows that Bibi is alluding to the fact that his son Alex dropped out of medical school in order to pursue a boxing career. Having a champion boxer in the family has always been Roberto's dream, but it isn't really a dream that Bibi approves of.]

[Paco clears his throat loudly a couple of times, to get people's attention. He stands up with glass in hand to propose a toast.]

ONE OF THE SANTIAGO SONS: [overheard] Here we go.

ONE OF THE SANTIAGO SONS: [overheard] Uh oh. Here we go.

PACO CORRALES (Esai Morales): I just want to take this moment to, uh, embarrass our little princessa, here. Felicidades!

ONE OF THE SANTIAGO SONS: [overheard] Cheers, huh?

PACO: We're all very proud of you!

[Most everyone in the family is staring nervously at Paco. They know that he was a terrible alcoholic before he was sentenced to the four-year prison term from which he just recently returned. He went to prison at San Quinten on a D.U.I. (Driving Under the Influence) manslaughter conviction. After pronouncing his toast Paco raises his glass part way to his mouth, and them pointedly empties it into the glass that Bibi is holding. Tommy, Bibi and Roberto all smile at each other approvingly after seeing this, relieved that Paco is not about to start drinking again.]

CARLOS SANTIAGO (Michael DeLorenzo): Salud.

[Carlos moves the wine glass he is holding toward the center of the table. Other family members and Peter join in the toasting action.]

YOLANDA SANTIAGO (Ruth Livier): Gracias.

PETER TERRANO (Nestor Carbonell): Cheers.

[The people sitting at the table clink glasses together in a toast, most of them saying "Salud." Nicole is neither seen nor heard during this toast. Possibly she is not even holding a wine glass.]

ALEX: Salud.

[Peter and Yolanda look each other in the eyes, clink glasses, and kiss on the lips.]

TOMMY CORRALES (Douglas Spain): [overheard] Dad, do you want my Coke?

SOMEBODY: [overheard] That's good wine.

YOLANDA: [To Carlos] So, Carlos, how's Carmen doing? Is she okay?

CARLOS: I don't know. Why don't you ask Alex.

[On a previous episode Alex was at a business meeting in a restaurant with a prospective backer for his boxing career, when he ran into Carlos's girlfriend Carmen, who was very drunk. Alex took Carmen home, and on the doorstep she kissed him for a second before he pushed her away. She was so drunk that she thought she was with Carlos. Unfortunately, Carlos oversaw this, and got the wrong impression.]

[Yolanda and Carlos look at Alex, who looks back at them for a second, shakes his head, and then looks down, saying nothing.]

SOMEBODY: [overheard] Will you pass me the bread?

ROBERTO SANTIAGO: [To Yolanda's boyfriend Peter, who is a lawyer.] So, we, uhm, we have this contract... with this, uh, guy Cervantes, for two years--

YOLANDA: Dad, do we have to discuss this now?

ROBERTO SANTIAGO: Let me finish, mija. ["mija" = "mi hija", which is Spanish for "my daughter"] And, uh, if I wanted out, what are our options?

PETER: Well, I'd have to look at the contract. But unless there's some kind of breach of ethics, or mutual consent, it sounds to me like you're probably stuck for the next two years.


[Uncomfortable looks are exchanged between Roberto and his sons Alex and Miguel, all of whom have argued about their current boxing contract situation, now that Jack Mornay has expressed an interest in having Alex under contract, despite the fact that Alex is already under contract with another fight promoter. Close up on Nicole Johnson, who is quietly and uncomfortably eating a salad. She is not smiling.]

ALEX: [To Nicole] How's your salad?

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): Fine.

[Nicole is just staring at her plate. She doesn't even look up at Alex.]

ALEX: [With slight sarcasm] Mine's good, too. Thanks for asking.

[Nicole turns her head to look at Alex while he eats his salad, but she says nothing. She is obviously upset. She probably overheard what Carlos said about Alex and she may be wondering if Alex was seeing another girl romantically.]

[This is the last that Nicole Johnson is shown during this scene. Timecode: 24 minutes, 41 seconds. The length of time in this scene between when Nicole and Alex first enter the restaurant and when Nicole is last shown is: 2 minutes, 21 seconds.]

[Close-ups, in turn, on Bibi, then Roberto, then Carlos, then Miguel, then Yolanda, all of whom are quietly eating, looking uncomfortable as they hesitantly look around the table. Paco watches the glasses of wine being poured, obviously uncomfortable about something. He is beginning to realize that he doesn't have enough money to pay for all this food AND wine. Paco gets up from the table and when he is out of earshot asks the waiter how much the bottle each bottle is. He then finds Peter coming out of the bathroom and asks Peter to borrow enough money to pay for dinner. Peter insists on paying for dinner himself. We then see Yolanda and Peter walking out of the restaurant. Yolanda is complaining angrily about the behavior of her family. Peter just smiles, happy to be with the love his life, and happy to have had a chance to pay for dinner. They begin kissing each other.]

[CUT TO: EXT. A hillside overlooking Los Angeles. Night.

Timecode: 28 minutes, 0 seconds

Alex's pickup truck sits on the side of a remote road. Inside the pickup Alex and Nicole Johnson are kissing each other on the lips. Alex pushes Nicole's blouse open, revealing a very modest underbra. Alex starts to put his hand on Nicole's breast, but she grabs his wrist.]

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): Wait.

[Alex doesn't stop what he was doing, and continues kissing Nicole. She pushes him away slightly and looks at his face.]

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): I said wait.

ALEX: For what?

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): I wanna talk.

ALEX: [Chuckles slightly] Right now?

[Nicole repositions herself so she is sitting a little further from Alex.]

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): If I hadn't stopped you, you would have really hurt that guy.

ALEX: He called you a 'white trash bitch.' What did you want me to do, bring him to dinner?

[Nicole looks down at her mostly unbuttoned blouse, and begins buttoning it up.]

ALEX: Wait a minute! He was the one who was looking for a fight.

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): So you gave it to him?

ALEX: He insulted you and he insulted me.

[Nicole, looking down, finishes buttoning up her blouse.]

ALEX: I don't understand.

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): What's not to understand? You could've put him in the hospital. It's like you really wanted to kill him. That scares me.

ALEX: It was a fight!

[Nicole frowns, saying nothing.]

ALEX: What?! There's some kind of double standard here? Big white guys get to be aggressive and act like assholes and everybody just accepts it, but let some guy like me decide that he's not gonna put up with it, and I'm the one who's out of line?

[Nicole's face indicates that she has just become even more distressed than she was before. Her voice trembles when she finally speaks.]

NICOLE JOHNSON (Jacque Gray): What do you mean, 'some guy like' you?

ALEX: You know what I mean.

[Nicole stares at him. Alex decides there is nothing more to say. He starts up the engine of the pickup and starts driving.]

[End of scene. Timecode: 29 minutes, 26 seconds. Length of this scene: 1 minute, 26 seconds.]

[Nicole Johnson is never seen again in the "Resurrection Blvd." series. A few episodes later, Alex begins dating somebody else: a Latina sports reporter.]

Total length of the three scenes featuring "Nicole Johnson" (actress Jacque Gray) in the "Resurrection Blvd." episode titled "El Regreso de Paco": 5 minutes, 17 seconds, or 11.4% of the total running time of the episode (46 minutes, 19 seconds, not including closing credits).

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