Don Cosney


Eyes:      Hazel                                                                                                                     Talent Management Group, LLC

Hair:  Gray/brown                                                                                                 339 East 3900 South, #202D

Height:  5'10"                                                                                                                        Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Weight:  185 lbs.                                                                                                                  801/263-6940 phone

Size:  44R                                                                                                                              801/263-6950 fax

The R.M. President Wallen Kurt Hale/HaleStorm Entertainment
Hounded Sgt. Finn Neal Israel/Disney Channel/Salty Pictures
Touched By An Angel Burt Brinckerhoff/CBS TV
Undercover Kid U.S.President Linda Shayne/Leucadia Films
(Complete list on request)



HomeFront/HouseRepairs                                               Big Boss                               Bonneville Productions/LDS Church

Central Bank                                                        Cold& Bobsled                    Duff Clawson/PLBF, Inc.

Iomega                                                                  Computer Guy                      Scott Featherstone/PUBLICIS

FoundationForABetterLife                                  Businessman                      FBL/Video West Productions

(Complete list on request)


INDUSTRIALS: CD                                CIO                                         Kirk Strickland/KUED Media Services

Information Security                                            Chief-of-Staff                        Scott Jackson/VA Graphics

Novell BrainShare/ElevatorGuys                      CIO                                         Tyler Meason/Telos

GovernorsComm.OnMarriage                          Financial Advisor                 Lance Huber/The Orton Group

(Complete list on request)



Happiest Millionaire                                            Lead                                       Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

The Odd Couple                                                  Lead (Felix)                            Pages Lane Theater

Don't Drink the Water                                         Lead (Walter)                        Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

You Can't Take It With You                                Principal (Mr. Kirby)              HTC, Pages Lane, Pioneer Theatre Co.

(Complete list on request)                                           



Printelligent                                                          CEO                                       Cohezion Comm./Michael Schoenfeld Photo

Homestead Resort                                             Businessman                      Blakeslee Grp/Dirk Douglas Photo

Central Bank                                                        Banker                                   PLBF, Inc./Brian Twede Photo

Flying J Ad Campaign                                        RV'er                                      Pinnacle Marketing

(Complete list on request)

VOICE OVER:                            

Nauvoo Temple Documentary                                                                                         Lee Groberg/PBS

Sensormatic Electronics                                                                                   Ashby Smith/KSL-TV

Light of the World                                                                                                Dale Jones/LDS Church

Mt. America Credit Union                                                                                   Lance Huber/Mind Riot Prods.

(Complete list on request)




Kenneth K. Rose-Acting Coach/LA                                  Cellar Theatre Ensemble Acting Co/LA

Commercial Acting/Modeling-Dorothy Shreve/LA         Television On-camera/Studio Production-So. Utah University

40+ years professional acting experience


SKILLS: Drummer, Emergency Reaction and Defensive Driving, Acting Coach, Military

                                     Don Cosney


Eyes:    Hazel                                                                           Talent Management Group, LLC

Hair:     Gray/brown                                                                  339 East 3900 South, #202D

Height: 5'10"                                                                 Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Weight:            185 lbs.                                                            801/263-6940 phone

Size:                44R                                                                  801/263-6950 fax



RM                                                          President Wallen               Kurt Hale/HaleStorm Entertainment

HOUNDED                                           Sgt. Finn                                Neal Israel/Disney Channel/Salty Pictures

THE UNDERCOVER KID                   U.S. President                      Linda Shayne/Luecadia Films /WarnerBros

NO PLACE TO RIDE                           Supporting                            Dale White Productions

PROFILES IN FAITH                           Father                                    Bob Condor/Thomson Productions

TURNING POINT                 Old Man                 NuSkin Films



TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL Joseph                                  Burt Brinckerhoff/CBS Television

TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL Drummer                              CBS Television

TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL Chauffeur                              CBS Television

CROSSROADS                                    Supporting                            ABC Television

EVERYBODY'S TALKING                  Man-On-The-Street             Lloyd Thaxton/ABC Television

CINEMAVIEW                                       Host                                       KSTU-TV Salt Lake City

INDUSTRIALS: CD      CIO                                         Kirk Strickland/KUED Media Services

INFORMATION SECURITY                Chief-of-Staff                        Scott Jackson/VA Graphics

NOVELL BRAINSHARE                      CIO                                         Tyler Meason/Telos Productions

FRAUD II                                               Mr. Trudy                                Scott Jackson/VA Graphics

GOVERNOR'SCOMM.ONMARRIAGE Finanacial Advisor           Lance Huber/The Orton Group

NATURES SUNSHINE HERBAL      Businessman                      Doug Fowkes/Modern Image

NUSKIN                                 Smiling Man                         Jim Pruitt/NuSkin

MAIL BOY/NOVELL                              Mr. Jenkins                           Tyler Meason/Left Turn Productions

UNITED HEALTHCARE                     Host                                       JDBrewer/PUBLICIS

GREENSPACE DESIGN/CD             Farmer                                   Smith-Slighting/Video West Productions

UTAH BONE & JOINT CENTER       Doctor                                    Matt George/Summit Group

UNLINE INVESTORS                         Businessman                      Chris Jensen/CDI Media

AMERICA FIRST C. U.                        Grandpa                                Vineyard Productions

NOVELL/A LITTLE HELP   Doctor                                    Tyler Meason?Left Turn Productions

NOVELL TRAILER                               Boss                                      Tyler Meason/Left Turn Productions

RESPONDING TO ABUSE                Bishop                                   Cathy Spangle/LDS Church AudioVisual

COMPLIANCE'99/IHC                        Game Show Host                Jim Alvey/Video West

DSEF/BUSINESS EHTICS                CEO                                       Mark Paulos/KJZZ

AMERICA FIRST C.U.                         Rex/Barber                            Video West Productions

DEAN WITTER                                     Jack Gibson                         Greg Windley/Handstand Productions

ACCELEREAD/InfiniteMind               Spokesperson                     Gary Dansie/Digital Options

ROAD CALL REDUCTION Narrator/Host                       Bob Pedrazas/Ryder Video Services

PRIORITY ONE/Maverik     Angry Customer                   Richard Marshall/Scott Nelson Prods.

I-SHOPPER/Outbound Ent.               SpokespersonHost            Lance Huber/Mind Riot Productions

SIMPLE/3Com Connections             Donald/CIO                           Greg Keifer/Cosmic Pictures

Y2K                                                         Dave/Manager                      Robert Fox/PacifiCorp

DEAN, WITTER, REYNOLDS            Customer                              Greg Windley/Handstand Prods.

SMARTCAR NAVIGATION  Stan/Businessman             Richard Milwood/Fonix Systems

GLOBAL PLANET/NuSkin  Grandfather                          Dave Sapp/Mitchell Productions

IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU                         Doctor                                    NuSkin International

WIN.IVY/Alcon                                       Doctor                                    Chris Quinn/CQ Communications

PROSAVAN/Melaleuca                       Doctor/Host                          Craig Flynn/ImageView                     

TRUE NORTH STRATEGIES            Host                                       Media Works

OMEGA/Keys Products                       Manager                                Greg Windley/Handstand Productions

SOCIAL SERVICES TRNG                Spokesperson                     Robert Starling/LDS Church A/V

CAPITAL IDEAS                   Businessman                      The Video Company/Zion's Bank

TELEPHONE CONFERENCE          CEO                                       VideoWest/USRobotics

FUTURE SITE SELECTION              Real Estate Rep.                 Cathy Spangler/LDS Church AudioVisual

WHO'S GOING TO SCHOOL            University President            VideoWest/Granite School District

MIRROR IMAGE                   Doctor                                    Mike Stauffer/The Video Company

BENEFITS ORIENTATION Host                                       Jordan School District

BROADCAST INT'L                             Manager                                Bill Woodruff/The Video Company

SMART TALK                                        Medical Director   Jim Pizza/MARCOM

FAMILY HISTORY RES.                      Coordinator                          Asolo Productions/BYU

CODE 1033                                          Police Captain                     Corner Tree Productions

PASSING THE TORCH                      Businessman                      Albee Green/Novell

METASTOCK  WINDOWS  Businessman                      The Video Company/Equis

TEACHER IMPROVEMENT               Principal                                Quinn Orr/LDS Church A/V

AWARD PRESENTATIONS               Businessman                      Wildwood Prods/O.C.Tanner

CASE LAW PROGRAM                       Defense Attorney Asolo Productions

MISSIONARY TRAINING    Bishop                                   Quinn Orr/LDS Church A/V

TRAINING FILM                    Air Force Major                     Hill AFB Det82CTCS

INTERNAL CONTROLS                     University VP                        SLCC Communications

FIT TO DRIVE                                       Doctor                                    Utah Dept. of Public Safety

MISSIONARY TRAINING    Mission President               Gary Esterholdt/LDS Church A/V

SINGLES LEADERSHIP                    Bishop                                   Quinn Orr/LDS Church A/V

HEROS OR HORSE THIEVES          Spokesperson                     Susan Ybarra/Melrose Prods.

NO OTHER GODS                              Dad                                        BYU Studios/LDS Seminary Film

FEED MY SHEEP                                Bishop's Councilor             Quinn Orr/Bonneville Entertainment

ALCOHOL & RED FLARES               Jim                                         Ib Melchoir/Sid Davis Productions

WHO'S BEHIND THE WHEEL          Airman                                   Air Force Training Film


HOMEFRONT/HOUSEREPAIRS      Big Boss                               Bonneville Productions/LDS Church

CENTRAL BANK                                  Cold & Bobsled                   PLBF Inc.

IOMEGA                                 Computer Guy                      Scott Featherstone/PUBLICIS

FOUNDATIONFORABETTERLIFE Businessman                        FBL/Video West Productions

WORKFORCE SERVICES                 Augustus                               Kirk Strickland/KUED Media Services

CENTRAL BANK                                  Banker                                   PLBF Inc

TREASURE HOUSE                           Father                                    Bob Condor/MarBob Productions

DIRECT RESPONSE                          Dancing Dad                        Jerry Craven/LDS Church AudioVisual

EVANS & SUTHERLAND                   Mechanic                               Michael Daut/Video West Prods.

XEROGRAPHICS                                Delivery Guy                          John Greene/KUTV

CORPORATE EXPRESS                   New Boss                             John Greene/KUTV

GUS PAULOS CHEVROLET             Commentator                       Scott Featherstone/Lorean Prods.

HUNTSMAN CANCER CTR              Inquirer                  John Greene/KUTV

PURE TONE HEARING                      Executive                               Kim Davis/KTVX Video Productions

CON PAULOS AUTO SALES             Farmer                                   Lance Huber/The Summit Group

UNITED HEALTHCARE                     Doctor                                    Bonneville Entertainment/Evans Adv.

DESERET INDUSTRIES                    Manager                                Bryan Capner/Holy Cow Prods/Evans

IN-FOCUS SYSTEMS                         Board Member                     Dahlin, Smith & White Advertising

ZCMI  CHRISTMAS                              Grandfather                          Evan's Advertising

CHINO VALLEY BANK                        Businessman                      Martin Rockey Advertising

FHP                                                        Optometrist                           Bonneville Entertainment/Evans Adv.

DESERET INDUSTRIES                    Manager                                Bryan Capner/Holy Cow Prods/Gardner

BIO35/PRO80 VITAMINS    Pharmacist                           Pinnacle Advertising

STANDARD OPTICAL                         Optometrist                           KTVX Video Productions

ZION'S BANK                                       Businessman                      Scott Featherstone/Evans Advertising



NAUVOO TEMPLE                               Alton Telegraph                   Lee Groberg/PBS

SENSORMATIC ELECTRONICS      TV Spots(Olympics)            Ashby Smith/KSL TV

LIGHT OF THE WORLD                     Radio Spots                         Dale Jones/LDS Church

MT. AMERICA CREDIT UNION         Dad                                        Lance Huber/Mind Riot Productions

ZION'S BANK                                       "Rock" CEO                         Brooks Briggs/FJC and N

SUWS                                                    Narration                               Allen Green/Greenheart Productions

PHASE II/IACCESS.COM   Narration                               Rebecca Evans/

VOTE STUART REID                          Announcer                            Nicolle Stanger/Summit Group

LHM CADILLAC                                   Golf Buddy                            Barbara Schmiett/LHM Advertising

MAVERIK/CircleK                 Husband                               Richard Marshall/Simmons Radio

PARACELSUS MEDICAL                   Announcer                            Lance Huber/The Summit Group

I-LINK                                                     Attorney                  Craig Flynn/ImageWise

OMEGA/Keys Products                       Manager                                Greg Windley/Handstand Prod.

UTAH TRAVEL                                     Tourist                                   Bob Wassam/Harris & Love Adv.

FAITH IN EVERY FOOTSTEP            Pioneer                                 Dennis Weight/LDS Church A/V

GREAT AMERICAN WEST ADR (WallaWalla)               IMAX/JQH & Vineyard Prod.

BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD           Employee                              Harris & Love Advertising



PRINTELLIGENT                 CEO                                       Cohezion Comm./Michael Schoenfeld Photo

HOMESTEAD RESORT                      Businessman                      Blakeslee Group/Dirk Douglas Photography

IPIPELINE.COM                   Butler                                     Derek Smith Photography

CENTRAL BANK                                  Banker                                   PLBF Inc/Brian Twede Photography

3M                                                           Patient                                   Lance Clayton Photography

FLYING J AD CAMPAIGN   RV'er                                      Pinnacle Marketing

REAL ESTATE PROMO                      Property Owner                    Lori Adamski/Adamski-Peel Photography

EXTRA SPACE STORAGE Businessman                      Michael Schoenfeld/Randall Smith

FRANKLIN-COVEY CATALOG          Familyman                            Derek Smith Photography

STOCK PHOTOS                 Exerciser                               Adamski-Peel Photography

INTERMOUNTAIN H.C.                      Manager                                Wildwood Productions

STOCK PHOTOS                 Vacationer                             Richard Price Photography

USROBOTICS/MegaHertz           CEO "on the go"                  Michael Roberts/Louderthanwords

FOLIO                                                    Board Member                     Schoenfeld Studio

POWER BUILDER                              Businessman                      Dahlin, Smith, White Advertising

O. C. TANNER                                      Bowler                                   Skip Smith Photog/Rowter-Snow Adv.

WAVESPHORE                                    CEO                                       Gary Dansie/Digital Options

INTEL                                                     Doctor                                    Derek Smith Photography

UNITED HEALTHCARE                     Doctor                                    Grant Heaton Photography/Evans Adv.

FRANKLIN QUEST                              Businessman                      Dirk Douglas Photography

ZION'S BANK                                       Banker                                   Derek Smith Photography

BERNOULLI/Iomega                          Politician                               Grant Heaton Photography

MEGAHERTZ                                        Businessman                      Dirk Douglas Photography

LOVING TRUST                                   Businessman                      Schoenfeld Studio

PROFESSIONAL IMAGES  Businessman                      Beauty-for-all-Seasons A/V



HARVEY                                                Judge Gafney                       Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

PRELUDE OF LOVE                           John                                       Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

ARSENIC AND OLD LACE                Rev.Harper/Lt.Rooney        Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

SABRINA FAIR                                     Fairchild                                Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE   A. J. Drexell-Biddell             Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

BEAU JEST                                           Abe Goldman                       Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

KISS AND TELL                   Franklin                 Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

LIFE WITH FATHER                            Clarence Day(Father)         Hale Centre Theatre, SLC                

BLOOD, SWEAT & STANLEY POOLE Capt Malcolm   Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

DON'T DRINK THE WATER              Walter                                    Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

THE ODD COUPLE                            Felix                                        Pages Lane Theatre, SLC

YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU   Kirby                                           Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU   Kirby                                           Pages Lane Theatre, SLC

YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU   Henderson                               Pioneer Theatre Company, SLC

WITHIN THESE WALLS     Peter Olson                          West Stake, Cedar City, UT

AH! WILDERNESS                              Sid Davis                               So. Utah State College

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN                     Levine                                    Little Theatre, Burbank, CA

BELLS ARE RINGING                        Blake Barton                         Little Theatre, Burbank, CA

AT THE STROKE OF MURDER         Allen                                      Crossroads Theatre, Hollywood, CA

A QUESTION OF PRINCIPLE            Man                                       The Cellar Theatre, Hollywood, CA

LA RONDE (Circle of Love)               Alfred                                     The Cellar Theatre, Hollywood, CA

A MEMORY OF TWO MONDAYS  Willy                                             The Cellar Theatre, Hollywood, CA

A SHOT IN THE DARK                        Inspector Sevigne               USO Touring Theatre, Washington, DC

MARY, MARY                                         Bob MacKellaway                USO Touring Theatre, Washington, DC

FIVE FINGER EXERCISE   Walter Langer                      Army Theatre Group, Chitose, Japan


BUNDLE OF TROUBLE                                                                     Hale Centre Theatre, SLC

WITHIN THESE WALLS                                                          Cedar City West Stake, UT

MARTYR IN WAITING                                                                          One-Act Play Competition

ONCE MORE WITH FEELING                                                           Little Theatre, Burbank, CA

CACTUS FLOWER                                                                              Little Theatre, Burbank, CA

NEVER TOO LATE                                                                              Little Theatre, Burbank, CA

MARY, MARY                                                                                         USO Touring Theatre, Washington, DC


Acting with Kenneth K. Rose, Los Angeles, CA

Acting: Cellar Theatre, Equity Workshop, Hollywood, CA

Commercial Acting, Dorothy Shreve, Hollywood, CA

Modeling, Dorothy Shreve, Hollywood, CA

Television Studio Production, Southern Utah State University, UT


Drummer: Dixieland, Old-time Rock 'n Roll, MarchingBands, Swing

Driver: Defensive Driving and Emergency Reaction Driving

Military: Six years regular Army, Signal Corps and Intelligence Service(Army Security Agency)


Director of Guest Relations, Metromedia Television, KTTV, Los Angeles, CA

Syndicated TV Show Booker, Metromedia Producers, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Television News Assistant Editor, Metromedia Television, KTTY, Los Angeles, CA

Personal Appearance Producer for "Sheriff" John Rovick, KTTV, Los Angeles, CA

Trainer: Management Skills, Safety, Defensive Driving, Emergency Reaction Driving

                                                  Promotion & Publicity:

                                       RAINBOW CHASERS PRODUCTIONS, INC.

                              P.O. Box 27381*  Salt Lake City, UT 84127-0381 *  (801) 699-7397


                                                               DON COSNEY

                                                       Talent Management Group

                                                                   (801) 263-6940

What the reviewers have said:

BEAU JEST - Hale Centre Theatre, SLC, UT

"Beau Jest" a mega-hit at HCT . . . and Don Cosney is excellent as the father, Abe . . . this one could run for months." -- Olga Milius, Eagle Newspapers

YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU - Hale Centre Theatre, SLC, UT

"I found myself responding to the character of Mr. Kirby, played by Don Cosney.  A short, driven man, he was totally believable . . ." -- Susan Lyman-Whitney, The Deseret News

DON'T DRINK THE WATER - Hale Centre Theatre, SLC, UT

"Don Cosney . .. . earned his share of the laughs . . . the audience convulsed with laughter."

-- Olga Milius, Eagle Newspapers

SABRINA FAIR - Hale Centre Theatre, SLC, UT

"Don Cosney . . . an excellent performance as Sabrina's frustrated father." -- Ivan Lincoln, The Deseret News

AH! WILDERNESS - Southern Utah State University, UT

"Don Cosney's performance as Uncle Sid marks him as the professional that he is . . ." -- Janet Weaver, Iron County Record

LA RONDE - The Cellar Theatre, Hollywood, CA

"Performances were generally good to excellent.  Most noticeable was Don Cosney, as the flustered but successful young gentleman." -- Bieg., Daily Variety

"Don Cosney is good as the young gentleman . . ." -- James Powers, The Hollywood Reporter

BELLS ARE RINGING- Little Theatre, Burbank, CA

"Don Cosney ranges well from Brando to Square." -- Fredric Milstein, Los Angeles Times

"Don Cosney's bit as a Brandoesque actor . . . is amusing and effective." -- Gregg Hunter, The Burbank Daily Review

Promotion & Publicity:
(801) 963-2107 * (801) 699-7397