Jonathan Gochberg

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As an actor, Gochberg has appeared in some Utah films. Had a starring role in Lory Smith's 5-minute comedy film "Three Things I've Learned" (1994), which co-starred Oscar Rowland. Small parts (always playing a doctor) in the TV movies "Out of Annie's Past" (1995), "Harmful Intent" (1993) and "Deliver Them from Evil: The Taking of Alta View" (1992). Also had a guest role (playing a guard) on the TV sci-fi series "Automan" (1984). Best known as a much-loved assistant principle at Viewmond High School in Bountiful, Utah.

An in-depth look at Mr. Jonathan Gochberg

By: Sarah Jenkins, Associate Editor
Date: 16 November 2000
Source: Danegeld (Viewmond High School newspaper)

Viewmont students know Assistant Principal Jonathan Gochberg as one of the men who patrol the commons at lunch time with his two-way radio in hand. Mr. Gochberg's responsibilities, however, extend far beyond the forty-minute lunch.

Mr. Gochberg says he enjoys "the kids and student activity level at Viewmont." This statement is apparent through his work with student activities and with the special education classes and 504, students with disabilities who attend regular classes. He is also over half of the discipline matters at Viewmont, student and teacher recognition, and Viewmont's business partnerships.

Mr. Gochberg's responsibilities are only shadowed by his education and hobbies. "I'm overeducated and underpaid," he comments jokingly. He received his Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah, in addition to his teaching endorsement in English from Cal State Northridge and a Master of Education Leadership from Brigham Young University.

He spent five years teaching in Los Angeles. In Utah he taught honors English at North Layton Junior High and English and drama at Northridge High. His first administrative job was at Bountiful Junior High two years ago as an intern assistant principal. Last year was his first at Viewmont as an intern. "One of the best things about Viewmont is its balance between academics and extra curriculur activities. You can be a soccer player and a straight A student."

Mr. Gochberg has not spent his life in the education system. He acts professionally part-time, including parts on Touched by an Angel and Promised Land. He has recorded music for Xena, Warrior Princess and Hercules, sang with the Tabernacle Choir, and done radio voice overs. He also enjoys photography.

"You should look at education as a life-long journey and not end with high school or college," comments Mr. Gochberg. He plans to follow his own advice and go back to school for his doctorate. He will eventually be a principal in the Davis School District, but plans to stay at Viewmont until then.

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