American Grace
Curtis Taylor's film about coming of age in Modesto 1973

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20 October 2001 - Exclusive

"American Grace" is a film written by best-selling author and budding screenwriter Curtis A. Taylor. It is a coming-of-age story based on actual events that takes place in 1973 on one pivotal day in the lives of teenagers growing up in Modesto, California. Some of the characters are Latter-day Saints.

There are various reports that "American Grace" will begin filming in October 2001. However, this early filming may include only certain exterior establishing shots, with principle photography postponed until later. More news on this will follow.

Popular Latter-day Saint actor/director Richard Dutcher ("God's Army", "Brigham City") is slated to be one of the stars of "American Grace." Actors from George Lucas's classic "American Graffiti" are in talks to make cameo appearances, as well.

Jongiorgi Enos (Utah actor and playwright who starred as "Ed" in "Brigham City") and his Pacific Island Films partner Steve Stubbs have been hired as producers.

Who is Curtis Taylor?

"American Grace" screenwriter Curtis Taylor may be best known as an author and publisher. He is the co-author (with Todd Hester) of the genre novels Treasure Hunt; Cyber Deth; Megablast; The Midas Machine and The Not-So-Private-Eye. Some of these books were written for young adult readers as part of the "Mark Heroic" series.

Curtis Taylor was also the editor of Speaker's SourceBook for Latter-Day Saints: Three Thousand Quotes by LDS Church Leaders and Christmas for the World: A Gift to the Children (Salt Lake City: Aspen Books, 1991). In 1991 the AML Award for Best Story was awarded to Michael Fillerup's "Lost and Found," one of the original stories published in Christmas for the World.

With Gold Leaf Press, Curtis Taylor has also co-authored some best-selling inspirational books, which have over six million copies in print. In 1993 Taylor, as co-author of Embraced by the Light with Betty J. Eadie, reached #1 on the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list.

Taylor achieved critical acclaim with his ground-breaking book The Invisible Saint. This is a hilarious and insightful satirical tale about a Latter-day Saint who finds himself inexplicably invisible. The Invisible Saint has been compared to Samuel W. Taylor's * classic Heaven Knows Why!, as the two novels exhibit similar themes and tone.

Taylor's most critically acclaimed novel to date is his more recent publication, a contemporary novel set in California: The Dinner Club (2000 *).

In his review of The Dinner Club, Andrew Hall wrote about Curtis Taylor:

While [The Dinner Club] is only Taylor's second novel (outside co-writing a juvenile action series), he has been a presence in LDS literature for the entire decade. The Invisible Saint (1990), was his first novel, a very funny self-published fantasy/fable, including the only satire of the LDS publishing market I have ever seen... Around that same time Taylor and his friend Stan Zenk became editors and part-owners of Aspen Books, where Taylor ghostwrote Betty Eadie's Embraced By the Light, which became a national best-seller. In 1996 they bought the entire company, but then sold it soon thereafter. While they were there in the early and mid-90s, Aspen put out some wonderful Mormon literature, including Margaret Young's Salvador, and books by Doug Thayer, Donlu Thayer, Samuel Taylor, Marilyn Brown, Davis Bitton, Daniel Peterson, Lowell Bennion, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Emma Lou Thayne, Maureen Beecher, Carol Lynn Pearson, Bill Hartley, Robert F. Smith, Robert Kirby, and Benson Parkinson, and the "Christmas for the World" short story collection. Aspen seemed like it was going to be one of our great hopes, publishing quality, adventurous, but basically faithful fiction.

Unfortunately, Aspen has done very little since Taylor and Zenk sold it, just publishing Benson's sequel, as far as I know. Taylor is also the creator, writer, and voice for the nationally syndicated radio show "This American Minute".

[* Samuel W. Taylor is, of course, considered one of the most important novelists and screenwriters in Utah and Latter-day Saint history. He was the story author or screenwriter of such films as "The Absent-Minded Professor", "Flubber", etc. He also wrote for television, including episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "Bonanza." Samuel W. Taylor's books include the historical works Family Kingdom; Nightfall at Nauvoo; Rocky Mountain Empire; Uranium Fever and The Last Pioneer (a biography of his grandfather, President John Taylor). In addition to Heaven Knows Why!, his other novels include The Grinning Gismo.]

"American Grace" listed on "Northern California Movies" website


The following was copied from Scott T.S. Trimble's "Northern California Movies" website on 20 October 2001:

"American Grace"

This feature film, set in Modesto in 1973, will start filming in October 2001.

Filming Locations:
* Modesto, Stanislaus County

Modesto & Stanislaus County Film Commission, P.O. Box 844, Modesto, CA 95353,
phone 209-571-6480-x112, toll-free 800-266-4282, fax 209-571-6486

Auditions for "American Grace"

Source: "Modern Theater Ensemble" website
Date checked: 20 October 2001
Media Casting is assisting with casting with a project entitled American Grace. This is a feature film, designed for theatrical release, which is scheduled to begin shooting in Modesto in mid to late October, 2001. The setting is 1973, Modesto, California. The film most likely will be filmed under union contract, however that has not been determined as yet. There are over 50 principal roles in this film. Many of the roles are teenagers in their last year of high school. Media Casting is looking for males and females, all ethnicities, and character looks, between the ages of 18 to 25 who can play under 18 for these roles. Since the time period is 1973 hair styles are longer. One of the lead males also needs to be able to play guitar very well. Other special roles include: parents in their late thirties to late forties, all ethnicities. Coaches, high school teacher types, police officers, hospital employees, average town people ages mid twenties and up, any ethnicity. Railroad engineer, football scouts, car-hop waitress, music store manager. Disk jockey type who is licensed to fly a helicopter. Please post this notice in your newsletters, send via e-mail to theater groups, individual actors, acting coaches, acting groups, etc.

Please send headshots and resumes to Media Casting 4120 Douglas Blvd.#306- 387 Granite Bay, CA, 95746. Updates on this and other projects, along with audition dates, may be obtained by listening to our information line at 916-556-0926.

"American Grace" casting

Source: "Modesto Progress" (newsletter of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce)
Issue: Volume 101 / Number 9
Date: September 2001

Film Commission Audition

Over 500 hopeful movie stars attended a three-day open casting call hosted by The Modesto Film Commission and Media Casting last month. Curtis Taylor, writer and director of 'American Grace,' was in attendance all three days scouting for talent for his upcoming "Graffiti" style movie, slated to start filming locally in October. "Modesto was an excellent source of inspiration and talent for us. We have identified several local residents we think will play key roles in the movie," Taylor stated.

Everett Blix, owner of Media Casting, has worked on films including "Phenomenon" and "Lucky Numbers," with John Travolta; "Life," with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence; "Under wraps," a Disney Production; and "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman." He also thought the Modesto visit was a success. During the three day casting call he registered several hundred local residents with his production company.

The Film Commission is still looking for information for their Services Directory, which is a part of the Production Guide mailed to all producers and directors that request location information.

If you have an interesting house, property, ranch or car that you would like have considered by the film industry, or have behind the scenes experience, please send your information (attach a photo if you are submitting property/ automobile information) to the Modesto Film Commission, P.O. Box 844, Modesto, CA 95353

Filmmaker's plans for movie up in air after attacks

Source: The Modesto Bee
Date: 28 September 2001
By: Susan Herendeen

Curtis Taylor had hoped to begin filming "American Grace" in mid-October.

Now his plans are up in the air.

Taylor, who wants to film part of his movie at Davis High School, his alma mater, is still waiting on word from Modesto City Schools. The Board of Education is expected to consider his request Monday night.

Even if he gets a long-awaited go-ahead, the cameras still might not roll.

Taylor's investors watched their portfolios plunge after the attacks on the East Coast. So they're pulling back.

"It has probably gotten to where we're 50-50," said Taylor, who lives near Placerville.

Taylor -- who is best known as a co-author of "Embraced by the Light," an account of a woman's near-death experience -- said he has invested two years in the film.

"American Grace" portrays five friends during their senior year, on the day of a Davis-Downey football game.

It is based on true events, takes place on Nov. 16, 1973, and includes plenty of music and classic cars.

In addition to writing the script, Taylor has screened more than 700 actors and lined up a distributor to handle the finished product.

Before the terrorist attacks, getting permission to use Davis High School and its name appeared to be Taylor's biggest hurdle.

"The process has taken so much longer than we wanted to," Taylor said.

District spokeswoman Susan Mendieta said officials had many questions and wanted to make sure the filming didn't interfere with any schoolwork.

After months of discussions, a deal was cut.

Taylor promised to film only at night and on the weekends, when students were gone. He also promised to have plenty of insurance and bring his own power generator.

The district originally asked that a pseudonym be used for Davis High, but eventually agreed the filmmaker could use any name he wanted.

Taylor said he will call the school Davis High.

If filming goes forward, Taylor will have to pay permit fees to use the school. Mendieta said the district cannot determine the cost until Taylor submits a specific work schedule for his crew.

Taylor is seeking a broad approval from the board and will fill in the details if the project moves forward.

He will film in November, before the winter fog rolls in, if he has the money. If his investors pull out, he will put "American Grace" on hold.

"It's very much in flux," Taylor said.

Board OKs school's participation in film

Source: The Modesto Bee
Date: 2 October 2001
By: Susan Herendeen

"American Grace," a film about growing up in Modesto in the early 1970s, might be back on track.

Curtis Taylor will be able to film part of his movie at Davis High School, his alma mater, if he can find investors.

He got a green light from Modesto City Schools on Monday night, when the Board of Education unanimously approved his request to use the school.

Taylor, who hopes to begin filming in November, said he also is close to inking a deal with new backers. His original investors pulled out because their portfolios plunged after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the East Coast.

"We're hearing a lot of good things, a lot of positive things," he said of the potential investors.

Taylor, who is best known as a co-author of "Embraced by the Light," an account of a woman's near-death experience, said he has invested two years in the independent film.

The movie portrays five friends during their senior year on the day of a Davis-Downey football game.

It is based on true events, takes place on Nov. 16, 1973, and includes plenty of music and classic cars.

In addition to writing the script, Taylor has screened more than 700 actors and lined up a distributor to handle the finished product.

Taylor promised to use Davis High only at night during school days and on the weekends. He also promised to have plenty of insurance and bring his own power generator.

The district originally asked that a pseudonym be used for Davis High, but eventually agreed the filmmaker could use any name he wanted. Taylor said he will call the school Davis High.

Board members approved Taylor's request without comment.

Behind the Scenes

Source: The Modesto Bee
Date: 5 October 2001
By: Roger Hoskins

The clock is running out on "American Grace." Writer-director Curtis Taylor says he has two more investors lined up to back his coming-of-age movie, which is set in Modesto circa 1973, but time is of the essence.

"We have to be able to shoot during fall colors," Taylor says. "If we can't get it in by mid-November, we'll have to postpone."

Taylor says most principal parts have been cast, but he won't notify the actors until he has the funds in hand. Taylor says cameras can roll as soon as three weeks after money becomes available.

(Modesto news roundup)

Source: Modesto Bee
Date: 12 October 2001
By: Roger Hoskins

[Excerpt from article]

Forgive author-screenwriter Curtis Taylor if he changes the name of his growing-up film from "American Grace" to "American Curse."

"I was coming down (to Modesto) this morning," Taylor said Tuesday. "We had the funding and we were all set to go. My backer called at 9 p.m. and said that the U.S. bombing Afghanistan scared him and he was moving all his money to the bank or safe investments.

"This is the fourth time this has happened," Taylor lamented.

Whether principal shooting gets delayed a year or not, some filming will begin today.

Taylor said his film crew will take aerial and crowd shots at the Davis-Downey football game tonight at the Modesto Junior College Stadium.

Taylor has said he needs at least two weeks of fall color in Modesto to make the film and at least two weeks of lead time to begin. He said the film's climactic night scenes still can be filmed after the leaves are gone.

Cracroft Raves about Taylor's Dinner Club

Noted literary critic and English professor Richard H. Cracroft writes the monthly "Book Nook" column for Brigham Young Magazine. In the Fall 2000 issue he closed by praising Curtis Taylor's latest novel The Dinner Club:
Finally, Curtis A. Taylor, in The Dinner Club (Camino, Calif.: Foreword Press, 2000; 380 pp., $14.95), has written the lively, entertaining but spiritually engaging story of Chris Young, hard-working driver of a 550-horsepower Freightliner rig, and his gorgeous but lonely, unhappy, and straying wife, Gertrude. After Chris accidentally bounces from the back of his rig a glistening new BMW 540i in the middle of Interstate 5, his beautiful Gertie runs off with a mutual friend and the $60,000 Beemer and into Telestial jaws. In the ensuing misadventures Chris, hitherto a lukewarm convert to Mormonism, learns the gospel of faith, forgiveness, love, and covenants the hard way as does his family. Taylor, author of The Invisible Saint (1991), a comic novel, and currently the host of a nationally syndicated radio show, has written in The Dinner Club a well-crafted parable that makes the gospel pertinent and immediate, without finger-wagging didacticism and takes contemporary LDS fiction in a new and satisfying direction.

Cracroft also mentioned The Dinner Club in an article he wrote for Meridian Magazine. In Some "Classic" LDS Novels, Cracroft listed Taylor's novel, calling it a "fast-paced tale of a luke-warm Mormon who becomes a Latter-day Saint by forgiving his straying wife. One of the first LDS novels to be set in contemporary California."

AML-List member Andrew Hall (of Pittsburgh, PA) wrote an in depth review of The Dinner Club (available at the AML Review archives at In his review, Hall says:

So far this has been an excellent year for Mormon novels. Margaret Young/Darius Gray, Benson, Eric Sam., Hughes and Card... add to the list The Dinner Club... the book does a great job at showing us a disintegrating marriage... Another powerful voice has been added to the small chorus of good LDS writers, hooray.

If you're interested in Taylor's The Dinner Club, just make sure you get the right one. In an odd fluke of publishing, there were two novels published by small presses in 2000 with the title The Dinner Club, both written by "C. Taylor."

The Dinner Club by Curtis A. Taylor was published in 2000 by Foreword Press of Camino, California.

The Dinner Club by Corey Taylor was published (self-published?) in 2000 by Xlibris Corporation, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They're easy to tell apart. Curtis Taylor's book has a nice cover. Also, Curtis's book is about LDS in California, while Corey's book is about GLBT in Chicago.

Official "American Grace" website domain registered

An internet domain for the official "American Grace" movie website has been registered by the producer-director's long-time business partner, Stan Zenk.

The domain is, and was registered with Network Solutions, Inc. on 1 November 2001. As of 13 December 2001 there was still nothing at this site other than a generic "Under Construction" message.

Press Release: Want to Work in the Movies?

Date: 30 July 2002
Source: City of Modesto, California

For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Kevin Shand (209) 571-6480 ext. 112
No. 02-107
July 30, 2002

Want to Work in the Movies?

Media Casting, a Sacramento-based casting company, will hold an Open Casting Call in Modesto on Saturday, August 3, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., at the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, 1114 J Street at 11th Street, Modesto. Casting will be for "American Grace," a film by Curtis Taylor set in Modesto in 1973, to begin shooting in Modesto in August. Hundreds of adults and children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds will be needed for the movie, including a special need for young men ages 18 to 30 with long hair.

Prospective cast members are asked to bring a recent photo. Classic cars from 1958 to 1972 are also needed (bring photo). Individuals who wish to be placed on a permanent file with Media Casting may also register at the casting call. Those wishing to work as crew on feature films and or provide services to production companies may also submit their resumes.

Media Casting, established in 1991, has cast over 15,000 people in over sixty film and television projects and over 200 commercials, industrials and special projects during the last ten years. Well-known films include "Lucky Numbers," "Inferno," "Frost," "Mad City," "Phenomenon," "Life," "Mouse Hunt" and many Movies of the Week and mini-series.

For more information, call (916) 556-0926 or visit

"American Grace" Casting Call

Date: 2 August 2002
Source: Film Office Hotline

Casting Call - "AMERICAN GRACE" a Film by Curtis Taylor.

Web Page -

Don't miss your chance to work in the movies!!!! Open casting call in Placerville, CA. Sunday, August 4, 2002.

Seeking talent for "American Grace", shooting in Placerville, Ca., August 2002.

Synopsis: Where were you in 1972? The early seventies were a time to be endured, a time to be gotten through. But for a handful of high school seniors in Modesto, California, the seventies were memorialized in one amazing day when life, death and rock and roll changed their lives forever.

Who: Media Casting, a Sacramento based Casting Company, established in 1991. Over 15,000 people cast in over sixty Film & Television projects and over two hundred commercials, industrials and special projects during the last 10 years. Films include "Lucky Numbers", "Inferno", "Frost", "Mad City", "Phenomenon", "Life", "Mouse Hunt" and many Movies of the Week and mini-series.

What: Casting Call!!! Hundreds of adults and children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds are needed for "American Grace" set in Modesto, CA. in 1973.

Special needs include: Young men ages 18 to 30 with long hair. *Bring recent photo. Also needed are classic cars (all types) circa 1958 to 1972. *Please bring photo.

When: Saturday, August 4th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Where: Mother Lode Performing Arts (formerly Theater El Dorado) in the El Dorado County Fair Grounds. Take Hwy 50 to Placerville Rd. Exit and go north.

Producers and Casting Directors will attend the casting call.

Or work behind the scenes:
Individuals wishing to work as crew on feature films and those who provide services to Production Companies may submit their resumes.

***Please note: Individuals who wish to be placed on permanent file with Media Casting may register at the casting call.

Media Contact Only - 916-630-0132 Public Information Line - 916-556-0926

The El Dorado Tahoe Film Commission - 530-626-4400

R.E. Graswich's column [excerpt]

By: R.E. Graswich
Date: 2 August 2002
Source: Sacramento Bee

Special effects: Movie director Curtis Taylor needs hippie-type extras of all ages and vintage cars for a picture being shot Sunday at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville. Believe it or not, Curtis is going to make the Mother Lode look like Modesto, circa 1973, for his film, "American Grace." No, it's not a gladiator movie.

"American Grace" Casting Notice

Date: August 2002
Source: Media Casting ("Northern California's premiere casting company")

American Grace

An independent film by Curtis Taylor to begin shooting in Modesto, CA. August 5th and finish by September 7th. " American Grace" is a S.A.G. Contract (pending) project. Some of the larger roles may include pay, others will be deferred. Each role will be considered induvidually. We are looking for cast and crew. Crew please mail resumes to Media Casting or e-mail them to Talent please submit two resumes and headshots via mail, no on line submissions unless asked for. See Current Projects for role breakdown. Both Union and Non-Union talent may submit.



Please call in each day if you live in the Modesto Area and want to work on the film. Call us at 916.630.0132 only if you want to work on the film. Most filming is at night.


Modesto Junior College Foot Ball Stadium

What: Recreation of a famous football game in 1972 between Grace Davis High and Downey High Schools. Men, Woman and Children are invited to come watch the filming and be in the movie as spectators at the foot ball game. Filming will be from 8:15 PM until 1:00 AM.

Special needs include: Please wear your best early 70's attire... jeans, capris, cords, peasant tops, t-shirts, hats and bring a sweater or jacket. And bring paper sacks.

When: Saturday, August 24th at 7:30 PM.

Where: Modesto Jr. College Football Stadium

The "American Grace" production team is working with the City of Modesto, the City Manager, the Modesto Chamber of Commerce and The Modesto Film Commission.

Please help us get the word out for the largest filming sequence of the feature film.

Megan Sinclair featured in "American Grace"

27 August 2002 - According to the Media Casting website (, actress Megan Sinclair will be a featured actress in "American Grace." This is her first feature film. She was previously featured in the short film "Trance," directed by Matt Perry.

Sinclair has appeared on stage in Win Moe's Money (The Punchline, Sacramento, California), Museum (Vintage Theater, Napa, CA), At The Beach (Redwood Theater, Larkspur, CA), and The Broken House (Redwood). She has trained extensively with Charlie Holliday, and also with Cheryl Eisenstein.

Behind the Scene

By: Roger W. Hoskins
Date: June 28, 2002
Source: Modesto Bee

"American Grace" is back on track. The film project by Curtis Taylor will begin filming in and around Modesto on Aug. 5.

Taylor, who co-wrote the best seller "Embraced by the Light" with Betty J. Eadie, wants "Grace" to be an homage both to "American Graffiti" and his hometown. He has written in cameo parts for some of the "Graffiti" cast, if they are willing to appear.

Today Taylor and co-producer Everett Blix will hold a casting call at the State Theatre from 1 to 8 p.m. Taylor is calling back 25 people he liked from the process last year. All principal roles but one are yet to be cast. There are no fees for those just trying out for "American Grace." Taylor is specifically looking for actors between the ages of 18 and 22. "I really need an athletic football receiver type and a great guitar player," says Taylor of his search.

Already committed to appear in the movie are actor Richard Dutcher, musician Randy Bachman and his group, Bachman Turner Overdrive. Former BYU football coach Lavell Edwards has agreed to be in the film, but will likely be replaced by his son, Jim, whom Taylor calls a "dead ringer for Lavell 30 years ago."

Behind the Scene

By: Roger W. Hoskins
Date: July 26, 2002
Source: Modesto Bee

The cameras are about to roll on "American Grace," Curtis Taylor's growing-up tale that pays homage to Modesto and George Lucas' "American Graffiti" legacy.

Taylor has written the script and will produce and direct. He has a three-time Emmy winner behind the cameras. Ozzie Smith was honored for his work as director of photography on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."

The cameras the crew will use are the latest generation Sony High Definition video. The cameras come courtesy of Mark Cuban, the NBA Dallas Mavericks owner, who is starting a high-definition channel for cable.

In exchange for the cameras, Taylor agreed to give Cuban first rights to "American Grace" after its initial theatrical run.

Another addition to the "Grace" team is sound director Jeff Carter. His film credits include "Brigham City" and "God's Army." Both were Richard Dutcher productions that targeted the Mormon market in the Intermountain West. Dutcher has tentatively agreed to appear in a small role in "American Grace."

One of the principal cast members is Chandler Pratt. The 19-year-old Modestan will play 17-year-old guitar prodigy Justin, who also is the senior-class president at Davis High. Pratt is the lead guitarist in the local band Triple Wisdom.

Pratt's film character will jam with the real Randy Bachman (of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who) in one of the movie's final scenes. That is scheduled to be filmed at Davis High on Sept. 7.

Pratt says landing the part was a thrill, and he has called everyone he knows with the news.

Filming on the project begins Aug. 5 in Shingle Springs. Filming of street scenes in Modesto will start Aug. 15.

There also will be filming at the Modesto Junior College stadium Aug. 24. For that night football game sequence, Taylor is hoping to attract thousands of extras to fill the stadium and parking lot.

The filmmaker is looking to fill street scenes with young men with long hair and young women with "long straight hair parted in the middle."

The production also is looking for vintage cars, models circa 1960 to 1973.

Everett Blix of Media Casting Associates in Sacramento is screening extras and cars. He can be reached at (916) 652-3312. He is trying to set up one more Modesto cattle call for people and cars.

Taylor, a 1974 graduate of Davis, says the pace has been frenetic as the filming date approaches. "It's been a lesson in humility. It seems like there are a million problems and any one of them could derail the project."

The Region: Show Business

Date: 1 August 2002
Source: Modesto Bee

Movie casting call

The cameras are within a week of rolling on "American Grace," the growing-up tale set in Modesto and written by Davis High School graduate Curtis Taylor.

Media Casting of Sacramento is still looking for more extras and appropriate vintage automobiles for the film. The company will hold its final casting call in Modesto on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, 1114 J St. at 11th Street in Modesto.

Everett Blix, the film's co-producer and casting director, described the film's needs: "Hundreds of adults and children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds will be needed for the movie, including a special need for young men ages 18 to 30 with long hair."

Classic cars from 1958 to 1972 also are needed. Prospective cast members are asked to bring a recent photo, and car owners should bring a photo of their car.

For more information, call (916) 556-0926 or visit

Throwing Stones at Ourselves: LDS Film and Its Critics

By: Kieth Merrill
Date: 7 November 2002
Source: Meridian Magazine


Shortly after the release of God's Army, Richard Dutcher mused to me one day that he was surprised a cluster of LDS movies had not followed in the wake of his success. He need wonder no more. There are more new "Mormon genre" movies in release or being made than the market can likely support. Some will be great. Some will be OK. Too many will be disappointing. A few are likely to be awful.

From a really wonderful web site, comes an almost shocking list of "Mormon movies" announced, in production, promised or being created in the most fanciful of day-dreams kept afloat by nothing but faith. Here is what Mormon movie goers can look for in near future -- presuming of course they get funded, finished and finely made.

[15 other upcoming films are listed]

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