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Devin Healey
Utah-based actor. 3rd-billed role in the Feature Films for Families video "Split Infinity" (1992). Small role in the TV movie "The Man with Three Wives" (1993).
Ryan Healey
Utah-based actor with small roles in: Rigoletto (1993); Split Infinity (1992); The Man with Three Wives (1993); It Nearly Wasn't Christmas (1989); Single Bars, Single Women (1984).
Kathryn Heaston
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Along with 9 other filmmakers, made the short (19 min., 45 sec.) film "The Farm," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is the story of a group of children sent to a camp to learn to conform to society.
Doug Heder
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Los Angeles, California. Born in Sagamihara, Japan, where his father was stationed with the U.S. military. Moved to Salem, Oregon when he was four years old and lived there until he graduated from high school. Served a full-time mission in El Salvador from 1994 to 1996. Graduated in 2001 with a degree in film from Brigham Young University (BYU). Acted in at least 6 college plays and films while at BYU. Producer and lead actor of the short film "Funky Town" (2000), directed by fellow BYU student Matthew Janzen. Now starting his acting career in Hollywood. Since moving to Los Angeles he has acted in a few commercials and a few short films through AFI. Has had a couple of small appearances on television.
Jonathan Heder
Latter-day Saint. Also credited as: Jon Heder. Student at Brigham Young University (class of 2004). Stars as "Seth" in Jared Hess' award-winning short BYU student film "Peluca" (2002), and in the feature-length sequel "Napoleon Dynamite," scheduled to begin filming in July 2003. Bio from "Peluca" website (
Jon Heder's hilarious performance as "Seth" is quite a leap from his usual work as an animator. However, his interest in acting has led to commercial and film roles as well as the title role in Hess' "Napoleon Dynamite."

Derek Hegsted
Latter-day Saint. His work of art, "Christ's Prayer," is shown in the Book of Mormon-oriented documentary video "Lehi's Land of First Inheritance" (2002). He also did voicework for the documentary. Bio, from LDS Church News, October 20, 1990:
Derek Hegsted has been awarded the L. Ron Hubbard Gold Award as illustrator of the year in Hubbard's Illustrators of the Future Contest. Hegsted, a science-fiction artist, received a trophy and $4,000 in addition to $500 he won earlier in the contest. A member of the BYU 100th Ward, Brigham Young University 15th Stake, he has also signed a contract to illustrate a story in "L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future, Vol. VI" to be published next spring. The book is an anthology of short science fiction and fantasy works by new writers. Hegsted is a freelance artist and is currently doing some work for the BYU Motion Picture Studio.

Chris Heimerdinger
Latter-day Saint. Popular author of fiction for young adult/teen Latter-day Saints. Best known for his best-selling "Tennis Shoes among the Nephites" series. Screenwriter, director, host and aerial cinematographer of the feature documentary "Lehi's Land of First Inheritance" (2002), available on video. Production assistant for the BYU student film "Wildest Dreams" (1986), which was written and directed by Kenneth Kemp. Website:
Barta Heiner
Latter-day Saint. Sometimes credited as: Barta Lee Heiner. One of the most respected veterans of Utah stage and screen. Acting professor at Brigham Young University. Title role in the PBS drama/video "Fourth Witness: The Mary Whitmer Story" (1996), produced for the Church at BYU. Major roles in the Church video "Blind Love" and the Hungarian animated feature film "Willy the Sparrow" (1989), distributed by Feature Films For Families. Small roles in the films: Brigham City (2001); Return to the Secret Garden (2000); The Legend of Wolf Mountain (1992); Split Infinity (1992); Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd (2000). Small roles on a number of TV movies and documentaries, including: Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail (1997); A More Perfect Union: American Becomes A Nation (1989), Terror in the Family (1996), and others.
John Heiney
Lives in Riverton, Utah. Stunt double.
Ani Heinig
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Location manager for the short film "Alyson's Closet" (1998). Artist. She uses acrylic and canvas to create detailed paintings of discarded metal objects. Website: Bio from Artists and Guilds website (
In early 1997 I began shooting photos of old abandoned farm equipment and heavy machinery. My attention was drawn to the vibrant colors and fascinating intricacies of shapes and forms. Metals that were once plain and flat had become rich with texture and color over time. Close-ups of inner working parts could be viewed as a whole on a collage of abstract forms or individually with literal meaning and sense.

I prefer to focus on pieces that one would call the whole, drawing attention to the spirited aspects of the composition. I seek to convey the beauty in the ordinary, the newness in what is old and forgotten, the life in what is considered unusable.

Ani Heinig is a self taught, full-time painter residing in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Detlef Heinig
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Set construction/design.
Becky Heiss
Bio from The Actor's Lounge (
Becky is currently a film student at the University of Utah. After several years as a stay-at-home mom, she hopes to explore many areas of the film industry, with acting and writing as her emphasis. For Becky, acting is a way of expressing our common humanity, a creative way to express what binds us together.

Britt Helfer
Born 2 August 1959, Clearfield, Utah. Actress in R-rated "T&A"/action B-movies: The Princess Academy (1987); Surf II (1984); Alley Cat (1982) Let's Do It! (1982); Raw Force (1982). Played "Lili Slater" on the soap opera "Loving" from 1986 to 1987.
John R. Helton
Lives in Park City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: John Helton. Scenic painter/scenic artist/paint foreman whose movie credits include: Michael (1996); The Good Old Boys (1995); 8 Seconds (1994); Dazed and Confused (1993); A Taste for Killing (1992); A Midnight Clear (1992); The Hot Spot (1990).
Brock Hendershot
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Utah. On set dresser for the direct-to-video movie "Horse Crazy" (2001), directed by Eric Hendershot.
Dickilyn Hendershot:
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Utah with her husband, filmmaker Eric Hendershot. Producer (along with her husband) of the inspirational documentary video "Tyler: A Real Hero," sold in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores. Producer of the direct-to-video feature film "Clubhouse Detectives (1996), produced and directed by her husband. Executive producer of the direct-to-video feature film "Message in a Cell Phone" (2000), also directed and produced by her husband.
Eric Hendershot
Latter-day Saint. Lives in St. George, Utah. Writer/director (and sometimes producer) of direct-to-video family friendly feature films and a few documentaries. Companies: Silver State Productions, Pure Entertainment. Director (and usually writer) of: Horse Crazy (2001); Baby Bedlam (2000); Message in a Cell Phone (2000); A Kid Called Danger (1999); The Robin Hood Gang (1997, a.k.a. "Angels in the Attic"). Writer and director of "Clubhouse Detectives" (1996), which was ranked as the #1 video in the U.S. that year for return on video store investment. Produced and directed "The Real Heroes Series", a set of full-length documentary videos, each featuring the story of an inspiring Latter-day Saint athlete: "Thurl: Forward with New Power" (with Thurl Bailey, narrated by Paul James); "Mckay: Million Dollar Missionary" (with Mckay Christensen, narrated by Dale Murphy); "Kim: Vertically Challenged" (narrated by gold medal gymnast Keri Strugg); "Tyler: A Real Hero." The "Tyler: A Real Hero" film, in which professional football star Steve Young narrates and makes an appearance, aired nationally on the VISN cable network. In 2002 Hendershot wrote and directed three back-to-back feature films featuring the "Clubhouse Detectives": "Scavenger Hunt", "In Search of a Lost Princess", and "Big Trouble". These family-friendly adventure movies premiered on the HBO cable network in consecutive months during the summer of 2003. Writer of a few films he didn't direct, including "In Your Wildest Dreams" (1991) and "Take Down" (1978). Associate producer and screenwriter of the Feature Films For Families video "On Our Own" (1988). Wrote the World Premiere TV movie "The Imposter" (1984), which aired nationally on ABC. Currently in pre-development stages on a feature film planned for a theatrical release possibly in 2004, which would be his theatrical debut as a director.
Hayley Hendershot
Latter-day Saint. Lives in St. George, Utah. Costume designer for Eric Hendershot's direct-to-video family films "Message in a Cell Phone" (2000) and "Horse Crazy" (2001).
Steele Hendershot
Latter-day Saint. Graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU). Producer of the direct-to-video family films "Horse Crazy" (2001) and "Message in a Cell Phone" (2000), both directed by Eric Hendershot. Art assistant for "Clubhouse Detectives" (1996), directed by Eric Hendershot. On set dresser for "The Robin Hood Gang" (1997), directed by Eric Hendershot.
Allan Henderson
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Sandy, Utah with his wife, Rolayn. Sometimes credited as: Allan W. Henderson; Alan Henderson. Co-wrote (along with Michael McLean and J. Scott Iverson) the story treatment for the popular Church-produced film "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (1980), starring Jimmy Stewart. Employee of Bonneville Communications. Executive producer of the feature film "Summer of the Monkeys" (1998) and the TV movies "The Christmas Box" (1995), "City Boy" (1993), "Voyage to 1939: Aboard the Queen Mary" and "A Christmas Sampler" (for which he won an Emmy Award). President of KSL Television and Video West Productions, Bonneville Worldwide Entertainment. He started Video West Productions, Bonneville's award winning film and video production company, as well as Bonneville Producers Group, a production company that develops and produces family entertainment for the world market.
Zenna Henderson
Latter-day Saint. Born November 1, 1917 in the Tucson, Arizona area. Zenna Chlarson Henderson. Died May 11, 1983, Tucson, Arizona. Graduated from Arizona State in 1940 with a Bachelors degree in education and worked as a teacher in Arizona throughout most of her life. Author of the popular and influential "People" stories, as well as other science fiction stories. Collections of her stories: Pilgrimage: The Book of the People (1961); The Anything Box (1965); The People: No Different Flesh (1966); Holding Wonder (1971); Ingathering: the Complete People Stories (1995). The "People" stories were the basis for the 1972 TV movie "The People" starring William Shatner. Henderson's work would influence later literature and film depictions of young aliens stranded on Earth, including Disney's "Escape to Witch Mountain" and the WB/UPN television series "Roswell" (1999-2002). Henderson was raised as a Latter-day Saint, but she is not known to have been active in the Church after she was married. She sometimes identified herself as a Methodist and later in life attended an independent charismatic congregation. Her Latter-day Saint background is evident in many of stories, but she also drew inspiration from her experiences with other Christian denominations and from the places she lived in the rural Southwest. Profile Page
John Hendricks
Latter-day Saint. Made the 19-minute film "Uncle Jacks Wild and Untamed Outback" (2002), which competed in the 2002 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is described thus: Uncle Jack takes you on a wild tour of an American university.
Kit Hendrickson
Sometimes credited as: Kit R. Hendrickson. Driver for films made in Utah, including "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" (1998), "Unhook the Stars" (1996), "Just Like Dad" (1995), and "Neon City" (1992).
Nathan Hendry
Latter-day Saint. Served a full-time mission in the Texas San Antonio Mission during the early 1990s. Lives in Provo, Utah. Lead Man for the Latter-day Saint-themed direct-to-video film "Christmas Mission" (1998). Leadman for the direct-to-video movie "The Robin Hood Gang" (1997). Prop/art department for Lee Groberg's PBS documentary "American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith" (1999).
Brian Hennessy
Producer (along with fellow producers Chet Thomas, Darrin Fletcher and Rob Verdery) of the short film "Simplicity" (2002), directed by Chet Thomas and written by Fletcher. "Simplicity" was filmed in Los Angeles, California.
Michael Hennessey
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. First assistant director for the feature film "Friends & Lovers" (1999). Second assistant director or (2nd 2nd assistant director) for the TV movies "The Poof Point" (2001), "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" (2000), "Absence of the Good" (1999), "In the Shadow of Evil" (1995) and "Dead by Midnight" (1997), and for the feature films "Little Secrets" (2002), "Bats" (1999), "Made Men" (1999), "Clay Pigeons" (1998) and "Same River Twice" (1996). Set production assistant for Blair Treu's "Wish Upon a Star" (1996).
Steve Hennessey
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Film editor and associate producer for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Work and the Story" (2003). Film editor for the Feature Films For Families video "Secret of Treasure Mountain" (1993) and the short films "Water with Food Coloring" (2001) and "Alyson's Closet" (1998). Associate producer of "Water with Food Coloring" (2001). Editor for the TV series "Touched by an Angel" (which ran from 1994 to 2003), the series "Miracles & Other Wonders" (1992), and an episode of "Promised Land" (1996). Editor for the TV documentary "Mysteries of the Ancient World" (1994).
Magnus Henriksen
Latter-day Saint. Born and raised in Norway. Sometimes credited as: Magnus Henricksen. Son of famed Norwegian filmmaker Ragnar Lasse Henriksen. Film student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Director of the short film "The Seed Film" (2000). Presenter at the BYU-Idaho session of the 2nd LDS Film Festival, held in November 2002. Director of the short experimental film "Oscar"s Ashes," which competed in the 2002 Festival. "Oscar's Ashes" is described thus: "Oscar purifies his soul by sacrificing his ego." Director of the short student films "Sculpted Sculpture" and "Oscar's Ashes," which competed in BYU's 2003 Final Cut film festival. Director of the short comedy/experimental film "Flat Love 4" (2003, 5 minutes), which competed in the 3rd LDS Film Festival (Jan. 2004) and was described thus: "Jonas wants to make a film in the south seas. Has he lost touch with reality? Is filmmaking really worth it?" He was the set dresser and an extra for Christian Vuissa's short film "Unfolding" (2003).
Ragnar Lasse Henriksen
Latter-day Saint. Born Oslo, Norway in 1946. Educated at the Royal College of Art in London. Famed Norwegian filmmaker and TV producer. Lives in Grimstad, Norway (2002). Won the Berlin Film Festival's "Silver Bear Award" for Best Cinematography for his feature film "Love is War" (1970). The movie was nominated for a Golden Berlin Bear as Best Picture. He also won the Norwegian Critics Award for the film. "Love is War" is the only feature film Henriksen completed. The Norwegian film commission ended funding on his next feature film ("The Fourth Wish") because he was using major American and international actors rather than Norwegian stage actors who would have been unsuitable to the scope he planned for the project. Henriksen's other film work includes documentaries (including one of the finest documentaries every made about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and industrial films. His films during the 1970s and 1980s include: Architect, where are you?; Lamanai; Young Astronauts; Stamps; For Time and Eternity; The Biggest Lie. Between 1990 and 1999 he worked as a producer at: the Peking Opera in Oslo; Polygram & Telenor Avidi and Vassfaret Studio in Hallingdal, Norway. He also produced commercials in Hong Kong and was the dean of the film department in Idefagskolen, Tonsberg. He now heads up the Ibsen Factor, the production company he founded in 2000. Website:
Rick Hepner
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Producer/director. Company: Cre8ive Communication. Producer/director of commercials and industrial films, including South Dakota Outdoor Guide and Statehouse On-line.
Gerald Heppler
Born 7 August 1967, Ogden, Utah. Production associate on "Mi vida loca" (1993); third assistant editor "Gas Food Lodging" (1992).
Nate Herd
Lives in Sandy, Utah. Actor. Starring role in the independent film "Stranded," directed by Dustin Riggs. Minor role in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Day of Defense" (2003), directed by Adam Lawson. Supporting roles in the independent films "Heavens Hullabaloo, directed by Rob Diamond, and "Voices," directed by Becky Heiss. Appeared as a waiter in the Disney TV movie "Double Teamed" (2002). Minor role as a thug in the independent film "Vampire Tapes." Had a supporting role in "Supreme Belief in Lady Luck, a film made at Sundance Film Lab in 2002. Has appeared in TV commercials for USA Auto Sales and Rodizio Grill. Has studied acting with under Rob Diamond, Elizabeth Wilson and Catrine McGregor. Bio from his official website,
Nate has always wanted to become an actor. He felt like an outsider looking in and he wanted more with his life, so he went after his dreams.

Nate has been studying at The Actors Lounge for the last year and an half. Determined to follow his dream he never gave up and his passion and love for acting is now paying off. He just landed his first leading role in an independent film. He can't wait to learn and gain some experience from this project and improve his skills. If he could give any advice to a new actor, it is "to never give up on your dreams. Because if you try and believe hard enough, they will come true."

At the Actors Lounge he has found great support and gained a lot of new friends. Rob Diamond, his instructor and now good friend, has brought him to new levels in his acting abilities.

Nate's natural presence and passion within him is felt by all those who surround him. He hopes one day you will be able to watch and enjoy him as much as he enjoys bringing truth and passion to acting.

Bio from The Actor's Lounge (
Nate has always wanted to be an actor but didn't know where to start. He found The Actor's Lounge and has never looked back. Learning that there is so much more to acting than your good looks, he has been digging deep into his heart and exploring the true human emotion. Doing this has opened his eyes to a new concept of life. He is loving every minute of this new process and cannot wait to see what is in the future.

Star Herrmann
Latter-day Saint. Sometimes credited as: Starr Roman; Star Roman. Utah-based actress. Supporting role playing "Louise Salinger" in the TV movie "It Was Him or Us" (1995). Small roles in: Behind the Waterfall (1995); Slaughter of the Innocents (1994); The Legend of Wolf Mountain (1992); Harry's War (1981); Divided by Hate (1997); In the Blink of an Eye (1996); It Nearly Wasn't Christmas (1989); Evita Peron (1981). Starred in BYU stage production of "Women on the Verge."
Brighton Hertford
Latter-day Saint. Born 11 June 1986 in California. Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California. Sister of actress Chelsea Hertford and actor Whitby Hertford. Best known for her role as "Barbara Jean 'B. J.' Jones" on the daytime soap opera "General Hospital," a role she began playing at the age of 3 and continued until 1994. She received 3 Young Artist Award nominations for her role on "General Hospital." Was featured as a friend of the Olsen twins in the video "You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Sleepover Party" (1995). 4th-billed role in the cable TV movie "Evil Has a Face" (1996), starring Sean Young. Small roles in the feature films "The Parent Trap" (1998) and "Leave It to Beaver" (1997). Supporting roles in the cable TV family/kids movies "Can of Worms" (1999), "Finding Kelly" (1999) and "Sharing the Secret" (2002). Recently had a small role as a "Captain America Kid" in the feature film "The Master of Disguise" (2002), directed by Perry Andelin Blake. TV guest appearances include: NYPD Blue, 7th Heaven, Dawson's Creek, Unhappily Ever After, Coach, The Naked Truth.
Chelsea Hertford
Latter-day Saint. Born 13 December 1981. Birth name: Chelsea Paige Hertford. Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California. Lives in Provo, Utah. Currently a student at Brigham Young University. Sister of actress Brighton Hertford and actor Whitby Hertford. Actress. Best known as for her role as "Casey Cooper McGillis," a daughter in the family sitcom "Major Dad," which ran from 1989 to 1993. She received 3 Young Artist Award nominations for her role on "Major Dad." She also received a Young Artist Award nomination for a featured guest role on a 1988 episode of the sitcom "Murphy Brown." Prior to working on "Major Dad", she played "Jamie Martin" on the Christian TV series "The Adventures of McGee and Me," from 1986 to 1991. Her brother Whitby also had a regular role in that series. Had minor parts in the feature films "Poltergeist II: The Other Side" (1986) and "American Beauty" (1999), and a supporting role in the TV movie "Darkness Before Dawn" (1993). In 1996 she made a guest appearance on the TV series "The Faculty."
Whitby Hertford
Latter-day Saint. Born 2 March 1982, Chicago, Illinois. His family moved to Southern California when he was a young child. They lived in Thousand Oaks, California. Brother of actresses Chelsea Hertford and Brighton Hertford. Actor. Has had regular roles in 2 live action TV series and 3 animated TV series. His first regular TV series role was as "Phillip Monroe Jr." on the series "The Adventures of McGee and Me" (1986-1991). His sister Chelsea was also a regular on that series. Played "Josh Tobin" in the short-lived sitcom "Family Man" (1988), for which role he received a Yount Artist Award nomination. Also nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1990 for his guest role as a voice actor for "Tiny Toon Adventures." Did voice work for Disney's "Tale Spin" (1990-1994). Voice for "Nick" in the short-lived animated series "Potsworth & Co." (1990). Starred as the voice of "Michael Darling" in the short-lived animated series "Peter Pan and the Pirates" (1990). Won the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for his role in "A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child" (1989). Supporting role in the horror film "Mikey" (1992). Supporting role in the animated direct-to-video movie "The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving" (1995), which was produced and directed by Roy Allen Smith. Small roles in a few TV movies. Small roles in a number of feature films, including "Poltergeist II: The Other Side" (1986), "Beaches" (1988), "Rampage" (1988), "Taking Care of Business" (1990), "The Addams Family" (1991), "It Runs in the Family" (1994) and "Jurassic Park" (1993). Has had numerous guest roles on both live action and animated TV series, including: Minor Adjustments; Batman: The Animated Series; Civil Wars; Full House; The Ben Stiller Show; Tiny Toon Adventures; Tale Spin; Mr. Belvedere; The Twilight Zone; Aladdin.
Emily Hess
Latter-day Saint. Born circa 1982. From Kaysville, Davis County, Utah. Majoring in Media Arts at Brigham Young University (BYU). Chair of the Student Film Association at BYU. Script supervisor for the award-winning BYU student film "The Promethean" (2003).
Jared Hess
Latter-day Saint. Born circa 1979. Hometown: Preston, Idaho. Lives in Orem, Utah. Served a full-time mission for the Church in the Chicago area. Married to filmmaker Jerusha Hess. Writer/director/cinematographer of short films "Cardboard Only" (2000) and later "Peluca" (2002), which won awards at BYU's Final Cut competition in 2002. Hess made "Peluca" with a budget of only $500. "Peluca" competed and received Honorable Mention in the 2nd LDS Film Festival held in Provo, Utah in November 2002. It was included in the touring "Best of 2002" program. "Peluca" was one of only 12 films (out of 1,800 submissions) accepted into the 2003 Slamdance Film Festival, a festival which rarely accepts student films. Other work on short films includes: Cinematographer of "Get" (2001). Co-writer of "Logjammin'" (2002). Gaffer on "Elise" (2001). Camera assistant on "Jip" (2001) and "Freedom on the Water" (2002). First assistant camera for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature films "The Singles Ward" (2002) and "The R.M." (2003). Second assistant camera for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Handcart" (2002), the direct-to-video movie "The Robin Hood Gang" (1997), and for the Jericho Road music video "Finding My Way Back To You" (2002). Camera operator for "The Best Crop: A History of Orchard Farming in Orem, Utah" (2002). Loader on Schaertl's "Christmas Mission" (1998). One of many credited "story consultants" for T.C. Christensen's "Bug Off!" (2001). Hess has an onscreen part as the hip disk jockey at the singles dance in "The Singles Ward" (2002), and he also provides most of the voices for the phone calls in the movie. Also made a cameo appearance in "The R.M." Hess wrote and directed his feature film directorial debut, a sequel to "Peluca" titled "Napoleon Dynamite," which was filmed in July 2003 in Preston, Idaho. "Napoleon Dynamite" was accepted into the world's most prestigious independent film festival, the Sundance Film Festival and was screened there in January 2004. It was considered "the film to see" at the festival and generated tremendous buzz, and was picked up for national theatrical distribution at the start of the festival by FOX Searchlight. Hess gave a presentation at the LDS Film Festival in January 2004 in which he talked about his experiences making "Napoleon Dynamite." More info at: Bio from "Peluca" website (
Jared Hess is a 23 year old filmmaker who studied film at BYU. "Peluca" is his second short film based on his growing up experiences in rural Idaho. He and wife Jerusha are currently working on their second draft of "Napoleon Dynamite," a feature screenplay based on "Peluca."

Jerusha Hess
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Orem, Utah. Birth name: Jerusha Demke. Wife of filmmaker Jared Hess. Producer of her husband's short film "Cardboard Only" (2000). Writer/director of the short film "Streamers," which competed in BYU's Final Cut competition in 2002 and in the 2nd LDS Film Festival, held in Provo, Utah in November 2002. "Streamers" was selected for inclusion in the LDS Film Festival's touring "Best of 2002" program. First assistant camera for the award-winning short film "Peluca," directed by Jared Hess. Second assistant camera for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature films "The Singles Ward" (2002), "Handcart" (2002) and "The R.M." (2003). Co-writer with her husband Jared Hess of "Napoleon Dynamite," a feature-length comedy scheduled to begin filming in July 2003.
Kirby Heyborne
Latter-day Saint. Served a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Also credited as: Kirby Heybourne. One of the top leading men in the burgeoning "LDS cinema" film genre of feature films with Latter-day Saint themes and characters. First became well known as an actor when he had a major supporting role as the young mission-bound friend of the lead character in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Singles Ward" (2002), directed by Kurt Hale. Followed this up by starring in the title role in Kurt Hale's second movie, "The R.M." (2003). He even sang one of the songs on the soundtrack CD. Cast as Sam (Nephi's brother) in Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie (2003). Bio from Book of Mormon movie website (
Kirby Heyborne is quickly making a name for himself as an extremely versatile actor. Kirby recently had a string of starring roles in such feature films as: Saints At War, The RM, The Best Two Years of My Life, and Social Suicide. Kirby has also had supporting roles in Singles Ward, The Work and the Story and Cummorah/Kirtland Project.

Kirby recently demonstrated his dramatic ability with his beautiful rendition of the 23rd Psalm at The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas Concert in the Conference Center.

Kirby is known for his ability to do "voices" and characters. He has a wide range of domestic accents; foreign accents include: Proper English, Cockney, Scottish, Irish, Spanish, German, Indian, and Slavic.

Maxwell Heyborne
Latter-day Saint. Son of LDS Cinema's most prolific star, Kirby Heyborne. As a young child, Maxwell had a small role in the short John Lyde film "Hoops" (2004), which starred Maxwell's father Kirby.
Jason Hewlett
Latter-day Saint. Was one of the stars of Tucker Dansie's short film "Crayoluv" (1997). Best known as a top celebrity impersonator. Article from Daily Universe (
Celebrity impersonator Jason Hewlett will perform his unique brand of entertainment at 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 11, at Thanksgiving Point.

The 25-year old Utah native has honed the art of impersonation into a fast-paced, high energy, 75-minute show that features 60 voices. Among them are his impersonations of Jim Carrey, Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin and Elton John.

"Impersonating Elton John has been a challenge unlike any other," Hewlett said. "On the piano, vocally, visually -- and I love it!"

Hewlett taught himself to play the piano with the help of friends and listening to Billy Joel CDs.

He now performs as Billy Joel onstage, playing the piano and the harmonica.

"Audiences really like that part of the show," Hewlett said.

Hewlett has also learned more eclectic instruments to broaden his range.

"I play the ukulele when I do Tiny Tim," said Hewlett. "I also put on a long, mangy wig."

Most of the impersonating is done vocally and with facial expressions, he said, though occasionally he uses minimal costuming.

"For Michael Jackson I wear a little hat with the hair," he said. "And for Elton I do a big hat with the glasses."

Hewlett's first impersonation was in third grade. He dressed up like PeeWee Herman for a Halloween party and entertained his class.

Hewlett said he had two major influences. A short time after his LDS mission to Brazil, Hewlett saw Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans perform.

"I saw Danny's show and I said, 'That's what I want to be,'" said Hewlett. "Sammy Davis, Jr. is another big influence - he's one of the greatest entertainers of all time."

Two years ago, when Hewlett got married, neither he nor his wife Tami knew what to expect; Hewlett didn't have a job.

"But my wife was very, very supportive of my crazy dreams," said Hewlett. "And that's when John Stuart called."

Stuart is the owner of "Legends in Concert," a live stage show featuring celebrity impersonators. It's the longest running show in Las Vegas, performing at the Imperial Palace.

"John heard there was some [Latter-day Saint] kid in Utah doing an act," Hewlett said. "He gave me a shot."

Stuart hired Hewlett to play Ricky Martin for a job in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

"It didn't take long to realize that Jason had what it took to be a top impersonator," Stuart said.

Hewlett left the Legends show about a year ago and has been honing his one-man show since.

"This is it, man," Hewlett said when asked about any 'day job' he has. "It's a pretty good living. I do a lot of corporate shows and fund-raisers for charities."

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