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Eric Lichtenberg
Born in Brigham City, Utah. Lives in Perry, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Erick Lichtenberg. Production assistant. As an actor has had bit parts (sometimes uncredited) in: Frank McKlusky, C.I (2002); Clockstoppers (2002); Collateral Damage (2002); How High (2001); Ali (2001); Planet of the Apes (2001); Spring Break Lawyer (2001). Production assistant on: All You Need (2001); Seance (2001); Jane White Is Sick & Twisted (2001); The Animal (2001).
Gary Liddiard
Latter-day Saint. Born 13 April 1949 in Provo, Utah. Lives in Utah County. Sometimes Credited As: G. Dennis Liddiard; Gary D. Liddiard; Gary Dennis Liddiard. Makeup artist. Lived for many years in southern California, working on Hollywood movies. Has worked on more than 50 feature films as a makeup artist, most of them Hollywood studio films. Frequently works as the key makeup artist or makeup artist for A-list stars, such as Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Jane Fonda, etc. Has worked as Robert Redford's makeup artist for most of the actor's movies, and continues to do so. Among the best known movies Liddiard has worked on are: Lethal Weapon 4 (1998); Spy Game (2001); All the President's Men (1976); Cliffhanger (1993); Tron (1982); The Quick and the Dead (1995); The Natural (1984); Tango & Cash (1989); The Horse Whisperer (1998); Out of Africa (1985); Ordinary People (1980); Last Man Standing (1996); The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000); 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001); The Last Castle (2001); Three Days of the Condor (1975); Supernova (2000); The Bachelor (1999); Up Close & Personal (1996); Legal Eagles (1986); The Way We Were (1973); The Great Gatsby (1974); Jeremiah Johnson (1972); The Candidate (1972). His minimal television work includes the TV movie "The Diamond Trap" (1988) and some episodes of "Charlie's Angels." He appeared briefly on-screen in "The Electric Horseman" (1979).
Dennis Light
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Location manager/scout for "Motherly Love" and the TV series "The Visitor" and "Touched by an Angel." Associate producer of three HBO specials.
Tori Lima
Latter-day Saint. Utah-based actress. Principal role as the mother in the video "Where There's Help, There's Hope," made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Recurring day-player for the TV series "Cover Me." Day player on episodes of "Touched by an Angel." Appeared in commercials or industrial films for Novell, Ford Motor Company, Cue Media Web, Promedix Convention, Skywest Airlines, UTA, Arctic Circle, Procter & Gamble (national), Golden Living Apartments, Beneficial Life, Associated Foods/Acres, Zion's Bank. Has performed improvosational theater with Jeffrey Burke Productions and the Garrens Comedy Troupe (Salt Lake City). Has performed on stage in My Fair Lady (Brigham Young University), Anything Goes (ship entertainer/chorus, Grantsville City). Voiceover work for Deseret News (historian/broadcaster, KSL studios).
Iris Lincoln
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Production assistant. Associate producer for "Gypsy Eyes" (1992).
Fredrick C. Lindbeck
Best boy electric for Martin Andersen's short film "Follow Your Heart" (1998).
Fritz Lindbeck
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Fritz Lindebeck. Lindbeck and Rhett Fernsten were credited as the rigging gaffers on the big budget Church-produced 70mm film "Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000). Best boy electric on the feature film "Bats" (1999) and the direct-to-video movies "Message in a Cell Phone" (2000), "Horse Crazy" (2001) and "The Robin Hood Gang" (1997). Lamp operator on the feature film "Drive Me Crazy" (1999). Electrician or grip on the feature films "City Slickers" and "Geronimo: An American Legend" (1993), the Church video "Mountain of the Lord" (1993), and on commercials. Best boy for the direct-to-video movie "Someone Was Watching" (2002), produced by Lee Groberg. Line producer on commercials for clients such as Albertson's, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mountain Fuel and The Training Table.
Meladi Lindley
Lives in Utah. Wardrobe assistant for the Feature Films For Families videos "Split Infinity" (1992), "Secret of Treasure Mountain" (1993), "Seasons of the Heart" (1993), "The ButterCream Gang" (1991) and "Rigoletto" (1993). Costumer for Scott Featherstone's independent feature film "Same River Twice" (1996).
Teresa Lindley
Wardrobe assistant for the independent made-in-Utah feature film "Same River Twice" (1996), on which Meladi Lindley (her sister?) worked as the costumer.
Richard Lindsey
Lives in central Utah. Gaffer whose credits include: "Cinderella", "1776", "Peter Pan."
Michael Link
Born 12 June 1962, Provo, Utah. Actor. Major roles in "The Secret Life of T.K. Dearing" (1975) and "Stowaway to the Moon" (1975). Regular role as "Earl J. Waggedorn," one of the three main characters on the TV series "Julia" (1968-1971). TV guest appearances include "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" and "Felony Squad."
John Linton
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Sandy, Utah. Executive producer of the Swan Animation feature film "The Princess and the Pea" (2002). Writer and director of the direct-to-video film "Perilous Journey" (1984), based on the Willie and Martin handcart companies. He was a bishop and a high school science teacher when he made the movie. Made some other films with his production company.
RuDee Lipscomb
Utah-based actress. Sometimes credited as: RuDee Lipscomb. African-American. Teenager. Supporting role in Blair Treu's feature film "Little Secrets" (2002).
Teri Lish
Moab, Utah. Production assistant. Credits include: "Josh and S.A.M." (1993; Castle Rock), "Slaughter of the Innocents" (1994) and "Space Cadet" (Disney). Location scout with credits (for stills) for Harpers Bazaar, Jeep and Audi. Craft services credits: Chrysler (Millennium Productions), Nissan (Cente Services), Taco Bell (Propaganda Films). Casting coordinator credits: Marlboro (GPS), Chevy (Stockland-Martel), Marlboro (Pete Turner).
Adam Lisonbee
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Orem, Utah. Also credited as: Adom Lisonbee; Adam D. Lisonbee. Film student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Director of the short documentaries "The Work of Thy Hands" (2002), "Ryan Shupe: Simplified" (2002), and "To Midnight and Back: The 24 Hours of Moab" (2002). Director of the short film "Early Morning Sunshine." Director of the short experimental student film "City Street" (4 min., 20 sec.), which competed in BYU's 2003 Final Cut film festival and was later shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. "City Street" depicts the sights, sounds, and faces of a downtown city street. Did additional videography for the BYU student film "The Promethean" (2003). "The Work of Thy Hands" is an inspiring documentary about Nigerian artist Nnamdi Okonkwo, whose dream finally led him to the United States. There was a special screening of the film at the 3rd LDS Film Festival, held in Orem and Provo, Utah in January 2004. Bio from his website (
I was born in Salt Lake City, UT, but I have lived in Orem all my life. I attended Orem High School where I played sports, but was never the best guy on the team. In fact a lot of people never knew I was eve ron the team. But I have yearbook photos and a few scapes to prove it.

I served a mission to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada after High School. B.C. is easily the best Province in Canada, in fact when the U.S. buys Canada I think I will move there.

After the mission I married Tennille Turner. She wasn't my High School sweetie and she didn't wait for me. Probably because she lived in Virginia, a different state than Utah. We met after I got home. In October 2000 we had a baby girl named Savannah, well we named her that, she didn't actually come with a name.

I enjoy the outdoors, and am a member of a mountain bike racing tea. We primarily race in the Intermountain Cup Series. At BYU I am studying film with an emphasis in documentaries (thus the free yfilms web space). I am also a member of the nationally ranked BYU Lacrosse team -- honest.

Dennis Lisonbee
Latter-day Saint. Currently (2004) an assistant professor of Multimedia Communication Technology at Utah Valley State College (UVSC) in Orem, Utah. Education: Master of Art in Communications/Film from Brigham Young University, 1977. Bachelor of Science in University Studies-Brigham Young University, 1974. One of Lisonbee's earliest jobs in film and television was working as the assistant director of the popular TV series "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams," which was filmed in Utah. Since then, he has produced and directed numerous low-budget direct-to-video and television projects, for which he has received awards from: Aurora Awards, National Photography Society International Film Festival, Columbus Ohio International Film Festival Chris Plaque, National Broadcasting Society Film Festival, Great Basin Film Festival, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Student Awards (twice), Mormon Arts Film Festival, ITVA-Hawaii Video Award, Salt Lake Video Awards, Cindi Awards. Producer/director of the award-winning documentary "Wetback", show on locations in the United States and Mexico. Producer/director of the short film "Mixed Nuts", and the promotional film "Spirit of '47." Producer/director of multiple musical PBS programs featuring music by leading Latter-day Saint composers: "Song of Nephi" (1996, featuring sacred music written by Bro. Robert Cundick), "Visions of Eternity" (1994, music of Bro. Crawford Gates), "Immanuel" (1998, music of Bro. Newell Dayley), and "Come Unto Christ" (2000, music of Bro. Merrill Jenson). A number of these musical programs featured music performed by the Ricks College Symphony Orchestra and Concert Choir. Producer/director of feature film "2 CATCH 2," which debuted on HBO cable and appeared on syndicated domestic TV and foreign TV. Producer/director of "Simplot Track and Field Games" for Prime Sports and Fox Sports (1994-1997). Producer of "Sheree: What Matters Most" (2000), a gospel music CD with a music video. The CD was nominated for Pearl Award. Director of "Man Upstairs," a 30-minute experimental comedy short, produced by students in the UVSC Digital Cinema and Writer/Director Workshop (2003). Director of "Amber's Battle," a 35-minute comedy produced by students in UVSC Digital Cinema Bootcamp (Summer 2003). From 1999 through at least 2004 has been the director of the annual Pearl Awards programs, sponsored by the Faith Centered Music Association. This program (the "LDS Grammy Awards") is the largest multi-camera television broadcast in Utah. (1977-1978). Video director for HaleStorm Entertainment's live direct-to-video/DVD concert film "It's Latter Day Night!" (2003), featuring comedy by top Latter-day Saint standup comedians. Producer/director of "Music In Your Heart" (1997), highlighting prominent musical Latter-day Saint family The Duttons. Producer/director of "Holidays with the Duttons," a ground-breaking national high definition PBS special which had over 1000 airplays in December 2003, making it the most distributed independent PBS program that month. Broadcast again in the Christmas 2004 season. Producer/director of the high definition PBS program "The Duttons: Makin' Music," which debuted nationally on October 24, 2004. Composer for the soundtrack music for the award-winning documentary "The Great Dinosaur Discovery." Included in the "special thanks" section of the closing credits of the animated video for Latter-day Saint children "Because Sunday Is Special" (2001). Faculty webpage:
Sher Lisonbee
Lives in Petersboro, Utah. Make-up artist.
Lael J. Littke
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Pasadena, California. Sometimes credited as: Lael Littke. She is the author of the story that was made into the Feature Films For Families video "Seasons of the Heart" (1993). Author of over 30 books, including: Haunted Sister; The Mystery of Ruby's Ghost; The Phantom Fair; The Watcher. Bio (
Lael Littke didn't plan to spend her golden years living with six cats, but that's the way it has turned out. Her dream of becoming an author seemed impossible when she was growing up in Mink Creek, Idaho, without a clue about how to attract the attention of editors in New York; however, step by step she has learned her trade. After graduating from Utah State University and studying at City University of New York, Lael and her husband, George, moved to Pasadena, California, where she studied writing with Helen Hinckley Jones as her mentor. Later she taught some of the classes that Helen had originated at Pasadena City College. Now that Lael lives alone, she writes every day with her cats for company. She is the author of more than thirty-five books, including Lake of Secrets, Haunted Sister, The Phantom Fair, and The Watcher.

Howard Little
Latter-day Saint. Director of the 1999 production of Doug Stewart's Latter-day Saint-themed musical "Star Child," which was taped and made into a video sold in LDS bookstores. Grip for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Handcart" (2002).
Kathryn Little
Latter-day Saint. Also credited as: Kathryn Laycock Little. Musical director for the 1999 production of Doug Stewart's Latter-day Saint-themed musical "Star Child," which was taped and made into a video available in LDS bookstores. Actress with smaller roles in the Richard Dutcher's Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Brigham City" (2001) and the Feature Films For Families videos "Seasons of the Heart" (1993) and "The ButterCream Gang" (1992). Bio from cast notes for the stage play Stones (Center Street Theatre, Orem, Utah, March 2003):
Before starting her family, Kathryn, a native of Orem, Utah, lived in New York City for several years where she performed Off-Broadway as a charter member of the Manhattan Theater Ensemble. Kathryn has also performed leads at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, The Capitol Theater, Abravanel Hall, and Sundance Theater. She has been a guest artist with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Utah Valley Symphony, and the Utah Valley Choral. Some of her favorite stage credits include the leading roles in "Camelot," "The King and I," "Kiss Me Kate," "Into The Woods," "The Sound Of Music," and "The Music Man." You will also hear her as narrator and/or soloist for numerous television and radio commercials, films, books on tape, and CDs.

Ryan Little
Latter-day Saint. Born in Canada. Lives in Spanish Fork, Utah. Film director. Feature film directorial debut was the critically acclaimed Latter-day Saint-themed film "Out of Step" (2002), about a Latter-day Saint dance student in New York City. Producer and director of the Latter-day Saint-themed war film "Saints and Soldiers" (2003). Director of Photography for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature comedies "The Singles Ward" (2002) and "The R.M." (2003), and for the College Emmy Award-winning documentary "Brides of the Homefront" (2000). Direct of the short film "The Last Good War" (1999), which won the Crystal Heart Award and a College Emmy for Best Dramatic Film. Received the Best American Director award at the 2002 Windsong Film Festival. Director, co-writer and director of photography for the award-winning short film "Freedom on the Water" (2002). Other short films: Auteur (2001); Minnie's Kitchen (1997); Exposure (1997). Little gave a presentation at the 3rd LDS Film Festival (Jan. 2004) at which he talked about the success of his feature film "Saints and Soldiers" outside of the LDS market. Profile Page
Thomas Little
Born 27 August 1886, Ogden, Utah. Died 5 March 1985, Santa Monica, California. Art department (set decorator) on over 400 feature films. Received Academy Awards for: Anna and the King of Siam (1946); Wilson (1944); The Song of Bernadette (1943); This Above All (1942); My Gal Sal (1942); How Green Was My Valley (1941). Received Academy Award nominations for: Viva Zapata! (1952); The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952); Fourteen Hours (1951); The House on Telegraph Hill (1951); David and Bathsheba (1951); On the Riviera (1951); All About Eve (1950); Come to the Stable (1949); The Foxes of Harrow (1947); The Razor's Edge (1946); The Keys of the Kingdom (1944); Leave Her to Heaven (1945); Laura (1944); The Gang's All Here (1943); Blood and Sand (1941). The Pride of St. Louis (1952); Les Miserables (1952); Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951); The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951); You're in the Navy Now (1951); Rawhide (1951); Broken Arrow (1950); Cheaper by the Dozen (1950); Dancing in the Dark (1949); Oh, You Beautiful Doll (1949); Twelve O'Clock High (1949); I Was a Male War Bride (1949); A Letter to Three Wives (1949); Chicken Every Sunday (1948); The Walls of Jericho (1948); The Mark of Zorro (1940); Brigham Young - Frontiersman (1940); The Grapes of Wrath (1940); The Three Musketeers (1939); King Kong (1933); The Monkey's Paw (1932); She (1935); The Gay Divorcee (1934).
Brian Lives
Production designer for the short film "Water with Food Coloring" (2001). Lead man for the Feature Films For Families (FFFF) video "The ButterCream Gang" (1992) and the movie "A Midnight Clear" (1991). Set dresser for the feature film "Halloween 5" (1989). Set decorator for the TV miniseries "Nothing Lasts Forever" (1995), the TV series "Touched by an Angel," the FFFF video "Seasons of the Heart" (1993) and the TV movies "Deliver Them from Evil: The Taking of Alta View" (1992) and "Battling for Baby" (1992).
Ivy Livingston
Born 13 May 1894, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died 16 June 1986, Fort Worth, Texas. Actress credited with bit parts in "Josselyn's Wife" (1926) and "The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln" (1924).
Margaret Livingston
Born 25 November 1900, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died 13 December 1984, Warrington, Pennsylvania. Sometimes credited as: Marguerite Livingston or Margaret Livingstone. Actress appeared in at least 79 films between 1916 and 1934, often in starring roles. Films include: His Private Life (1928); Bellamy Trial (1929); Breed of the Sea (1926); A Trip to Chinatown (1926); Hell's 400 (1926).
Patrick Livingston
Utah-based actor. Had a small role as a telemarketer in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The R.M." (2003). Appeared in the short film "The Butterchurn" (1995), directed by Bill Shira.
Marie Livsey
Latter-day Saint. Film student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Director of the short student film "Dedicated Service," which competed in BYU's 2003 Final Cut film festival.
Grethe Ljungstrom
Voice work for the PBS documentary "Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail" (1997).
Bill Lloyd
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Location assistant and still photographer.
Ivey Lloyd
Latter-day Saint. Born 28 September 1979. Birth name: Ivey Helena Lloyd. Co-host of the Latter-day Saint-produced KBYU/PBS TV series "Center Street" (1996-1998). Actress with major role in the Feature Films For Families video "Rigoletto" (1993). Smaller roles in the films "Drive Me Crazy" (1999) and Blair Treu's "Wish Upon a Star" (1996). Guest appearance on "Touched by an Angel."
Susannah Olivia Lloyd
Latter-day Saint. Voice actress on the animated TV series "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids" (1973-1974).
Craig Lofgreen
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Julie. Served a full-time mission in the Taiwan-Taipei Mission. Award-winning 3D computer graphic artist. Creates 3D virtual architectural images and multimedia presentations. Company: 3-D Design, Inc. Lofgreen's architectural design video "Tiara de Lago" for Curtis Gelotte Architects won a Gold Mame award in 1998 in the category "Best Multifamily / Mix Use Project." Lofgreen produced and directed the feature-length (58 min.) film "Walk to Survival" (2001) about children whose survive a plane crash on a desolate snow covered mountain. He wrote the screenplay, an adaptation of the same-titled novel he loved as a teenager, written by DJ Arneson. Although an architect by profession with no experience in filmmaking, he was inspired to make "Walk to Survival" after reading Kieth Merrill's essay "Go Make a Movie", published in Meridian Magazine. Lofgreen recounted his experiences making the film in a Meridian article Personal Cinema or How I Made a Movie (22 August 2002). "Walk to Survival" was shown at the Salt Lake City Film Festival in August 2002 and at the Yellowstone Film Festival in September 2002. His company website: Movie website:
Tim Loftis
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Utah. Actor. Did voice work for the PBS documentary "American Prophet: The Joseph Smith Story" (1999). Appeared in Rudy Luna's film "Luna's Moon" (2000). Played the part of the young Moroni in the Book of Mormon-oriented documentary video "In Search of 'Ancient Cumora'" (2001).
Chad Long
Latter-day Saint. From Murray, Utah. Lives in Los Angeles, California. Has worked as a regular sketch actor on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" since 2000, where he has appeared in over 50 sketches. Had small roles in HaleStorm Entertainment's Latter-day Saint-themed comedy movies "The Singles Ward" (2002), "The R.M." (2003) and "The Home Teachers" (2004).
Rachel Long
Credited as the assistant to Don Schain, producer of "Coyote Summer" (1996), "The Paper Brigade" (1996) and "Just Like Dad" (1995). Associate Production Supervisor for Schain's "Wish Upon a Star" (directed by Blair Treu, as was "The Paper Brigade" and "Just Like Dad"). Production officer/editing intern for the Leucadia film "Breaking Free" (1995).
Erika Longwell
Lives in Eagle, Idaho. Director of the short (9 min., 14 sec.) documentary film "Heart Wars," which competed in the 2002 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film shows how the revolutions of cardiac medicine saves lives, how the community reacts to those revolutions and demonstrates the importance of reforming lifestyles to keep our hearts healthy. Also directed the short film "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child."
Gordon Lonsdale
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Orem, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Gordon C. Lonsdale. Graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU). Director of photography for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Best Two Years" (2003). Cinematographer of the TV series "Northern Exposure" (1990-1995), "Space: Above and Beyond" (1995-1996), "Providence" (1999), "Kate Brasher" (2001), "The Magnificent Seven" (1998) and "Going to Extremes" (1992). Cinematographer of numerous TV movies, miniseries and TV pilots, including: Stealing Christmas (2003); The Last Brickmaker in America (2001); See You In My Dreams (2000); Anya's Bell (1999); Avalon: Beyond the Abyss (1999); The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn (1999); Houdini (1998); Bella Mafia (1997); "The Last Don" (1997; miniseries); A Loss of Innocence (1996); Unforgivable (1996); Jailbirds (1991); A Girl of the Limberlost (1990); The Witching of Ben Wagner (1987). Cinematographer for the video "Set Straight on Bullies" (1988). Has also been the director of photography for dozens of TV commercials, for clients such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Bonneville Communications "Home Front" series), otivfilms, Major League Baseball, Hud Homes, and Big "O" Tires.

Although primarily a cinematographer, has some experience as a director. Director of the half-hour KBYU/PBS pilot "A Touch of Cloth." Director of the video "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," (a 5-camera shoot) based on the book by Stephen R. Covey. Director of "Biff Henderson's America," a segment for the "Late Night with David Letterman" TV series on CBS. Director of one episode of the TV series "The Magnificent Seven" (1998), titled "Achilles". Director of "Lamanite Generation" (a 5-camera shoot), featuring the Brigham Young University performing group. Director of "Matol," a corporate video for Mountain Land Productions. Director of the wrap arounds for the KBYU/National Board of Education film "A More Perfect Union" (1989), which commemorated the anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. Second unit director for the TV movie "Avalon: Adventures of the Abyss" (1999).

Key grip on Kieth Merrill's "Windwalker" (1980). Lighting designer for the PBS special "Songs of Praise and Remembrance: A Memorial Day Celebration" (2000), featuring the choirs and orchestra of Brigham Young University (BYU). First assistant camera for the feature film "Harry's War" (1981), directed by Kieth Merrill. Camera operator for the classic Church film "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (1980). Assistant camera for the Gospel-themed short film "The Pump" (1988), directed by T.C. Christensen. Grip/electrician for the classic BYU-made Church films "The Phone Call" (1977) and "Uncle Ben" (1978). Excerpt from news article ("Superb service in behalf of Church", LDS Church News, Saturday, December 18, 1999):

Gordon Lonsdale, director of photography, is one of the busiest members of the studio team. Lonsdale recently returned from two trips to Thailand. He has been involved in filming several television movies, a pilot for a major network, some feature length movies, and several projects for public television. And all this in addition to the work he's done for the Church and BYU.

Kelly W. Lookinland
Lives in Utah. Sometimes credited as: Kelly W. Lookingland; Kelly W. Lookinland. Script supervisor for the short film "Water with Food Coloring" (2001), the movie "Heaven Sent" (1994), the TV series "Touched by an Angel" and the Feature Films For Families video "The ButterCream Gang" (1992). Production secretary for the feature film "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers" (1988). Bit part as a waitress in the "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers."
Mike Lookinland
Born 19 December 1960, Mount Pleasant, Utah. Actor best known as "Bobby Brady" from the "Brady Bunch." Played Bobby Brady on the popular TV series from 1969 to 1974, and reprised his role on "The Brady Kids" animated series (1972-1973), "The Brady Bunch Hour" (ill-fated 1977 variety series), "The Bradys" (1990 TV Series), and TV movies "The Brady Girls Get Married" (1981), "A Very Brady Christmas" (1988). Cameo appearances in "The Brady Bunch Movie" (1995 feature film, scenes deleted) and "Growing Up Brady" (2000, TV "behind the scenes" movie). Minimal other film roles include small parts in "The Towering Inferno" (1974) and Stephen King's "The Stand" (1994 miniseries). Lives in Utah, where he continues to work on films as a camera operator. Credited as 1st Assistant Camera for Blair Treu's feature film "Little Secrets" (2002). 1st assistant camera for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Handcart" (2002).
Scott Lookinland
Born 6 July 1990, Salt Lake City, Utah. Birth name: Scott Michael Lookinland. Actor who has apparently had one role: He played his father, Mike Lookinland, in the 2000 made-for-television movie, "Growing Up Brady", about what went on behind the scenes on the set of the popular 1970s TV series "The Brady Bunch."
Joey Lopez
Utah-based Hispanic actor. Major voice actor on the Feature Films For Families English language version of the Hungarian-animated animated feature "The Seventh Brother (1991). Small role in the film "Drive Me Crazy" (1999). TV guest appearance on "Touched by an Angel."
Cory Lorenzen
Latter-day Saint. Sometimes credited as: Cory Lorenson; Cory Loritzen. Graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) in 2003. Has worked in the art department on a number of Latter-day Saint-themed feature-length films. Production designer for the movie "Day of Defense" (2003), which was about Latter-day Saint missionaries. Production designer for the award-winning short BYU student film "The Promethean" (2003). Production designer for the feature-length comedy "Napoleon Dynamite," scheduled to begin filming in July 2003. Given the credits "set decorator" and "special art" for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Handcart" (2002), on which Darin Andersen was the production designer. Art director for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The R.M." (2003), whose production designer was Doug Ellis. Art production assistant for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Out of Step" (2002). Scenic designer for Cyrano at BYU (2002). Bio supplied by Lorenzen:
Cory Lorenzen worked as a Model Maker with Spectra F/X. As a designer he has worked with Sony Music, Opryland in Florida, and Universal Studios Hollywood. He has worked on numerous motion pictures as a production designer or art director, including, Handcart, The RM, The Pioneer Miracle, the Promethian, and On Air.

Richard Losee
Utah County-based actor who had a small part as a Trans Am driver in "The Cannonball Run" (1981).
Christine Loss
Lives in Provo, Utah. Script supervisor. Credits include work for Dove Films, Ember Productions, David Ashley Prods.
Kelly Loosli
Latter-day Saint. Graduated with a BA degree in Film from Brigham Young University (BYU). Currently a faculty member at BYU in the film department. Writer/producer/director of the animated short film "The Lion and the Mouse," being produced at BYU with a possible 2003 completion date. Loosli received a $20,000 grant to work on the project. Writer/producer/director of the HBO documentary "Realm of Redheads" (2001) and the short clay animation film "Nocturnal." Kelly received a Regional Animation Division Award (a College Emmy) for "Nocturnal" and traveled to Beverly Hills to receive his student Emmy and prize money. He was also recognized by BYU's Office of Creative and Research Work in 1995 for his outstanding efforts in film. Worked as the Associate Producer of Animation for Feature Films for Families, supervising animation production on several animated features and straight to video projects. Propmaster for "Fedora" (1994). BYU faculty bio (
Kelly Loosli has worked in animation and live action production for the past fourteen years, working on both the artistic and managerial sides of the industries. Mr. Loosli began his career as a clay animator for television commercials at the age of 15. While attending Brigham Young University he received a Student Emmy for his clay animated film entitled "Nocturnal." Some of Mr. Loosli's additional work experience includes DreamWorks Feature Animation working on Films like Shrek and Spirit, and Buena Vista Motion Pictures, the live action division of Walt Disney.

Mr. Loosli has spent the last two years helping create Brigham Young University's animation program while teaching animation and storyboarding, while also completing production of the animated feature The Princess and the Pea for Feature Films for Families.

Mr. Loosli is currently working with University students to complete a Disney style animated short film based on the Aesop fable "The Lion and the Mouse."

Randy Lovoi
Lives in Bountiful, Utah. Did voiceover work, providing the "scripture voice," for the Book of Mormon-oriented documentary "In Search of 'Ancient America'" (2001), which is sold in Latter-day Saint bookstores.
Colin Low
Latter-day Saint. Renowned Canadian documentary filmmaker and pioneer in the art and technology of IMAX films. Producer of over 110 films, at least 18 of which he also directed. Nominated for Best Animated Film Short Subject for "My Financial Career" (1962). Nominated for Best Short Subjecte Documentary for "Universe" (1960). Received the "Film of the Year" award from the Canadian Film Awards for "Universe" and "City of Gold" (1957). Received a BAFTA Award (British Academy Award) for "Universe" and a BAFTA nomination for "The Winds of Fogo" (1970). After seeing "Universe", director Stanley Kubrick sought Colin Low's help with the space scenes in Kubrick's landmark film "2001: A Space Odyssey." Profile Page
Stephen Low
Latter-day Saint (raised in the Church, but not an active churchgoer later as an adult). Born circa 1951 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Son of famed Canadian documentary and IMAX filmmaker Colin Low. Producer/director (and usually writer) of many IMAX documentary films, including: Voyage into the Abyss (2002); Mark Twain's America in 3D (1998); Super Speedway (1997); Across the Sea of Time (1995); Flight of the Aquanaut (1992); Titanica (1992); The Last Buffalo (1990); Beavers (1988); Skyward (1985). Writer/director of some other films, including "The Defender" and "The Train." Writer/director/narrator of "Challenger: An Industrial Romance" (1980). Nominated for a Genie Award for Best Feature Length Documentary for "Titanica."
Brad Lowder
Latter-day Saint. Born circa 1958. Lives in Kenwood, California. Part-time actor and aspiring screenwriter. Appeared in the instructional self-defense video "Empower Yourself: Women's Self-Protection" (1996). Co-wrote the unproduced script, "Heaven Help Me" (a romantic comedy) with with his brother, Jeff Lowder of Salt Lake City. In 2002 Lowder was elected president of the Santa Rosa Interfaith Association. Information from newspaper article (Santa Rosa, California Press Democrat
Lowder moved to Kenwood from Salt Lake City five years ago with his wife, Sally, a housewife and former TV executive, and his four children. The move was a homecoming for Lowder, who was raised in Kenwood and attended Montgomery High School and Santa Rosa Junior College before moving to Salt Lake City to attend Brigham Young University. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in communications in 1982... His on-screen appearances include the movie "Dumb and Dumber" (as the unforgettable "Sweater Friend"), "America's Most Wanted," and commercials for Ford and Hallmark.

Keros Lowder
Latter-day Saint. Born circa 1985. Lives in Kenwood, California. Previously lived in Utah. Son of actor/screenwriter Brad Lowder. Voice work for the PBS documentary "Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail" (1997). In 2001, at the age of 16, he landed a speaking role in a national Honeycomb ad.
Robert Lowe
Robert G. Lowe
Lives in Park City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Robert G. Lowe. Electrician. Film credits as an electrician include the direct-to-video movie "The Crow: Salvation" (2000) and additional lamp operator for the movie "Drive Me Crazy" (1999). Grip for "Friends & Lovers" (1999). IMDb also credits him with some acting credits, although it is not clear that Robert Lowe the actor is actually the same person as the Utah-based film crew member.
Sherman L. Lowe
Born 18 October 1894, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died 23 January 1968, Los Angeles, California. Birth name: Sherman Lowestein. Writer of over 70 movies, including: Phantom of the Jungle (1955); White Goddess (1953); Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere (1951); Prairie Pirates (1949); The Magnificent Rogue (1946); Valley of the Zombies (1946); Black Arrow (1944); The Yanks Are Coming (1942); The Masked Rider (1941); Mystery House (1938); Arizona Days (1937); The Fighting Marines (1935); Dames Ahoy (1930).. Also writer on the television series "Sky King" (1951) and "The Gene Autry Show."
Robert Lowell
Lives in West Bountiful, Utah. Film editor.
T.J. Lowther
Born 1986, Salt Lake City, Utah. Child actor. Top-billed actor in: "The Long Road Home" (1999), "Mr. Atlas" (1997) and 2 "Chocoholics" videos. Had the 4th billed role in "A Perfect World" (1993), opposite Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood and Laura Dern. Supporting actor in "Mad Love" (1995), starring Chris O'Donnell and Drew Barrymore. 4th billed role in the TV movie "One Christmas" (1994), opposite Katharine Hepburn and Henry Winkler. Other films include: In the Blink of an Eye (1996); Nothing Lasts Forever" (1995 miniseries); The Avenging Angel (1995); A Home of Our Own; Neon City (1992). Bio from (
Juvenile player entered the industry with two very different 1993 films. Lowther shone as Kevin Costner's hostage/partner/surrogate son in Clint Eastwood's laconic chase picture, "A Perfect World". He also provided requisite cuteness as one of the younger of single mom Kathy Bates' "tribe" of six children in Tony Bill's sentimental family drama, "A Home of Our Own".

Kristin Ludwin
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Assistant location manager for Blair Treu's "Wish Upon a Star" (1996). Location scout for "The Right Temptation" (2000). Script supervisor for the "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" (2001) and the short film "Water with Food Coloring" (2001).
Jayne Luke
Latter-day Saint. Graduate of Brigham Young University. Actress. Small roles in the feature films "Brigham City" (2001), "Species" (1995) and "Silent Night, Deadly Night" (1984). Small role as a voice actress on the Living Scriptures, Inc. animated video "He is Risen" (1988). Small roles on the TV movies "Double Jeopardy" (1992) and "Blind Witness" (1989). Has worked at Robert Redford's Sundance Summer Theatre (in Sundance, Utah) as an actress, a choreographer and during a brief stint as an artistic director. Live theater roles include lead roles in Annie Get Your Gun at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theater in Orem, Utah (2000), Broadway Bound at the Grand Theatre (2000), Guys and Dolls (SCERA Showhouse, 1999), South Pacific (SCERA Showhouse, 1999). Other major roles include Funny Girl at Sundance Theatre (2001), The Pajama Game (Grand Theatre, 2000). Choreographer for Carousel (1999) and Oklahoma! (2000) at the Grand Theatre (2000), The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Pioneer Theatre Company, 2000), Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Pioneer Theatre Company, 2000) and Phantom (Pioneer Theatre Company, 2002). Director of The Most Happy Fella at Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley, Utah (2000).
Richard Luke
Lives in Murray, Utah. Set construction/design, art department. Carpenter for "The Way of the Gun" (2000).
Sam Lufkin
Born 8 May 1891 in Utah. Died 19 February 1952, Hollywood, California. Birth name: Samuel William Lufkin. Bit part actor. Appeared in over 90 movies, The Miracle of the Bells (1948); Babes in Toyland (1934); County Hospital (1932); That's My Wife (1929).
Art Lund
Born 1 April 1915, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died 31 May 1990. IMDb: Started his career as a singer for Benny Goodman and Harry James. He later became a solist on the MGM label. Had a #3 pop hit with "Mam'selle" in 1947. Appeared in at least 14 feature films, television movies and miniseries, including "The Winds of War" (1983 miniseries); "The Man from Atlantis" (1977); "The Last American Hero" (1973); "Black Caesar" (1973); "Brother on the Run" (1972). Guest roles on TV series, including Knight Rider; Baretta; Little House on the Prairie; Kojak; The Rockford Files; Gunsmoke; Wagon Train.
Elisabeth Lund
Born 11 August 1981, Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Elisabeth Z. Lund or Elizabeth Lund. Actress has appeared in many Utah-based and Hollywood-based films: Jumping for Joy (2000); Meat Loaf: To Hell and Back (2000); Cowboys and Angels (2000); Curse of the ShadowBorg (1997); Money Plays (1997); Unforgivable (1996); Just Like Dad (1995). Played "Heather" on the TV series "Big Bad Beetleborgs" in 1996 (and in 1997, when it was called "Beetleborgs Metallix." Regular role on MTV's "Undressed" as "Lisa" in 2001 (4th season).
Michael Lund
Lives in Utah. Camera operator for over 20 feature films and TV movies, including: Drive Me Crazy (1999); Route 9 (1998); In My Sister's Shadow (1997); Coyote Summer (1996); Wish Upon a Star (1996); The Paper Brigade (1996); Invasion of Privacy (1996); Just Like Dad (1996); Mom and Dad Save the World (1992); Spontaneous Combustion (1989); Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989); Breaking Point (1989); Blind Fury (1989); Lust in the Dust (1985); Butterfly (1981); Hangar 18 (1980); Humanoids from the Deep (1980); Windwalker (1980); The Deerslayer (1978).
Jak Lundquist
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Provo, Utah. Producer/director of the low-budget animated videos "Upon You My Fellow Servants" (2002) and "Our Promises Made at Baptism" (2001), which are sold in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores. Producer/director of other Church-related videos: "Prophets from Book of Mormon," "Stake Missionary Training" and "Treasury Of Knowledge." Producer/director of a Utah Jazz project. Writer of: LifeQuest; Run with the Wind; Trail of the Jackasses. Owner of Da Vinci Films, in Provo, Utah.
John Lundwall
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Orem, Utah. Screenwriter. Writer of the short film "The Redemption" (2003), directed by Dave Skousen and created during a 24-hour marathon filmmaking competition that was part of the 2002 LDS Film Festival. Writer of the short comedy "Quest for the Holy Snail," directed by Dave Skousen in 1998 and circulated among local fans. Writer of the unproduced screenplays "A French Affair" (which he wrote in 2003) and "The Devil's Own" (which he wrote in 1998, and which should not be confused with the 1997 Hollywood movie of the same title).
Troy Lunt
Lives in Utah. Key hair stylist for the TV movie "Unabomber: The True Story" (1996). Assistant makeup artist and hair stylist for the Leucadia direct-to-video films "Coyote Summer" (1996), "The Paper Brigade" (1996), "Breaking Free" (1995) and "Wish Upon a Star" (1996), as well as the feature films "Stranger Than Fiction" (1999) and "The Crow: Salvation" (2000).
Chris Lybbert
Latter-day Saint.
Ethan Lyde
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Utah County. Son of low-budget John Lyde. As a young child, Ethan had a small acting part in his father's short film "Hoops" (2004).
John Lyde
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Utah County. Writer/producer/director of low-budget films, including the feature-length film "The Field is White," about Latter-day Saint missionaries, sold as a video in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores. Lyde filmed the feature-length "Missionary: Impossible" (2001) on P-days (Preparation Days) while he was on his mission, using fellow missionaries as cast members. "Missionary: Impossible" is an action film about missionaries who must retake control of their mission from corrupt missionary leaders. In 2001 he made the short film "Turn Here," based on a true story published in the Church magazine Ensign. This film competed in the 1st International Young LDS Film Festival. Other John Lyde short films include: Fade to Black (2001); Minute Maid Madness (2001); Kurosawa (1999). Lyde is particularly interested in making action films. In 2002 Lyde completed the short comedy "My One True Love" ("Young Mahanri must stop his childhood love from marrying the wrong man") which competed in the 2nd LDS Film Festival, held in Provo, Utah in November, 2002. Before being produced, his screenplay, "Mariah's Prayer" competed in the festival's short film screenplay competition. In 2003 Lyde directed the short films "Mariah's Prayer" and "Thy Will Be Done," which were packaged as a double-feature video/DVD for release to the LDS Christian as well as general Christian markets in 2004. "Thy Will Be Done" is about a young man whose wife recently passed away and his struggles with his faith in God.
Kevin Lyde
Latter-day Saint. Brother of filmmaker John Lyde. Boom operator for the Latter-day Saint-themed direct-to-video film "In the Service of God" (2003), directed by John Lyde. Star of the short film "Shadowman" (2002), directed by John Lyde using a cast comprised of students at American Fork Junior High School.
Lorien Lyde
Latter-day Saint. Wife of filmmaker John Lyde. Producer of the low-budget Latter-day Saint-themed direct-to-video films "The Field is White" (2002) and "In the Service of God" (2003), written, directed and also produced by her husband John Lyde. Had a bit part on screen in "The Field is White" (2002).
Steven Lyde
Latter-day Saint. Brother of filmmaker John Lyde. Played the 3rd-billed part of "Kevin," the less-than-enthusiastic home teaching companion of the lead character, in the Latter-day Saint-themed direct-to-video film "In the Service of God" (2003), directed by John Lyde. Also a boom operator for "In the Service of God."
Dennis Lyman
Latter-day Saint. Documentary filmmaker who made the videos "History at Temple Hill: Manti" and "A Temple Dressed in White" (2001), sold in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores.
Michael T. Lynch
Lives in Midvale, Utah. Made the short film "Storyteller" (7:45), which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is a documentary about the American jukebox and its ability to tell a story of times past.
Annette Luthy Lyon
Latter-day Saint. Born in Provo, Utah. Lives in Spanish Fork, Utah. Article from The Daily Herald, 24 July 2002:
[Annette Luthy Lyon's] recently released novel, Lost Without You [will soon be] on local bookshelves... she was first bitten by the writing bug in second grade when she began piling pillows on a chair to reach her mother's typewriter. She wrote (and a year later almost published) a non-fiction children's book at age 12.

In high school she collaborated on a screenplay, and in college she and the same friend completed a fantasy novel together.

She's written on her own seriously since the fall of 1994, in which time she's completed six other novels. She's also published dozens of articles in a variety of publications, and received several awards from the League of Utah Writers, including a publication award and second place in consecutive years for novels. Lyon has also served on the League's Utah Valley Chapter board for three years, including president for 2001-02.

Lyon describes Lost Without You as an LDS romance novel. "The core idea was the result of a dream I had several years ago, and which was so powerful that it haunted me for days," Annette said. "At the time I hated the idea of my husband ever remarrying if something were to happen to me. In the dream I knew I was going to die (don't ask me how or why; the dream never explained that part). I had only one concern and one regret: I worried about who would raise my children, and I regretted that I couldn't tell my husband to find an honorable mother for them."

She was born in Provo, and spent most of her childhood here except for three years spent in Finland with her family, where she learned to love her mother's homeland. She graduated cum laude from BYU in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in English. She currently serves in her LDS ward as a Primary teacher... She lives in Spanish Fork with her husband, Rob, and their three children.

Christina Lyon
Student at Brigham Young University. Art department intern for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The R.M." (2003).
Erin Lyons
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Erin B. Lyons. Hair stylist and make-up artist. Key hair stylist for the TV movies "Firestarter 2: Rekindled" (2002), "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" (2000), "Absence of the Good (1999) and "The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All" (1999), and the films "Bats" (1999), "The Way of the Gun" (2000) and "The Crow: Salvation" (2000). Makeup and hair department head for the TV series "18 Wheels of Justice" (2000). Film credits as a hair stylist include many other films and TV movies.
Dean Lyras
Lives in Park City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Dean Stephen Lyras. Second unit director of photography for feature films: Neil LaBute's "Nurse Betty" (2000), "Con Air" (1997), "Death Ring" (1993). Second unit director of the feature film "Invasion of Privacy (1996). Second assistant director of the feature film "Heartbeeps" (1981). Other camer credits include: Extreme, Spawn, Jackie Brown, Halloween 5 (1989), Ghost Story (1981).

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