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Ashley Phillips
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Along with 8 other filmmakers, made the 23-minute film "Messages: A 2002 Olympic Documentary," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film focuses on aspects of Utah's culture during the 2002 Olympics.
Jim Phillips
First assistant director for the direct-to-video movie "Someone Was Watching" (2002), produced by Lee Groberg and directed by Mark Goodman.
Jason Phipps
Latter-day Saint. Director of the experimental/documentary film "Worth Living" (2003, 22 minutes), which competed in the 3rd LDS Film Festival (Jan. 2004). The film is described thus: "A philosophic and artistic exploration of the meaning of life. What is reality? What makes a life worth living? This film follows three real life candidates as they struggle to answer these questions."
Tianne Marie Pierce
Freelance makeup and retrography. 801-830-4465 See sample work at Tianne Marie Pierce Just wriapped "Elizabeth's Gift" with director, Rob Diamond. Also the key makeup artist for the children's book "Princess Amerah and the Magic Dress" due for publication in spring of 2010.
Yvonne Carpenter
Latter-day Saint. Born circa 1978. Raised in Boulder, Colorado. Graduate from film school at Brigham Young University (BYU). Majored in media arts with a screenwriting emphasis. Currently works as a writers' assistant for TV series "Smallville." Before working for "Smallville," she interned at Mel Gibson's Icon Productions.
Suzanne R. Pike
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband Rick. Assistant production coordinator for Scott Featherstone's feature film "Same River Twice" (1996).
Heath Pillar
Actor with a small role in the movie "Breaking Free" (1995). Lives with his wife Leslie in American Fork, Utah.
Andrea Pimentel
Latter-day Saint. Hometown: Bakersfield, California. Lives in Provo, Utah. Also known as: Andrea J. Pimentel. Student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Art department intern for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The R.M." (2003). Currently (2003) works at the Center for Instructional Design at BYU. IACURH 2000 Conference Staff bio (
Registration Chair and Webmaster. Andrea is currently serving as NCC, and has previously served as Secretary of the Executive Council. She enjoys sleeping, playing on her computer, drumming, jazz, Alfred Hitchcock, and movies, among other things. She is a Design student with an emphasis in Computer Animation.

Geoffrey B. Pingree
Sometimes credited as: Geoff Pingree. Film scholar and documentary filmmaker. B.A., Brigham Young University, 1984. M.A., University of Chicago, 1986. Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1996. Was a student and long-time friend of BYU literature professor Eugene England. Participated in the 2002 Sunstone Symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah as a respondent to film critic Paul Swenson's presentation. Assistant professor of media studies and rhetoric at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Currently assistant professor of cinema at Oberlin College. Website: . Faculty bio (
Director of Program in Media Studies, Assistant Professor of Media Studies and English
Ph.D., University of Chicago (1996)

Publications include: "Franco and the Filmmakers: Critical Myths, Transparent Realities," Film-Historia (1995); "La Politca en voz pasiva: Los noticiarios Hearst Metrotone de la Guerra Civil Espanola," Catalogo general del cine de la guerra civil (1996).

Film production experience includes: Producer/Director, Apocrypha (work in progress); Director of Research, A Paralyzing Fear: The Story of Polio in America (PBS, 1998).

Honors and Awards include: Emmy (National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences), Individual Achievement in a Craft: Research, A Paralyzing Fear: The Story of Polio in America (1998).

Research interests: Media studies (film and video production, film and history, documentary film, Hispanic film); cultural studies; Modern American literature; history and theory of literary criticism.

Tyree Pini
Latter-day Saint. Won honorable mention for the short film "Redemption for Five Cents," which Pini's team created as part of the 24-Hour Filmmaking Marathon competition at the 2nd LDS Film Festival, held in Provo, Utah in November 2002.
Eric Player
Latter-day Saint. Currently lives in Buena Park, California. Screenwriter. Education: Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media, with an emphasis in Screenwriting, Brigham Young University, 1997. Second second assistant director and researcher for the movie "A Moment of Silence" (1999). Writer/director of the short films "Child's Play" (1996), "I've Just Seen a Face" (1995) and "Tapestry Drive" (1995). Director/writer/sound editor of "Teacher Training Video I" (1997): instructional comedy, produced for Latter-day Saint Missionary Training Center, Media Department. Was commissioned to write a screenplay based on Ruth Hale's play "The Other Side of Love." Has written a number of other as-yet unproduced screenplays. Website:
Norene Pollei
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Provo, Utah with her husband, Paul C. Pollei (founder and director of the Gina Bachauer Piano International Foundation). Also credited as: Noreen Pollei; Norene Pollie. Costume designer for the video of the Latter-day Saint-themed video "My Turn on Earth" (1986). Costume designer for the 1989 direct-to-video adaptation of the popular Latter-day Saint-themed musical "Saturday's Warrior." Costume designer for the TV movies "The Man with Three Wives" (1993) and "The Price She Paid" (1992). Costume supervisor for the TV movie "Double Jeopardy" (1992). Other wardrobe credits include: "French Silk", "President's Child" (CBS), "Appointment for a Killing."
Nancy Pomeroy
Born in Los Angeles. Raised in Montana and educated in Utah and Idaho. Small role as "Sharlene" in the Feature Films For Families video "Secret of Treasure Mountain" (1993). Best known as a leading public relations expert and media consultant. In 2002 was the Public Relations Director (a volunteer position) for the Salt Lake City Film Festival. In June 2002, she became media consultant to Ricci family attorney, David K. Smith, during the Elizabeth Smart abduction/investigation. (Richard Ricci, a convicted burglar, was wrongly suspected of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart, and for a time was almost universally believed to be the kidnapper.) In August 2002, Pomeroy became spokesperson for the Ricci family. During that time she has been interviewed by most local print and broadcast media and CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Reuters, AP, Gannett, Dateline, 48 Hours, Good Morning America, The Early Show, The Today Show, Court TV and the NBC Nightly News with appearances on Connie Chung and Larry King Live. Profile Page
Marden Pond
Composer of the Latter-day Saint-themed direct-to-video feature-length movie "The Shadow of Light" (2002). Co-composer, along with Thomas C. Baggaley and Mark Abernathy, for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Work and the Story" (2003).
Ryan Poore
Lives in Clearfield, utah with his wife Cindy. Also known as: Ryan P. Poore. Art Department Production Assistant for the Feature Films For Families (FFFF) video "Secret of Treasure Mountain" (1993). Crewmember on the TV miniseries "Stephen King's The Stand" (1994). Assistant camera intern for the FFFF video "Split Infinity" (1992).
Marissa Porritt
African-American. Had a major supporting role as "Jesse" (the 5th-billed role and the female lead) in the Feature Films For Families video "Secret of Treasure Mountain" (1993). One of the main child singers featured in "The Children's Video Songbook, Vol. 1: My Heavenly Father's World" (1990), sold in Latter-day Saint bookstores.
Charles A. Post
Born 3 November 1897, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died 20 December 1952, Los Angeles, California. Sometimes credited as "Buddy Post" or "Bud Post" or "Charles 'Buddy' Post." Actor appeared, often in major roles, in at least 25 films between 1918 and 1927, including "Behold This Woman" (1924); "Charge It to Me" (1919); and "The Midnight Flyer" (1925). Then worked behind the camera, as a film editor -- The Branded Man (1928); Gypsy of the North (1928); The Law and the Man (1928); My Home Town (1928) -- and production manager. Writer of "Single-Handed Sanders" (1932) and "Near the Rainbow's End" (1930). Went back in front of the cameras to play "Earthquake McGoon" in "Li'l Abner" in 1940.
Sue-Ann Post
Latter-day Saint (non-churchgoer). Also credited as: Sue Ann Post. Australian comedian. Wrote an episode of the TV series "Smallest Room in the House" (episode: "An Ordinary Life"). Featured regularly on Australian TV series: Standing Up; Smallest Room in the House; Mouthing Off; Something Hot Before Bed. Guest appearance on "The Panel." Acted as another character in an episode of the TV series "Kath & Kim" (episode: "The Mango Espadrille," 14 October 2004). Author of the autobiographical book Confession of an Unrepentant Lesbian Ex-Mormon (2005). Book description:
In June 2003 Australian comedian Sue-Ann Post was invited to be a keynote speaker at the annual Affirmation conference in Salt Lake City.

Affirmation is a group of gay and lesbian Mormons, a group that is reviled by the mainstream church body. As a lesbian [disaffected] Mormon she simply had to go.

Visiting the epicentre of the church that had shaped her difficult early life was bound to be a major head-spin. 'The Confession...' is Sue-Ann's intensely personal account of her time in Salt Lake City and her inner grapplings with notions of faith, redemption, honesty and sexuality.

As befits a stand-up comedian, it is frequently funny, unflinching and acerbic. It is a heartfelt interrogation of the capacity of religion to both enrich and distort our moral understanding.

George Potter
Latter-day Saint. Writer/producer/director of documentaries videos produced for the Latter-day Saint market: Discovering the Valley of Lemuel; Discovering the Land of Bountiful; Discovering Nephi's Harbor; The Jaredites.
Marjorie Potter
Lives in Houston, Texas. Also known as: Marjorie Leigh Mock Potter. Producer of the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Suddenly Unexpected" (2003), written and directed by her husband Mark Potter. Marjorie Potter attended Houston Baptist University has been working with her husband for eighteen years developing various works.
Mark Potter
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Houston, Texas. Writer/director of the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Suddenly Unexpected" (2003), a Houston-filmed comedy about missionaries. Mark Potter graduated from Brigham Young University with a directing degree and has attended graduate school at the University of Houston. He has been directing and writing for over 20 years.
Rebecca Poulos
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Becca Poulos. Script supervisor for numerous movies, mostly filmed in Utah: Little Secrets (2002); On Our Own (1988); Wheelmen (2002); Autofocus (2002); Just a Dream (2001); Just Ask My Children (2001); The Truth About Jane (2000); Divided by Hate (1997); Unhook the Stars (1996); Ruby Ridge: An American Tragedy (1996); Unforgivable (1996); Riders of the Purple Sage (1996); Journey (1995); Heavyweights (1995); The Avenging Angel (1995); Lassie (1994); Geronimo (1993); Father Hood (1993); The Mighty Ducks (1992); Carolina Skeletons (1991); Sparks: The Price of Passion (1990); "Tales from the Crypt" (1989) TV Series; A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation (1989); Blind Witness (1989), Moontrap (1989)
Cara Poulson
Latter-day Saint. Lives in West Valley, Utah. Co-writer of the PBS documentary "Bernie Fisher: Everyday Hero," produced at BYU. Film editor of: "Fisher: Everyday Hero", the music video "Nero's Song" and an instructional video "Ancestors." Assistant editor for Blair Treu's theatrically released feature film "Little Secrets" (2002).
Donna Poulton
Latter-day Saint. Working on a documentary about Utah's oldest artists.
Ed Pouquette
Lives in Park City, Utah. Location scout.
Cristy Powell Still photographer for the BYU/LDS Motion Picture Studio film "Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story" (1996), for which Munn Powell was the cinematographer.
Munn Powell
Latter-day Saint. Graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) in 1997. Cinematographer of the Biblical short film "Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath" (1997), produced at LDS Motion Picture Studios and now available on video in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores. Cinematographer for the short film "Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story" (1996), also produced by BYU and LDS Motion Picture Studios and available at LDS bookstores. First assistant camera and still photographer for the KBYU dance film "Woman, the Pioneer" (1997), a tribute to Latter-day Saint pioneer women. Won the Outstanding Film Student Award at BYU's Final Cut Film Festival. Cinematographer for the feature-length comedy "Napoleon Dynamite," scheduled to begin filming in July 2003.
Janice Power
Latter-day Saint. Janice Power's debut in a major feature film was as Evelyn, the mother of "Miss Brigham" in the Richard Dutcher murder mystery Bigham City (2001). It was one of the film's most challenging roles, as it had relatively few lines but required a wide emotional range as her character reacted to the murder of her daughter. Power, who grew up in El Paso, Texas and has lived in Utah, is also familiar to Latter-day Saint audiences for her role as the wife of Parley P. Pratt in the Church film "How Rare a Possession." She has appeared in other Church videos, and has had guest roles on "Touched by an Angel." Also appeared in Dutcher's award-winning short student film "Brother John" (1988).
Cate Praggastis
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Born in Los Angeles, California. Member, Casting Society of America (CSA) since before 1993. Nominated for 2 Artios Awards in Casting. Company: Take one! Casting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Owner of the oldest Casting office in Utah, Take1! Film Casting. She has cast over 70 films and TV movies and over 100 local and national commercials. She is credited with discovering several of the newest and hottest faces in Hollywood today. Casting director for the TV film "Nora's Christmas Gift" (1989), commissioned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Casting director for the short film "Freedom on the Water" (2002), directed by Ryan Little. Casting director for TV movies filmed in Utah, including: The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All (1999); Johnny Tsunami (1999); Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! (1998); Before He Wakes (1998); The Perfect Getaway (1998); In My Sister's Shadow (1997); Money Plays (1997); Dead by Midnight (1997); Evil in Clear River (1988). Casting director for the feature film "Meet the Deedles" (1998). Has done Utah casting for numerous feature films, including: The Core (2003); The Way of the Gun (2000); Bats (1999); Drive Me Crazy (1999); Made Men (1999); A Life Less Ordinary (1997); The Rage (1997); Con Air (1997); Independence Day (1996); Mulholland Falls (1996); Dumb & Dumber (1994); A Midnight Clear (1992); Wait Until Spring, Bandini (1989); Warning Sign (1985); The Philadelphia Experiment (1984); Footloose (1984). Local casting for the Utah-filmed TV series "Touched by an Angel" (1994-2003), "Promised Land" and "Everwood." Utah casting for TV movies and miniseries, including: Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (2000); Night Sins (1997); Nothing Lasts Forever (1995); The Stand (1994); Shot in the Heart (2001); See You In My Dreams (2000); Unabomber: The True Story (1996); In the Blink of an Eye (1996); Out of Annie's Past (1995); The Avenging Angel (1995); The Deliberate Stranger (1986). Producer of the short comedy film "Three Things I've Learned" (1994), filmed in Salt Lake City, directed by Lory Smith and starring Jonathan Gochberg and Oscar Rowland.
Anne Pratt
Latter-day Saint. Wrote the feature-length screenplay "The Seed of Truth," which competed in the 2002 LDS Film Festival.
Thomas Pratt
Also credited as: Tom Pratt. Art director and production designer for the Church film "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (1980), and the feature film "Windwalker" (1980), both made in Utah and both directed by Kieth Merrill, and for the BYU-made short films "The Phone Call" (1977) and "Uncle Ben" (1978). Set decorator for the feature film "Harry's War" (1981), directed by Merrill.
Chip Prettner
Lives in Park City, Utah. Married to Morgan Prettner. Electrician or grip credit for "Christmas in the Clouds" (2000).
Morgan Prettner
Lives in Park City, Utah. Married to Chip Prettner. Craft service provider. Location manager or scout for commercials, including Cinaburst Gum and Chevrolet. Production assistant or secretary for commercials, including Cinaburst Gum, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Chadwich's 2000 Winter.
Robert Price
Sometimes credited as: Robert 'Dobber' Price; Robert H. Price; Robert Price. Camera operator who has worked on numerous films made in Utah, including: Water with Food Coloring (2001); Drive Me Crazy (1999); Alyson's Closet (1998); A Life Less Ordinary (1997); Coyote Summer (1996); The Paper Brigade (1996); Same River Twice (1996); Just Like Dad (1996); Breaking Free (1995); Parallel Lives (1994); Halloween 5 (1989).
L.S. Prickett
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Lu Prickett; L.S. Prickett. Art department specialist. On-set dresser for the feature films "The Crow: Salvation" (2000) and "Drive Me Crazy" (1999), Blair Treu's feature film "Little Secrets" (2002), Treu's direct-to-video films "Wish Upon a Star" (1996) and "The Paper Brigade" (1996), Leucadia's "Coyote Summer" (1996), the Feature Films For Families movie "Return to the Secret Garden" (2000) and for the TV movie "Absence of the Good" (1999). Set decorator for "Heaven Sent" (1994). Swing gang for Treu's "Just Like Dad" (1995). Property assistant for Leucadia's "Breaking Free" (1995).
Pat Priest
Latter-day Saint. Born 15 August 1936, Bountiful, Utah. Birth name: Patricia Ann Priest. Best known for her role as Marilyn Munster on "The Munsters" (1964-1966). Co-star in the movies "The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant" (1971) and opposite Elvis Presley in "Easy Come, Easy Go" (1967). Daughter of former U.S. Treasurer Ivy Baker Priest, whose signature appeared on U.S. currency from 1953 to 1961. Cameo appearance in the TV movie "Here Come the Munsters" (1995). Small movie roles in "Some Call It Loving" (1973) and "East of Eden" (1955). TV guest appearances include: The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Bewitched; Perry Mason; My Favorite Martian; Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
Aron Prigg
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Boom operator/location audio.
Sam Prigg
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Freelance cinematographer and director. Company: White Rabbit Productions in Salt Lake City, Utah. Shooting on Ike v-55's (2 of them) and editing on Media 100 xr. Clients are mostly network and High end corporate. Including ABC, NBC, DATELINE, CBS, 60 MINUTES, A&E, TURNER, American Express, US West. Gear: Ike v-55 Betacam (2 of them) vx-1000 sony, POV camera and dv recorder, Media 100 xr, Wide angle lenses, UHF Lectrosonic wirelesses, chimera lighting, dedos, scriptboys, monitors, etc. 25 Years experience.
Dalvanius Prime
Latter-day Saint. Died on 3 October 2002. Also credited as: Maui Dalvanius Prime. Popular Maori singer, entertainer, producer and composer from New Zealand. In 1984 he created "Poi E" a hip hop style number (it had the right beats, tempo and swing for breakdancing but did not contain any rap) sung in Maori by the Patea Maori club. The video features Joe Moana bopping. Poi E topped the Top 50 singles chart for four weeks, spending 22 weeks in the charts. Beginning in 1982, along with the late Ngoi Pewhairangi, Prime developed the concept for "Poi-E: The Myths and Legends", an animated television series and animated feature film. In recent years, creative computer graphic team Daniel Crothers and Lucas Young were developing "Poi-E: The Myths and Legends" as a 3D-animated feature, with an anticipated 2001 completion date. "Poi-E" is also available as a CD-ROM and a children's book. Prime wrote the novel Moko, which was the subject of the proposed same-titled feature-length horror movie and a series of three one-hour documentaries called "Mokomokai." England's New Musical Express called Prime the "Svengali of Kiwi Ethno-Kitsch." When he was not on stage somewhere around the world he was in a New Zealand recording studio producing his latest project for his Maui Record Label or touring the world giving lectures on "mokomokai" (preserved Maori Heads). In 1969, with his brother Eddie and his sister Barletta, he entered Wellington's Radio 2ZB "Talent Scope" as The Fascinations. The trio won first prize singing Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away". He then became Musical Director and pianist for The Supremes-style Porirua femme vocal trio, "The Shevelles." Toured with many top "soul" stars, inclusing Isaac Hayes, Dionne Warwick, The Pointer Sisters, Eartha Kitt, Darlene Love, Osibisa, Tina Turner, The Platters, The Commodores, and Crystals. Produced award-winning music videos. Wrote musical scores for feature films "Ngati" and "Te Rua" (1991), in which he also starred. Scored documentaries, including "Haka" and "Carmen." Won a Gold Microphone for Best Soundtrack from the International Film & Television Awards for a Alcohol Liquor Advisory Councils Alcohol with Moderation video. Hosted music-oriented TV series, including "Sweet Soul Music." Toured New Zealand, Australia and the United States (including BYU-Hawaii) with his musical "Poi-E." Played himself in the 1993 TV series "Radio Wha Waho." Website: Obituary from 5 October 2002 (
Hundreds of people are paying homage to the late singing legend Dalvanius Prime. The 54-year-old entertainer died on Thursday after a long battle with cancer. His body is currently lying in an open casket at the Pari Roa Marae north of Patea. Mourners have spent the day filing past his body, with many expressing their grief in song. Tomorrow he'll be taken from the marae to the Mormon chapel in Hawera for a funeral service.
Obituary (,1846,136300-129-133,00.html):
The leading Maori entertainer Dalvanius Prime has died, aged 54. He was best known for his involvement with the Patea Maori Club, and the hit song "Poi E!" Dalvanius was born in the Taranaki town of Patea and grew up in a musical family - forming Dalvanius and the Fascinations with family members in the '70s, before touring Australia and Asia for many years. In 1979, he returned to New Zealand and rediscovered his Maori culture - eventually enlisting the help of the local Patea Maori Club to sing "Poi E!" which became a number one hit. In recent years, Dalvanius has worked for the return of Maori heads from Museums around the world. The Associate Minister of Maori Affairs Tariana Turia says his death leaves a huge void in the landscape of indigenous music and entertainment.
Obituary (,,3762-1810000,00.html):
The larger than life singer and entertainer Dalvanius Prime has died. He'd been suffering from cancer for some time. Attorney-General Margaret Wilson broke the news in Parliament earlier this afternoon. Dalvanius Prime was a record producer, entertainer, and writer, as well as a political activist. He first came to the attention of most New Zealanders in the early 1980s when his Patea Maori Club hit the charts with the songs E Poi E and Hei Konei Ra. The Patea Maori Club was formed after locals were made redundant following the closure of the local freezing works. The group enjoyed several years of popularity. In latter years, he headed up the Mokomokai Education Trust which fought for the return of the preserved tattooed Maori heads, known as toi moko, which were held by overseas museums for a number of years. He became involved in a bitter disagreement with the national museum, Te Papa, over the rightful long-term home for the heads.

Musician Ray Columbus was among the first to make a personal tribute, describing Dalvanius Prime as a catalyst, who brought Maori music to the forefront. He says taking the single Poi E to number one really made that happen. Fellow entertainer Sir Howard Morrison says Dalvanius was not only big here but he was huge in Europe and Asia. He says he only gained prominence in New Zealand much later in his life, so like Billy T James we never got enough of him. Sir Howard says Dalvanius was involved in the national music scene right up until his death. He says there aren't the words in the English language to describe how he feels about losing a great friend.

Tributes have also been flowing in Parliament. New Green MP Metiria Turei says her most enduring memory of Dalvanius was his hit song Poi-e. She says the singer played an important part in her own development. She says the impression his music created made her feel that her culture and expression were okay. Ms Turei says it is an impression which will last with her generation forever. ACT leader Richard Prebble has also paid tribute.

Dan Proctor
Latter-day Saint. Lives in American Fork, Utah with his wife Kathryn. Also known as: W. Dan Proctor. Consulted on Lee Groberg's documentary "Treasure House: The Utah Mining Story" (1995), and also appears in the film as a miner. Bio from UNICO, Inc. (
W. Dan Proctor, of Pleasant Grove, Utah, has been serving as President of Silver Bell Mining Company, Pleasant Grove, Utah, since 1992. From 1994 to 1998 he was Chief Geologist for Clifton Mining Company, Alpine, Utah, working in western Utah. From 1986 to 1994 he worked as a field and senior geologist for Centurion Mines Corp., Salt Lake City, Utah, working in the Tintic Mining District and Central and western Utah. He has worked as a mining and geological consultant, a professional prospector for several companies both in the US and Canada and has worked with Chaussoul Gold, Costa Rica, C.A. in the 80's, Euro-Nevada, Toronto, Ontario, in late 80's and early 90's. From 1980 to 1984, he worked for Bullion Monarch Elko, Nevada on various projects in Utah and Nevada. In 1993, he consulted on a PBS documentary entitled "Treasure House: The Utah Mining Story". From 1978 to 1984 he owned and operated Proctor Mining and Exploration. Mr. Proctor has also worked as an underground miner for Park City Ventures, Anaconda Copper, and Cedarstrom Calcite. Educated at the University of Utah, Brigham Young University and Utah Technical College, 1971 thru 1975, he is presently working as a geological consultant.

Jessica Proctor
Latter-day Saint. Producer of the short BYU student film "Esperanza" (1997). Second assistant director for the KBYU dance film "Woman, the Pioneer" (1997), a tribute to Latter-day Saint pioneer women.
Maurine Jensen Proctor
Latter-day Saint. Bio from Meridian Magazine (
After receiving her education from University of Utah and Harvard, Maurine Jensen Proctor, the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Meridian Magazine, began her writing career with McGraw Hill Magazines and the Chicago Sun-Times. She has created award-winning television documentaries, has written a radio show for more than six years that played on 300 radio stations, and was a long-time writer of "The Spoken Word" for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

She, and her husband, Scot, have written several books together, including Witness of the Light, Source of the Light, Light from the Dust and The Gathering. They also edited a new version of Lucy Mack Smith's biography of her son called The Revised and Enhanced History of Joseph Smith by His Mother and The Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt. They were formerly the editors of This People magazine.

Maurine has been a part-time Institute teacher for the past 13 years and is the mother of eleven children and grandmother of one.

Tom Proctor
Lives in Ivins, Utah. Stunt co-ordinator for "The Goodbye Bird" (1993) and "Wind Dancer" (1993). Stunt man whose credits include the movies "Independence Day" (1996), "Slaughter of the Innocents" (1994), and "Neon City" (1992), the TV movies "Harmful Intent" (1993) and "In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion" (1992), the TV miniseries "The Stand" (1994), and the TV series "Extreme" (1995) and "Crossroads" (1992). Bit part actor in: Coyote Summer (1996); Just Like Dad (1996); Unhook the Stars (1996); Unforgivable (1996); Breaking Free (1995); Windrunner (1995); In the Shadow of Evil (1995); Deliver Them from Evil: The Taking of Alta View (1992).
Jeff Profitt
Latter-day Saint. Born and raised in New Jersey, where he still lives. Bio from the official website of his production company, Liahona Films (
Born and raised in southern New Jersey, actor/director Jeff Profitt decided that he wanted to become an actor after taking an acting class in 11th grade. Growing up the oldest of three boys, Jeff played sports throughout his childhood. Jeff had no desire to be in front of or behind a camera, however, after his first performance in front of his acting class he decided that acting is something he wanted to pursue. The next year in 12th grade he decided to audition for the school play and won a leading role. After graduating high school in 1997 Jeff started auditioning for commercials, television shows and films. Then in the spring of 1998 he was cast in his first on camera role in a small independent film. In the fall of 1998 he wrote, direct and stared in his first short film. Over the next few years he gained experience as an actor by being cast in commercials and independent films. Jeff studied filmmaking techniques from the directors while on the sets of these productions. Jeff built his directing and producing resume with short films, music videos, commercials and television shows. Then, after deciding he wanted to focus on acting in, directing and producing movies, he formed Liahona Films, a motion picture and television production company. In September of 2002 Jeff began writing the screenplay "Blue Collar Actor," a film loosely based on his own life. In early 2003 Jeff stared in, directed and produced his first feature film "Blue Collar Actor."

Caroline Prohosky
Latter-day Saint. MA University of California, Los Angeles, 1980. Assistant Professor, Modern Dance Division and Artistic Director, The Dancers' Company at Brigham Young University (BYU). Re-choreographer and director of "Woman, the Pioneer" (1997), a film made at BYU, now available on video. "Woman, the Pioneer" is a film adaptation of a dance program which pays tribute to Latter-day Saint pioneer women, first created by Virginia Tanner for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. Choreographer/director of the short films "Seaside" (1997) and "Nocturne" (1996). Honored ACDF, 1994, for choreography: "Tongues of the Earth." Honored ACDF: "Gothic Tracery."
James Pruitt
Lives in Provo, Utah. Also credited as: Jim Pruitt. Production assistant. Set production assistant for the feature film "Geronimo: An American Legend" (1993). Story consultant, unit production manager and first assistant director for Martin Andersen's short film "Journey to Harmony" (2002). First assistant director for Andersen's short film "Follow Your Heart" (1998). Other credits include: "Alien 3", "Death Becomes Her", "Addams Family."
Mowava Pryor
Latter-day Saint. From 1989 to 1992 she was the adult host on the first 3 seasons of "MMC" (the New Mickey Mouse Club). Hal Roach was the executive producer. Her best known film role may be her major supporting role as "Zeraptah" in the big-budget 70mm film directed by Kieth Merrill for the Church: "The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000). Also had supporting roles in "Me and the Kid" (1993) and in the TV movies "Snakeeater" (1989) and "The Cover Girl Murders" (1993). Played a public defender in "Across the Moon" (1994). Had a small role in the TV movie "Dead by Midnight" (1997). Played the mayor in "No More Baths" (1998), which was made in Utah. TV guest appearances on "Touched by an Angel", "The Visitor", and "Babylon 5." Presented acting workshops at the Salt Lake City Film Festival in 2002.
Ian Puente
Latter-day Saint. Lives in New York City, New York with his wife, filmmaker Melissa Puente. Graduated with a degree in film from Brigham Young University (BYU). Now at Columbia University. Director of the short film "Dinner and a Movie." Assistant editor for the short BYU student film "The Salesman" (1999), for which Melissa Puente was the film editor. Assistant editor for the BYU/LDS Motion Picture Studio film "Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story" (1996). In 1997 he received the Best Narrative film award for his short film "Three Extreme Guys." Collaborators Rob Caldwell and Merrill Page were co-recipients of the award.
Joseph L. Puente
Latter-day Saint (convert). Lives in Utah. Joined the Church in 1983. Actor and independent filmmaker. Also credited as: Joe Puente; Joseph Puente. Websites:;;;; Bio from UFA website (
Joseph L. Puente is the President & Founder of the Utah Filmmakers Association and is also the Owner of Puente Media. He has had a lifelong interest in cinema.

Melissa Puente
Latter-day Saint. Lives in New York City, New York with her husband, filmmaker Ian Puente. Film student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Writer/director of the PBS documentary "Brides on the Homefront" (2000) and the short films "Farewell Elder Young" and "Seth." Film editor for the short film "The Salesman" (1999), directed by Matthew Janzen, for which Ian Puente was the assistant director.
Jeanette Puhich
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Jeanette Marie Puhich; Jeanette M. Puhich. Actress who has appeared in some films made in Utah. Had a supporting role as the mother in the direct-to-video movie "Someone Was Watching (2002), directed by Mark Goodman. Minor roles in the TV movies "Murder at 75 Birch" (1999) and "Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!" (1998). Has had at least 2 guest appearances on the TV series "Touched by an Angel." Has appeared in numerous Utah stage plays.
Sarah Punch
Voice work for the PBS documentary "Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail" (1997).
Ryan Purcell
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Sandy, Utah. Foley artist for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Singles Ward" (2002), Lyman Dayton's "On Our Own" (1988), Eric Hendershot's "Clubhouse Detectives" (1996) and "Message in a Cell Phone" (2000), Martin Andersen's short film "Follow Your Heart" (1998); Scott Featherstone's "Same River Twice" (1996), the Church-produced film "Nora's Christmas Gift" (1989), the IMAX film "Special Effects: Anything Can Happen" (1996), Lee Groberg's documentaries "American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith" (1999) and "Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail" (1997), the Feature Films For Families videos "The ButterCream Gang" (1991) and "The Seventh Brother" (1991). Did the sound effects for the stage play "Farley Family Xmas," at BYU, 1999. Grip for: Fear of Flying (2000); Tilt (2000); Heaven's Fire (1999); Voyage of Terror (1998); Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister (1998); Mad Love (1995); The Beans of Egypt, Maine (1994); The Chocolate War (1988). Gaffer for the TV series "The Lot" (1999). Art swing gang for the TV movie "The Heist" (1989). Assistant set decorator for "Plain Clothes" (1988). Sound mixer for the KBYU documentary "Minerva Teichert: A Mission in Paint" (1988). Sound editor for "The Faith of an Observer: Conversations with Hugh Nibley" (1985), made at BYU. Now sound editor and foley artist at Metropolis Integrated Media. Bio from their website (
As foley artist and sound editor, Ryan has over 19 years of experience. His work includes episodic television, radio and TV commercials, feature films as well as a variety of large format (IMAX) productions. Ryan's foley work has been acclaimed by leading sound designers at Skywalker Ranch and Saul Zaentz Film Center in Berkley.

Karen Pyles
Born 1923, Salt Lake City, Utah. Credited as an actress with a small role in the feature film "Carnival of Souls" (1962).
George W. Pyper
Born 6 April 1886, Salt Lake City. Died 18 January 1965, Van Nuys, California. Screenwriter of at least 40 films, including: The Drifter (1929); Outlawed (1929); Isle of Lost Men (1928); The Silent Hero (1927); A Daughter of the Sioux (1925); The Man from Lone Mountain (1925); The Riding Comet (1925); Scar Hanan (1925); The Branded Four (1920).

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