Feature Films by LDS/Mormon Filmmakers and Actors
Weekend Box Office Report (U.S. Domestic Box Office Gross)

Weekend of February 14, 2003

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Natl  Film Title                Weekend Gross
Rank  LDS/Mormon Filmmaker/Star   Total Gross Theaters Days
---  ----------------------------- -----------  -----  ----
 7   Final Destination 2             5,662,148  2,238    17
     A.J. Cook (2nd-billed actor)   36,137,621

49   The R.M.                           56,876     16    17
     Kurt Hale (writer/director)       367,216
     John E. Moyer (writer)
     Dave Hunter (producer)
     Cody Hale (composer)
     Ryan Little (cinematographer)
     Actors: Kirby Heyborne, Will Swenson,
        Britani Bateman, Tracy Ann Evans
        Merrill Dodge, Michael Birkeland,
        Maren Ord, Leroy Te'o, Curt Dousett
        Wally Joyner, etc.

57   Sweet Home Alabama                 41,506     72   143
     C. Jay Cox (screenwriter)     127,214,072

51   Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure   47,204      9   738
     Scott Swofford (producer)      14,000,310
     Reed Smoot (cinematographer)
     Sam Cardon (composer)
     Stephen L. Johnson (editor)

78   Jack Weyland's Charly               4,826      9   143
     Adam Anderegg (director)          744,541
     Jack Weyland (book author)
     Janine Gilbert (screenwriter)
     Lance Williams (producer)
     Micah Merrill (producer, film editor)
     Tip Boxell (co-producer)
     Bengt Jan Jonsson (cinematographer)
     Aaron Merrill (composer)
     Actors: Heather Beers, Jeremy Elliott,
        Adam Johnson, Jackie Winterrose Fullmer,
        Diana Dunkley, Gary Neilson, Lisa McCammon,
        Randy King, Bernie Diamond, etc.

86   Galapagos                           2,340      3  1207
     Reed Smoot (cinematographer)   13,933,922

94   Handcart                            1,912      2   129
     Kels Goodman (director/DP)         85,303
     Dave Sapp (producer)
     Mark von Bowers (screenwriter)
     Eric M. Hanson (composer)
     Actors: Jaelan Petrie, Stephanie Albach
        Chris Kendrick, Shannon Skinner,
        Gretchen Condie

98   China: The Panda Adventure            585      1   570
     Reed Smoot (cinematographer)    2,996,400

SHACKLETON'S HITS $14 MILLION - "Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure," whose Latter-day Saint makers include producer Scott Swofford, cinematographer Reed Smoot, composer Sam Cardon and film editor Stephen L. Johnson, hit the $14 million mark this week. The film is still performing very strongly for an IMAX film, playing in 9 theaters after 105 weeks in release (just over two years). This weekend, it took in $47,204, behind only "The Lion King" (special IMAX release) and "Space Station 3-D" among IMAX films reporting their box office gross.

ROGERS' NEPHI CAST - Noah Danby is set to play Nephi in Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon feature film. Nephi is now cast and coming in the next couple of days the cast for Joseph Smith when he was younger and older. Previously cast as Sam (Nephi's brother) is Kirby Heyborne, star of the current hit "The R.M.", playing in theaters across Utah and coming soon to Idaho, Arizona, and more. Nephi's wife is played by Jacque Gray, the lead actress in "God's Army," which opened two weeks ago in Mexico. The movie also stars Richard Clifford ("Brigham City"), Brooks Utley (featured in the upcoming movie "Day of Defense"), Bruce Newbold, Jan Broberg Felt, and more. Shooting is scheduled to begin next month. See the official website for more information, including a bio of Noah Danby.

THE R.M., Kurt Hale's second Latter-day Saint-themed feature comedy, took in another $100,000 during the week, bringing its total to $367,216 just 17 days after being released. The movie cost a reported $400,000 to make, with an additional $100,000 for P&A. "The R.M." remains in 6th place on the box office chart among LDS Cinema movies, but it passed by Sterling Van Wagenen's LDS-directed "Alan and Naomi" (1992) and James Merendino's Utah-based "SLC Punk!" (1999) this week. By next weekend "The R.M." box office total is expected to surpass the $405,182 grossed by Blair Treu's "Little Secrets," last year's nationally-released film which was made in Utah by a largely Latter-day Saint cast and crew. "Jack Weyland's Charly" is still in release, now with a box office total of $744,541. "Charly" is still scheduled to open in dozens of markets nationwide, and "The R.M." has not yet begun the bulk of its outside-Utah openings. It remains to be seen whether Hale's new comedy will overtake the Jack Weyland adaptation. Meanwhile, "Handcart" continues to open in new venues, playing in 2 to 4 theaters per weekend. Its box office total passed $85,000 over the weekend.

CHARLY LISTINGS - "Jack Weyland's Charly" is currently playing or scheduled to play this month in the following locations: Arizona (Gilbert, Mesa); California (Brea, Irvine); Idaho (Boise, Idaho Falls); Nevada (Las Vegas); Oregon (Beaverton, Hillsboro, Ontario, Portland, Salem); Washington (Puyallup, Redmond, Renton, Spokane, Vancouver); Wyoming (Lyman).

HANDCART LISTINGS - Idaho (Center Twin in Idaho Falls: Now playing as a double feature with "Charly"); Arizona (Towne Square Theater in St. Johns, opens Feb. 21; El Rio Theater in Springerville, opens Feb. 28); Virginia (Regal Virginia Center in Richmond: one week only starting Feb. 28; director Kels Goodman will be at the opening); Utah (Reel Theater in Richfield); Showhouse Theater in Othello, opens Feb. 28).

SHAPE OF THINGS REPORT - A report on LaBute's "The Shape of Things", shown at Sundance and coming in May to theaters. Sundance correspondent Cody Clark took in a press screening of The Shape of Things and offers this report:

SUDDENLY UNEXPECTED UPDATE - The editing is complete for "Suddenly Unexpected" Foley work and scoring is underway right now. Insiders report the cast was remarkable. Michael Judd and Jerald Garner are wonderful in the movie's starring roles as Elder Smith and Elder Jones, and they are surround by a strong supporting cast. Houston-based actress Junie Hoang gives a stand-out performance as the daughter, subsumed in a delightful pitch-perfect character role unlike any of her previous film characters. Our source tells us: "LDS audiences are going to enjoy 'Suddenly Unexpected'. Those that have seen parts of it always start laughing."

LYDE'S NEW FILM/ACTORS NEEDED FOR NEXT - John Lyde's new film "In the Service of God" will soon be released in stores. Distributors are just waiting for it to be returned from duplicators. There are already pre-orders by stores. This is Lyde's second commercial release, after his phenomenal success with "The Field is White," which he spent about $100 to make (in addition to equipment he already had). "The Field is White" is currently Thomson Production's 5th best selling DVD and 8th best selling video, after films such as Ryan Little's theatrically released "Out of Step" and Mark Goodman's brand new "Someone Was Watching." Lyde's website also has completely new information about his upcoming feature film "The Collectors," whose D.P. is Kels Goodman ("Handcart").

WILLIAMS TO SCORE BIG SHIRA FILM - Alan Williams, most recently heard as the composer of "Miss Lettie and Me", the TV movie a few months ago starring Tom Selleck, is scoring the upcoming Bill Shira film with an all-star (at least as far as Utah is concerned) cast. Every day for many years now Alan Williams-scored movies have played in IMAX theaters, as he is the composer of "Kilimanjaro: Mountain of Many Faces" (2002), "Mark Twain's America" (1998), and the Academy Award-nominated "Amazon" (1997), and "Island of the Sharks" (1999), some of which are always playing in at least a few theaters. By our estimates, Williams-scored IMAX films have grossed more than $20 million nationwide, and more worldwide. Williams is also the composer of the animated feature film "The Princess and the Pea" (2001), coming soon to theaters. Two years ago his movie "Soul Assassin" (2001) was released in theaters in Europe. He has also scored direct-to-video movies, documentaries and TV series. Shira's film, which stars Tayva Patch, Rick Macy, Connie Young, Jaelen Petrie, Marvin Payne and many others has yet to announce a release date. The choice of Alan Williams for the musical score seems to be another indication that Shira is going all-out on his commitment to a quality project. We don't know if the story is audience-friendly or not (we know nothing of the plot), but this could end up being the most critically acclaimed LDS cinema movie of the year.

POOLHALL JUNKIES - Very nice website is now online for the upcoming feature film "Poolhall Junkies." See The movies stars Rick Schroder, the actor best known for his starring roles as a child on the popular sitcom "Silver Spoons" and as an adult for 2 years opposite Dennis Franz on the popular police drama "NYPD Blue." Schroder, whose wife is a Latter-day Saint, lives in Colorado. "Poolhall Junkies" begins its theatrical release in limited cities on Feb. 28, then opens in more cities on March 21. The movie premiered at the CineVegas International Film Festival. Prolific Utah character actor Frank Gerrish has a part in "Poolhall Junkies." Gerrish, who played the Hispanic contruction foreman in "Brigham City," was recently seen in the Sundance Film Festival screenings of Selma Hayek's directorial debut "The Maldonado Miracle." Latter-day Saint filmmaker Spanky Dustin Ward was a production assistant for "Poolhall Junkies." Ward was the first assistant director for the upcoming Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Day of Defense." Ward's short film "Number 9" received an Audience Choice Award at the 2002 LDS Film Festival. A number of other Utah and/or Latter-day Saint film crew members worked on "Poolhall Junkies," including Steadicam operator Don Muirhead. Casting was assisted by Jeff Johnson, the Utah-based actor and casting director whose casting credits include Little Secrets (2002); Double Teamed (2002); Hounded (2001); Just a Dream (2001); The Poof Point (2001) and many more. Johnson played "Garcia", Tayva Patch's FBI agent-in-training partner in "Brigham City." The production budget for "Poolhall Junkies" was $4 million.

EXTRAS NEEDED - Starling Productions is looking for extras for their next upcoming production which will be filmed in Utah. Accepting headshots until Feb 20 they are looking for: Caucasian, 4 person family, (boy and a girl ages 8-6 and up), (parents 40-ish); Seniors ages 50 to 65. Send Headshots to: Starling Productions/ PO Box 690998/ Orlando FL, 32869.

ECTO AUDITIONS - Here are the details for the audition for Latter-day Saint filmmaker Jared S. Buttars's science fiction action comedy "Ecto." All this can be found on the site and it should be stressed that everyone is to register for an audition on that site to get a time slot and guaranteed audition. These are non-paid roles. Shooting: August 9th - August 23rd. Shooting Locations: Wasatch front and surrounding areas. Audition material provided at audition. Speaking parts include:
Benny: 27-34 year old male. Short. Pudgy.
Southam: 27-34 year old male. Average to muscular build. Average height.
Elison: 27-34 year old male. Thin. Tall.
Russo: 27-34 year old male. Average build. Average height.
Barker: 25-30 year old male. Tall. Dark hair. Dark eyes.
Tim: 30-40 year old male. Large frame. Heavy voice.
Virgil: 27-37 year old male. Small. Wiry. Gay lisp.
Southam (age 12): 11-14 year old male. Average to muscular build. Average height.
Elison (age 12): 11-14 year old male. Thin. Small to average height.
Russo (age 12): 11-14 year old male. Thin. Small to average height.
Barker (age 13): 12-15 year old male. Tall. Thin. Dark hair.
Blit: N/A age female. Short (under 5ft). Thin. Dance ability.
Comic Book Guy: 30-38 year old male. Yes, "The Simpsons" character. Look-alike.
Woman: 27-34 year old female.
Messenger: N/A age male. Heavy voice.

* * *

POSSESSION RELEASED ON VIDEO/DVD: Neil LaBute's 4th feature film, "Possession," was released on video and DVD on Tuesday, 11 February 2003. As probably everyone knows, "Possession" is LaBute's adaptation of the immensely popular same-titled novel by A.S. Byatt. The story opens with Roland (Aaron Eckhart) discovering previously unknown letters written by the subject of his studies, renowned (fictional) poet Randolph Henry Ash, who is famous for his life-long devotion to his wife and his writing dedicated to her. The letters were written to another 19th century English poet, Christabel LaMotte, who was thought to have been committed to her relationship with a female painter. Roland seeks out the preeminent authority on LaMotte to investigate these findings further. The researcher is an icy British academic played by Gwenyth Paltrow. They investigate the history-changing connection between Ash and LaMotte, retracing a trip the two poets took together. The barriers between the researchers melt and their relationship mirrors in some ways the relationship between their research subjects. This is both a mystery and a love story. Scenes of the 19th century are interspersed with the contemporary story of the researchers learning about it. One of LaBute's greatest accomplishments with "Possession" is the fact that this acclaimed but dense and complicated book is rendered quite understandable on film.

"Possession" is an impressive and accomplished work of cinematic art. Its production budget was a reported $25 million, and this shows up on the screen. The cinematography is elegant and appropriate. The acting is world-class. Academy Award-winner Gwenyth Paltrow stars and her talent is matched by LaBute's fellow BYU graduate Aaron Eckhart. The movie was filmed on location in England, much of it in real locations specified in the book, such as the London Library.

This is not necessarily an "easy" movie to get into. It starts off slow and it never serves up a car chase or explosion. It really is about poets and literary research. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and will certainly watch it again. This is an amazingly romantic movie. It is sincere, not schmaltzy. It is nice that the movie is not shallow or hollow. Although not overtly religious, there are are a number of intriguing themes and ideas. After some slow going in the opening scenes my interest was really engaged and I was drawn into the parallel love stories. There is no question that the quality of filmmaking here is higher than can be found in any LDS Cinema movies, even Dutcher's "Brigham City" or Davis' "The Other Side of Heaven." This is not only because of the movie's $25 million production budget. LaBute is a very talented director and screenwriter, but this isn't the only reason. The source material was top-rate (Byatt's book won the Booker Prize). Another major factor is the talent of the two leads, Gwenyth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhart. With seeming ease they manage to make wonderful and watchable characters out of two literary researchers.

Although an all-around excellent movie, I can see in "Possession" the limitations that prevented it from garnering more critics' awards than it did. Although a wide-open film set in various locales in England and France, it does lack the sheer scope of movies such as "The Twin Towars" and "Gangs of New York." But I would heartily recommend this to fans of Latter-day Saint filmmaking, not because its themes are necessarily specific to our interests, but because the level of LaBute's craft is something to relish and aspire to.

* * *

SAINTS OF WAR CASTING NEWS: The official website for the upcoming Latter-day Saint-themed war epic "The Saints of War," directed by critically acclaimed director Ryan Little, has been revamped.

The cast has been announced, topped by Latter-day Saint Hollywood actor and recently returned missionary Corbin Allred. Allred, who starred in "Diamonds" with Kirk Douglas and Dan Akroyd, as well as in numerous made-for-video movies and TV series, thus becomes the best known active Latter-day Saint mainstream actor ever to star in an "LDS Cinema" movie. Wilford Brimley, who is a bigger star than Allred, previously starred in "Brigham City," but he is not a churchgoer. Actor Gordon Jump is better known than Allred, but his appearance in "The Singles Ward" was only a brief cameo. When "The Saints of War" hits movie screens, Allred will be the first actor to have appeared in a marquee/above-the-title role in BOTH a mainstream theatrically distributed movie ("Diamonds") AND an LDS Cinema movie.

"The Saints of War", however, is NOT Allred's first Latter-day Saint-themed film. He previously starred in "Christmas Mission," a half-hour direct-to-video film produced by Greggory Peck. "Christmas Mission," along with the even better film "Only Once" (directed by Rocco DeVilliers) are now sold on a single DVD (both films feature directors' commentaries) available at LDS bookstores (as well as LDS Video Store for $17.45, free shipping).

Receiving 2nd billing in "The Saints of War" is California-based Latter-day Saint actor Larry Bagby III. Best known for his regular role as GLBT highschool student "Larry" on the popular TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Bagby has appeared on numerous other TV series and had a small (very small) role as a police officer in the opening drive-through-L.A. montage sequence in "God's Army." Bagby has starred in a few independent films which did not receive theatrical distribution. "The Saints of War" is his first major role in a theatrically released film.

Listed 3rd on the site is already-announced "Saints of War" star Kirby Heyborne, returning to screens in the war epic after starring in the title role in "The R.M." and having a major supporting role in "The Singles Ward." Heyborne also has a small role in the Nathan Smith Jones/Richard Dutcher movie "The Work and the Story," opening August 15th, and he plays Nephi's brother Sam in Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie.

Then there is Peter Holden, the talented actor best known for playing "Mr. Rigg" (Jenny's dance instructor) in Ryan Little's feature directorial debut "Out of Step."

The leads are rounded out by "Alex Niver", who I've never heard of either, but apparently he had a lead role in the sitcom "Charles in Charge" and the "Starship Troopers" Animated Series. The "Saints of War" webiste lists his name as "Alex Niver," but lists him as "Alexander Polinsky."

Listed as crew: Ryan Little is the writer/director. Adam Able is the producer. J. Bateman and Bart Hendrickson are the composers.

If the "The Saints of War" is completed and gets into theaters by Fall 2003 (the site's stated release time), it would compete to become the most critically-acclaimed LDS Cinema movie of 2003. It will have to compete for such a title with Kurt Hale's "The R.M.", which, similarly to "Saints of War", was a director's sophomore effort. Among LDS Cinema, "The R.M." is currently second only to "Brigham City" (and just ahead of "Out of Step") when the grades given by movie reviewers are averaged. But ignoring the grades, many critical/literary types would probably put "Out of Step" ahead of "The R.M." One achievement that has so far eluded "Saints of War" director Ryan Little is box office success. Although "Out of Step" is selling briskly on video/DVD, the movie's theatrical release went largely unnoticed and "Out of Step" was the lowest or second-to-lowest performing LDS Cinema movie to date.

Other movies which we expect will be released in 2003 are "Day of Defense", "The Work and the Story", "Suddenly Unexpected", and Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie, all from directors marking their feature film directorial debut. If judged purely on the director's experience, "The R.M." is the only 2003 release in the same league as "The Saints of War."

Also in the works are "The Best Two Years of My Life" (starring Kirby Heyborne), "Baptists At Our Barbecue" (based on Robert Farrell Smith's LDS novel), and Tucker T. Dansie's "Love Logs On," any of which might be finished in 2003, but none of which are as far along in their production cycles.

* * *

LATTER-DAY SAINTS IN SUPERHERO MOVIES: With the release of "Daredevil" (starring Ben Affleck) we turn our attention to "superhero" movies. The Box Office Mojo website has compiled a list (see below) of superhero movies. Their list is a little broader than you might expect, as it features costumed heroes not only from contemporary comics (Superman, Batman, Spider-Man), but also from yesteryear (The Lone Ranger, Zorro) and the future (Flash Gordon, Judge Dredd), and powered heroes who don't don costumes (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). But, by and large, the list is pretty much comic book-based heroes.

"Daredevil," of course, is not at all a Latter-day Saint movie. But it DOES have religious themes. The title character is Catholic, and about a 4th of the movie takes place within a Catholic church. The movie's Daredevil routinely goes to the church to attend confessional. He isn't exactly a perfect Catholic, however, as he occasionally kills bad guys (or allows them to be killed when he could easily save them), and he seems to have not mastered the law of chastity. At one point he chooses to ignore a mugging victim's pleas for help so that he can sleep with Elektra (not so active Greek Orthodox) on their first date.

Only one superhero movie on the list features a Latter-day Saint protagonist, and it's a movie many would prefer did not exist: "Orgazmo" written and directed by Trey Parker of "South Park" fame also stars Parker in the title role as a Latter-day Saint missionary serving a full time mission who becomes an "adult film" star and a superhero. It's second-to-the-last on the list in terms of box office performance, which means, thankfully, relatively few people saw it. One person who at least heard of it was Richard Dutcher, who has cited his dismay over "Orgazmo" as part of the inspiration for him to make "God's Army," the movie which sparked the modern LDS Cinema genre.

Although he played one in his movie, Trey Parker is not and never has been a Latter-day Saint.

The only Latter-day Saint actor to star in the title role in a superhero movie on the list is the ill-fated Klinton Spilsbury, who won the title role in "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" (1981). The movie and his performance were skewered by critics, and Spilsbury never had another movie role. (For the record, the "Klinton Spilsbury" given a sound credit in the 2001 movie "Lethal Force" is a joke and a nome de plume. He is not actually the actor who played the Lone Ranger, and the references to Spilsbury on the movie's website are intended to be taken in jest, an big of homage paid to the actor whose career went so poorly that he became an almost mythical figure.)

Latter-day Saint actress Michele Abrams had a the 6th-billed role as Buffy's friend "Jennifer Walkens" in the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" feature film (1992). Abrams received billing over Buffy's other friend, played by Hilary Swank. The "Buffy" movie later spawned an even more popular TV series, which would star non-churchgoing Latter-day Saint actress Eliza Dushku as Buffy's fellow slayer "Faith," and feature Latter-day Saint actor Larry Bagby III as Buffy's high school friend "Larry Blaisedale." (Bagby will soon be seen as the star of the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Saints of War.") A number of Latter-day Saint actors had guest spots on the "Buffy" series, including Mark Deakins ("Star Trek: Insurrection", "How Rare a Possession") and Carlos Amezcua.

Although Latter-day Saint actor Cam Clarke starred as "Leonardo" in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" TV series, video games, and a number of direct-to-video animated movies, he was NOT the actor behind Leonardo in the live-action "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" movies listed below.

Latter-day Saint actor Paul Tuerpe had a small role in the 1978 "Superman" movie, starring Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman.

"The Crow" (1994) and "The Crow: City of Angels" (1996) are listed below. Not listed is the direct-to-video sequel "The Crow: Salvation," which was filmed in Salt Lake City and featured numerous Latter-day Saint and Utah actors, including David Stevens ("Punch-Drunk Love"), Britt Leary ("Only Once"), Kylee Cochran ("Cage in Box Elder"), Aaron Yun ("Twice Today"), Tony Larimer, Joey Miyashima ("Little Secrets"), Gabrielle Woods ("Bug Off!"), Curley Green, and Jeff Olson.

Latter-day Saint filmmaker Boyd Kirkland was also a sequence director for the animated feature film "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" (1993), which grossed $5.6 million in theaters and was widely considered superior to the live action Batman movies. Not on this list -- because it was released directly to video -- is the animated feature film "Batman and Mr. Freeze: SubZero" (1998), written, produced and directed Kirkland.

Latter-day Saint movie star Terry Moore had a recurring role as the villainess "Venus" on the classic and campy 1960s "Batman" TV series. Latter-day Saint actress Marie Windsor had a recurring role as "Nellie Majors" on the same series.

"Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" is on the list below. Another Power Rangers movie was directed by Latter-day Saint director Blair Treu ("Little Secrets", "Wish Upon a Star", etc.), but went straight to video and so is not listed below.

The 1998 movie "The Mask of Zorro" starring Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins was NOT made by Latter-day Saints, but it is worth noting that Disney's "Zorro" TV series in the 1950s and the Disney live movies "Zorro, the Avenger" (1960) and "The Sign of Zorro" (1960) -- all of which played a major role in popularizing the character -- were produced by none other than Smithfield, Utah native Bill Anderson. So if Zorro's clean-cut attire and ultra-honorable code of ethics has ever seemed rather Mormon to you, there's a good reason for this.

Finally, Latter-day Saint artist James Carson was an illustrator for the highest-grossing superhero movie, "Spider-Man," and he is now working on its sequel, "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2004), and Ang Lee's "The Hulk." He also worked on "Batman Forever" (1995).

  1  Spider-Man                       $403,706,375
  2  Batman                           $251,188,924
  3  Batman Forever                   $184,031,112
  4  Batman Returns                   $162,831,698
  5  X-Men                            $157,299,718
  6  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles     $135,265,915
  7  Superman                         $134,218,018
  8  Superman II                      $108,185,706
  9  Batman and Robin                 $107,325,195
 10  Unbreakable                       $95,011,339
 11  The Mask of Zorro                 $94,095,523
 12  Blade II                          $82,348,319
 13  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles      $78,656,813
 14  Blade                             $70,095,974
 15  Superman III                      $59,950,623
 16  Spawn                             $54,969,564
 17  The Crow                          $50,691,685
 18  The Rocketeer                     $46,704,056
 19  Daredevil                         $43,500,000
 20  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III  $42,273,609
 21  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers      $38,187,431
 22  Judge Dredd                       $34,693,581
 23  Darkman                           $33,878,502
 24  The Shadow                        $32,063,435
 25  Mystery Men                       $29,762,011
 26  Flash Gordon                      $27,107,960
 27  The Crow: City of Angels          $17,917,287
 28  The Phantom                       $17,323,216
 29  Buffy the Vampire Slayer          $16,624,456
 30  Hero at Large                     $15,934,737
 31  Superman IV: The Quest for Peace  $15,681,020
 32  Iron Monkey                       $14,694,904
 33  Supergirl                         $14,296,438
 34  The Legend of the Lone Ranger     $12,617,845
 35  Black Mask                        $12,504,289
 36  The Powerpuff Girls               $11,412,414
 37  Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie       $8,363,899
 38  The Meteor Man                     $8,016,708
 39  Blankman                           $7,941,977
 40  Sheena                             $5,778,353
 41  Batman: Mask of the Phantasm       $5,617,391
 42  Tank Girl                          $4,047,846
 43  Barb Wire                          $3,793,614
 44  Steel                              $1,710,972
 45  Orgazmo                              $602,302
 46  The Specials                          $13,276

* * *


Wolf Productions presents "War in Heaven." Need 300 EXTRAS! Extras need to provide their own white clothing (and black clothing for "evil spirits"). Major roles still available: Christ, Archangels, Adam and Eve, an Heavenly Father (35+ years old). Shooting will be on July 12. Please contact Stephen Groo for audition or more information at or call ###-#### before 9:30 p.m.

Final Cut 2003: VHS copies are due Feb. 20, and Mini DV re due March 3. Contact Roxanna Boyer with questions (422-6242). Final Cut 2003 will be held March 18-22. Long venues will be shown separately but will not be judged.

Congratulations to the Irene Ryan Semi-finalists from BYU! Our department has 4 semi-finalists advancing at ACTF this week: Clay Bunker, Janel Crane, Cameron Hopkin, and Laura Reyna.

Media Arts Students: The documentary "Truth and Conviction: The Helmuth Hubener Story" will beon BYU TV on Feb. 21 at 9 p.m. This film was partially funded by a CFAC Production Grant and MA faculty advised. We invite you to view this film.

Brad Barber's "Troy through a Window" wil be presented at a special one-time screening at the Tower Theatre in Salt Lake (876 E. 900 S.) on Saturday afternoon, March 1, at 1 p.m. Admission is $5 and there will be a Q and A session to follow. The film explores a Mormon family's attempt at understanding the homosexuality of one of its members.

American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre in L.A. presents The Best of the 2003 Slamdance Film Festival on February 13 featuring "The Snell Show," directed by BYU student Andrew Black, winner of the Grand Jury Award for Best Short.

"The Last Hope" is the winning script of the Feature Script Competition of the LDS Film Festival. Congratulations to writer Emily Stephens -- recent BYU graduate now living in Los Angeles. 2nd and 3rd place went to Ben Gourley and Hubbel Palmer.

LDS Independent Production Company is looking for full-length feature LDS screenplays. Please send a treatment by mail to: 1424 South Stapley Drive, Suite 222, Mesa, AZ 85204, Attn: Kimberly Nelson

Starling Productions will be executing a still photo and video shoot in the Park City area towards the end of February. We are presently seeking males (35-65), female (35-65) and children (6-17). Please send headshots to P.O. Box 690998,Orlando, FL 32869. Deadline for submission is Feb. 19. Email questions to

Rock Bottom Films is looking for extras that can work all day on Saturday, Feb. 22. You can volunteer for day or evening or both. Meals will be provided. Contact Skyler Hawker at 787-6777 to sign up or for more information.

Young Men who are interested in being soldiers for a WWII feature film directed by Ryan Little, starring Corbin Allred and Kirby Heyborne, and produced by Brian Brough are needed for a local, one-day shoot sometime before Feb. 19. Because of limited uniform sizes, please email your height, weight, waist, pant inseam, shirt, and shoe size along with your contact information to

First Annual Ruth and Nathan Hale Comedy Writing Awards are calling for entries. The competition, designed to inspire playwrights to pen new three-act family-friendly comedies, offers a $1,000 top prize and a reading of the winning entry. We are hoping that the competition will help supplement the creative work taking place at BYU. All scripts must be turned into the Hale Center in West Valley by April 30. Questions? Call 801-984-9000.