Feature Films by LDS/Mormon Filmmakers and Actors
Weekend Box Office Report (U.S. Domestic Box Office Gross)

Weekend of August 15, 2003

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Natl  Film Title                Weekend Gross
Rank  LDS/Mormon Filmmaker/Star   Total Gross Theaters Days
---  ----------------------------- -----------  -----  ----
 2   S.W.A.T.                       18,122,486  3,220    10
     Latter-day Saint character     69,672,843

15   Le Divorce                        942,594    180    10
     Matthew Modine (actor)          1,688,798

36   2 Fast 2 Furious                  177,310    238    73
     Paul Walker (lead actor)      126,236,060

52   Wrong Turn                         27,323     51    80
     Eliza Dushku (lead actor)      15,312,960

56   Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure   21,698      8   920
     Scott Swofford (producer)      15,133,057
     Reed Smoot (cinematographer)
     Sam Cardon (composer)
     Stephen L. Johnson (editor)

65   Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man   10,758      4  1193
     Reed Smoot (cinematographer)   15,490,968

81   China: The Panda Adventure          3,186      3   752
     Reed Smoot (cinematographer)    3,326,460

87   The R.M.                            1,895      3   199
     Kurt Hale (writer/director)     1,054,148
     John E. Moyer (writer)
     Dave Hunter (producer)
     Cody Hale (composer)
     Ryan Little (cinematographer)
     Actors: Kirby Heyborne, Will Swenson,
        Britani Bateman, Tracy Ann Evans
        Merrill Dodge, Michael Birkeland,
        Maren Ord, Leroy Te'o, Curt Dousett
        Wally Joyner, etc.

88   Cremaster 3                         1,856      2   115
     Mathew Barney                     421,149

91   Galapagos                           1,368      2  1389
     Reed Smoot (cinematographer)   14,051,144

SUDDENLY UNEXPECTED HELD OVER - Mark Potter's indie film "Suddenly Unexpected," about two LDS missionaries (one black, one white, although that has nothing to do with the plot) serving in Houston (which also has nothing to do with the plot) has been held over for a second week in the theater where it premiered last week, Houston's Nova Meyerland Theater. Mark Potter (no relation to Harry Potter) reports that the and will be shown again on Thursday at 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and Monday night at 7 p.m. again. The theater reported that it was the top-selling movie in its time slot every time it played.

* * *

BOOK OF MORMON MOVIE SCREENING - A screening of the movie was held August 11th for investors and friends. The filmmakers report that nobody had any problem with the content and the movie's treatment of the scriptures.

Given that the movie has closely adhered to the original text, within reasonable limits of its medium, this is likely not to be a major problem for it. Based on feedback we've seen so far, from people who haven't even seen the movie, I believe audience response seems almost guaranteed to be very positive.

What critics will say is anyone's guess at this point. Some film critics wrote reviews of the movie before it began filming. Hopefully they will be willing to give the movie a fresh look when they actually see it -- and hate it, like it, or be indifferent to it based on its own merits rather than any preconceptions they have about Latter-day Saints, Jews or this project in particular.

One thing I think nobody will disagree with, the source material is quite rich, and has a lot of potential. 1st Nephi alone is also a more challenging, complex story than what is found in 95% of Hollywood movies. To tackle such subject matter as first feature film is insane, or inspired, or maybe a little of both.

The soundtrack CD will soon be shipping to customers who ordered it from the official Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie website:

Other stores will soon carry this ground-breaking CD as well, which features a full-bodied orchestral score recorded in Prague, composed by classical music composer Robert C. Bowden. The score was orchestrated by popular musician and songwriter Kurt Bestor, and lesser known film composers Aaron Merrill ("Charly") and Thomas C. Baggaley ("Unfolding").

EARLY REVIEW OF "THE BOOK OF MORMON MOVIE" - Read Kyle Monson's review for the Daily Universe, headlined "Book of Mormon movie has it all: ups and downs" at:

"Moviemakers believe in miracles" -
"Scriptures hit the silver screen" -
"Book of Mormon Story" -

* * *

LATTER-DAY SAINT CHARACTER IN S.W.A.T - Apparently there is a Latter-day Saint character in "S.W.A.T." which opened in the number one spot last week and this week fell only to the number two spot. We haven't seen this movie, but according to reports, a comic relief character - one of the cops in the film - converted to Morminism when he married to make his wife happy. Apparently (and we are not making this up) he cheats on his wife and his religion by eating junk food while he's at work, which is supposedly against Latter-day Saint doctrine - and from what we've read, they're not just limiting that to the Dr. Pepper he drinks, but his fries and cheeseburger too. All we can say to this is "Huh?" By the way, S.W.A.T. is rated PG-13 for violence, language and sexual references - we assume none of this coming from what appears to be an extremely clean-living Latter-day Saint character. RadioFree Rocky D, writer of an Internet-based movie review column titled "Politically Incorrect Movie Reviews," which is published in the e-zine "Sierra Times" spent a good four paragraphs ( ranting about the Latter-day Saint character and apparently coming to the defense of Latter-day Saints everywhere in his review of "S.W.A.T." Here's a sample of what he writes: (Warning for the faint of heart: You would never find a similar writing style to his in the Deseret Morning News - it is rather abrasive, and in deriding the filmmakers' treatment of Latter-day Saints, the reviewer also reveals his own lack of knowledge about Latter-day Saints. But then, the title "Politically Incorrect Movie Reviews" should have prepared you for that.)

[Quote] More PC SWAT pishposh can be seen in a fat little comic foil character that manages the SWAT-sters equipment cage. This roly-poly, balding whitey informs us that he converted to Mormonism to make his wife happy. At work, he swills food and drinks forbidden by Mormon law. "Don't tell muh wife ah'm doin' this -- she'd have muh head; hyuck hyuck hyuck," chortles our portly pseudo-Mormon. Meanwhile, "Street" makes a few snide comments about the silliness of Mormonism. Now visualize the liberals wringing their hands and weeping if they changed the Mormon into an American Injun and "Street" was making fun of him praying to the God of the Wind while swinging a human scalp over his head. Imagine the squealing from the ADL if it was Jewish guy who snuck a pork chop into his lunch bucket as his work mate made sport of Jewish tradition.

I guess there aren't enough Mormons to mount a protest. How big is the Osmond family, anyway? Not that Hollyweird would listen. Mormons are whiteys; therefore not sacred.
[End Quote]

Actually, this depiction of Latter-day Saints in a Hollywood movie is an improvement over what one usually finds.

ADD THE SCREEN-IT.COM PARENTAL REVIEW - also mentions the treatment of the Latter-day Saint character in their review for parents, which lists in detail anything in the film that parents might find offensive and not want their children to see. Here's what they say about the Latter-day Saints character: "Some Mormons might not like the portrayal of a Mormon cop who's always sneaking junk food in secret from his wife and religious practice." See:

Doctrinal inaccuracies aside, I don't think you're going to see Latter-day Saints forming picket lines in front of theaters to protest this one. We're too busy making movies like "The Singles Ward," "The R.M." and "The Work and the Story" before all the good LDS jokes are taken by films like "S.W.A.T."

AYER IS LIKELY THE SOURCE OF "S.W.A.T." LDS REFERENCES - Perhaps here's the source of the Latter-day Saint references in "S.W.A.T."... The co-screenwriter of "S.W.A.T." was David Ayer. Ayer also was the sole screenwriter of "Training Day," in which Denzel's Washington character makes a reference to Latter-day Saints and the Word of Wisdom, when he questions if his partner is a Latter-day Saint when his partner refuses to use illegal drugs.

As far as we know Ayer is not a Latter-day Saint, but 2 references to Latter-day Saint observation of the Word of Wisdom, both with identical viewpoints on the matter (sincerely views Latter-day Saints as people who stringently keep the Word of Wisdom) would seem to NOT be a coincidence. David Ayer, who was born in 1968 in Champain, Illinois, is the screenwriter of:
- S.W.A.T. (2003)
- Dark Blue (2002)
- Training Day (2001)
- The Fast and the Furious (2001)
- U-571 (2000)

Ayer was also the co-producer of "Training Day." Interestingly enough, "The Fast and the Furious" starred once active Latter-day Saint actor Paul Walker in the lead role.

* * *

THE WORD ON "BEST TWO YEARS" - We've heard form a few people, including directors, who were at yesterday's screening of "The Best Two Years," the upcoming feature film being distributed by HaleStorm Entertainment, a big screen adaptation of Scott Anderson's very popular stage play (available on video). The consensus seems to be that B2Y is one of the best LDS Cinema movies made yet. One thing that is no surprise is that the cinematography is great... Gordon Lonsdale did "Space: Above and Beyond," for pity's sake... the man turns out mighty fine celluloid. He's one of the most experienced DPs ever to photograph an LDS Cinema film. Also singled out has been Kirby Heyborne's performance, called by some the best of his career, and an acting job that clearly marks him as the most talented of a talented cast. With Heyborne having the lead role in "The R.M.," a starring role in "Saints and Soldiers," a supporting role in Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie, and a supporting role in "The Work and the Story," it's almost a sure bet that Heyborne will be a star of the year's top-grossing LDS Cinema film, and the year's most critically acclaimed LDS cinema film. There's not much coming out right now that he isn't a big part of. Fortunately for all the other actors, Heyborne has left the building. He has already declined major LDS Cinema parts and will probably turn up as the next James Bond after Pierce Brosnan steps down or something.

BEST TWO YEARS RELEASE DATE MOVED BACK - According to the Deseret News, and according to people who went to the screening and heard HaleStorm announce the date change, the theatrical release of "The Best Two Years" has been pushed back from October 10th to February 2004. The official web page for "Day of Defense" still says THAT movie is premiering on Oct. 10th, but it will likely be alone in doing so.

BEST TWO YEARS OFFICIAL WEBSITE - The official website for "Best Two Years" is now online. Looks pretty cool. The URL is: This official URL actual auto-forwards to the movie's official webpage on the HaleStorm Entertainment website.

* * *

SAINTS AND SOLDIERS IN FESTIVALS - NOTE: "Saints and Soldiers" is the upcoming LDS Cinema release that industry insiders believe has the best chance to exceed the quality of "Brigham City" and set a new high water mark in LDS Cinema. The Latter-day Saint-themed WWII movie stars Kirby Heyborne ("The R.M."), Larry Bagby III ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") and Corbin Allred ("Diamonds", "Christmas Mission"). Latter-day Saint actor Corbin Allred (who served his mission in Australia) plays the movie's one major Latter-day Saint character - a character who served a mission to Germany just before the war. Although his religious affiliation is not identified by name in the movie, a number of clues are provided so that Latter-day Saint audiences will instantly recognize his Church membership. More than any LDS Cinema film before it, "Saints and Soldiers" is being accepted into the nation's prestigious film festivals. Here's a note from the producer (Adam Abel):

[QUOTE] There is an opportunity for each of you to get an early preview of the film. We have submitted Saints and Soldiers to 20+ film festivals through out North America. We are beginning to hear back from each of them. As of 8/11/03 we will be showing at the following festivals:
- Telluride Indie Film Festival -
- Big Bear Lake International Film Festival -
- Temecula Valley International Film Festival -
- San Diego Film Festival -

Visit each of their websites to learn more about when, where and how to see the film.

Adam Abel has worked on TONS of LDS Cinema movies in the past, but with this movie sports his first credit as full-fledged PRODUCER on a feature film.

In calling "Saints and Soldiers" the film most likely (but by no means guaranteed) to become the new benchmark in cinematic quality among LDS Cinema and set a new record for response by movie critics... A lot of this is simply the numbers. It's Little's 2nd feature film. Everything else that is coming out over the next few months is the work of directors helming their first feature film (except "The Home Teachers," which should be a box office success and audience pleaser, just not a darling of the critics). So it's just the math. 2nd time vs. 1st time. And "Out of Step" was phenomenally good, especially given the conditions.

Plus, there's the plot. Give reviewers a movie about guys in period costumes shooting at each other, vs. a movie about Mormon missionaries, a story from Scripture, a comedy about home teaching, or BYU students getting engaged... it's not hard to predict what they'll gravitate towards.

* * *

THE COLLECTORS TO PREMIERE AT THE SCERA - John Lyde's feature film "The Collectors" will premiere on the big screen at the SCERA Theater in Orem, Utah.

The movie was made by an almost entirely LDS cast and crew, but is NOT an LDS Cinema movie. It is an action packed, but essentially family-friendly, martial arts movie. Director John Lyde has helmed many films before, including the feature-length "The Field is White" (about missionaries) and the short romantic comedy film "In the Service of God" (about love, adventure and home teaching). Both of these films are available on DVD and video from LDS bookstores worldwide.

"The Collectors" was photographed by cinematographer Kels Goodman, and looks fantastic. One of the compelling aspects of the movie is the extremely authentic, realistic martial arts. No "wire-fu" or computer-generated fisticuffs. Everything you see is really the actors and martial artists doing what they really can do. Some of the nation's top martial artists are featured in the movie.

Yet this isn't just a brain-dead action flick. Think Eisenstein crossed with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee with the best parts of The Matrix, Philip K. Dick, Roger Corman, Ursula K. Le Guin, Steven Seagal and Orson Scott Card, and you've got the idea. This could very well be John Lyde's best film yet.

The premiere will be held at Midnight on Friday night, September 5th at the SCERA Theater in Orem, Utah. Tickets can be purchased for $2.00 each at the door, or for $1.00 in advance from LDS Video Store:

PHOTOS: Here are some stills from "The Collectors":

* * *

FOR TIME AND ALL ETERNITY - A 2004 video/DVD release is slated for Trevor Hill's "For Time and All Eternity." From
For Time & All Eternity is a series of documentaries exploring Mormon culture circumscribing the concept of eternal marriage. The series will be broken up into four 30 minute episodes:
1. Single, Mormon, and Searching for the One
2. The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways
3. LDS Divorce: When the Bubble Bursts
4. For Time & All Eternity

It is to be released in Spring 2004. For Time & All Eternity is a interview-based documentary. We're looking for people who are willing to be a part of the film.

* * *

NOVEMBER RELEASE FOR LATTER-DAY NIGHT LIVE - The latest from HaleStorm Entertainment is "Latter-day Night Live." The feaure-length direct-to-video film features Latter-day Saint stand-up comedians, no doubt including but not limited to JOHN E. MOYER, the irascible screenwriter of "The Singles Ward", "The R.M." and "The Home Teachers." "Latter-day Night Live" will be released in November 2003. This is not long after the home video release of HaleStorm's feature film "The R.M.," which is slated to be on store shelves September 31, 2003. Will Latter-day Night Live" feature Roseanne Barr, who was raised as a Latter-day Saint Jew and was active as a youth and seminary leader? Probably not. Nor is it likely to feature Carmen Thompson, the former polygamous wife stand-up comic. But maybe Johnny B. will make an appearance.

THOMSON TO DISTRIBUTE LYDE'S "MARIAH'S PRAYER" - Thomson Productions will distribute John Lyde's latest short film "Mariah's Prayer" on video and DVD. The film will soon be available at LDS Bookstores nationwide. Thomson is the distributor of Lyde's films "The Field is White" and "In the Service of God." "Mariah's Prayer" stars Lynne Carr, a Latter-day Saint actress who had a major supporting role (as the investigator with a smoking problem) in Lyde's "The Field is White"). Carr, a non-smoker, is best remembered as the mission president's wife in Richard Dutcher's feature film "God's Army." Carr also had a small role in "Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story" (1996). "Mariah's Prayer" also stars Richard Pratt, who appeared in both "In the Service of God" and "The Field is White." Other actors in the film are Maranda Christiansen, Ashley Christiansen and Abby Christiansen. "Mariah's Prayer" is an earnest, spiritual tale, and does not feature martial arts action. Lyde's movie "The Collectors," which will debut at the SCERA Theater in Orem in September, is the one with martial arts action.

LABUTE'S 'SHAPE OF THINGS' DVD RELEASE DATE, DETAILS - Latter-day Saint filmmaker and playwright Neil LaBute's feature film "The Shape of Things" will hit store shelves on September 23rd. The DVD features a feature-length commentary track by writer/director Neil LaBute, and a documentary titled "'The Shape of Things': From Stage to Screen", as well as a featurette called "Welcome to Mercy College. ("Mercy College" is the fictional college that is the setting for the movie. A number of people have said that it seems partially based on LaBute's alma mater BYU.) "The Shape of Things" is rather unique among movies in that it has only 4 characters (and 4 actors) in the whole movie. None of them are Latter-day Saints, which is a good thing considering how despicable they are.

LE DIVORCE - Last weekend, "Le Divorce," co-starring non-churchgoing Latter-day Saint actor Matthew Modine in the 8th poster-billed, was the second highest grossing film in terms of per-screen average, bringing in an impressive $15,201 per screen while playing on 34 screens. This week, the film is playing in 180 screens, and while this helped it move up to the #15 spot for the weekend, grossing $942,594 an 82 percent increase from last weekend, its per-screen average dropped to a "mere" $5,237, which was still good enough for #13 in terms of per-screen average for the weekend.

BECAUSE SUNDAY IS SPECIAL NOW ON DVD - "Because Sunday is Special," the animated film made by UVSC students, headed up by director Gary Christensen, has recently been released on DVD, about a year after it came out on video. The DVD and video are distributed by Covenant Communications, and are part of a growing set of DVDs and videos distributed by that book publisher. Covenant also recently released a new DVD featuring famed Latter-day Saint opera singer Michael Ballam. Covenant has long sold two videos featuring Ballam, including "Developing Divine Power," which is now out of print. Another upcoming Covenant title is an animated Primary Children's sing-along video and the Book of Mormon on DVD. (Not the Book of Mormon movie, but the actual full text of the Book of Mormon, being read on screen.) Covenant's best-selling titles are the LDS Film Classics DVDs, each with 4 or 5 BYU-made films, one headlined by "Johnny Lingo," the other headlined by "Cipher in the Snow." Covenant has nowhere near the size of the video/DVD product line offered by Thomson Productions, but has essentially equal market penetration with in the LDS market and appears to be an increasingly viable option for filmmakers looking to distribute to the LDS market. Apart from Thomson Productions and Covenant Communications, other major distributors to the market are Excel Entertainment (which has "Last Miracle for Lavell" coming out in a few weeks, and handles a number of LDS-made direct-to-video films in addition to its theatrically-released LDS Cinema titles) and Deseret Book. Candlelight Media is a new player which distributes a number of short inspirational films made by former BYU film students, as well as films from some other sources.

100% ALL-NEW HALESTORM WEBSITE - Did we mention that HaleStorm Entertainment has a band new website:
This is an exceptionally nice website, much better-looking than the Excel Entertainment, Zion Films, Suddenly Unexpected or Kels Goodman/Handcart websites. The site features trailers for "The R.M.", "The Singles Ward", and "The Best Two Years." Images on the top of the screen scroll by with scenes from "The Singles Ward", "The R.M." and "The Best Two Years." Logos (although they may be preliminary) can be seen for the upcoming HaleStorm video/DVD release "Latter Day Night Live" and the movie "Church Ball," slated for a 2005 release according to the site. The old HaleStorm Entertainment website can still be seen at: A photograph of the office building housing the HaleStorm offices is shown on the website, along with text saying that the company plans to be a permanent and leader in the Utah film industry. This represents a change from what director Kurt Hale and producer Dave Hunter used to tell reporters, which is that they were planning to make 3 Latter-day Saint-themed movies and then begin to make movies for a more general audience.

PHOTOS: AARON ECKHART IS BEN AFFLECK'S MISSION PRESIDENT FOR BEN'S 2-YEAR MISSION - Latter-day Saint actor Aaron Eckhart sends Ben Affleck on a 2-year mission in John Woo's upcoming "Paycheck," based on Philip K. Dick's short story. It's not a mission for the Church, of course... ...or is it? Photos: Ben Affleck with Aaron Eckhart:
Teaser for "Paycheck":
Absolutely true statistic: Half of Philip K. Dick's books feature Utah or Latter-day Saint characters. Look it up in your local library, or at: But PKD was NOT LDS. He was Episcopalian.

BUSINESS ARTICLE ON UTAH FILM INDUSTRY, RYAN LITTLE AND KURT HALE PHOTO - See: This is a very interesting article, touching on the tax credits for film and television production that 41 states have adopted. Utah does not have any tax credits in place currently, but is considering doing so as the state has experienced a drop in production, although it still holds a position as one of the top five states in that area. We enjoyed the photo of Kurt Hale and Ryan Little on the set of "The R.M." We also thought it was amusing how the photo was completely inappropriate for illustrating the subject matter of the article (because HaleStorm and its chiefs come from within the state, and not outsiders lured here). Perhaps the Salt Lake Tribune is once again revealing its pro-HaleStorm bias...

* * *

FOUR DESERET NEWS ARTICLES ABOUT LDS CINEMA - This last weekend's Friday Entertainment section of the Deseret News was dominated by what SHOULD be the focus of the section every week: LDS Cinema. Why on earth the Deseret News wastes so much space on stuff like who Nicole Kidman was seen holding hands with at Spagos or who some third rate 1970s TV actor was suing over a real estate deal... I'll never know... But this week they got it right.

'Book of Mormon' coming to big screen -,1249,510046961,00.html
Article about the upcoming Gary Rogers movie about 1st and 2nd Nephi from the Book of Mormon. Details about the unique marketing/distribution plan: pre-selling tickets on the internet and going to whichever cities buy enough tickets to support the movie. Some details hinted at about massive response from surprising places. Brazil mentioned specifically.

Producers felt Noah was right for Nephi -,1249,510046962,00.html
Largely interesting and worthwhile article about non-LDS actor Noah Danby. Article mentions Danby's bit appearances on 2 episodes of "Queer as Folk," but fails to point out that nobody cares -- except for the newspaper writers who have written about this.

'God's Army' kick-started LDS 'genre' -,1249,510046953,00.html
Chris Hicks, Deseret News' former movie critic and current Features editor, writes glowingly about Richard Dutcher while dissing everybody else.

Mormon movie madness -,1249,510046951,00.html?
Very good, detailed article about the whole LDS Cinema genre. Lots of numbers.'s list of upcoming movies and our list of box office and budget data is quoted extensively. Talked to Excel Entertainment, the biggest distributor in the niche. Richard Dutcher mentions he's still working on "The Prophet." (The article doesn't mention that Kubrick was still working on "A.I." when he died.) Dutcher mentions that he would like to film "God's Army II" within about five months. To those of you who question this... "GA2" is an excellent idea, has a great script, strong actors committed to the project. I think it WILL get made, and I think it will be even better than "Brigham City," and easily better than any sequel to come out of Hollywood during the last decade. Especially if Sis. Knight is in it.

* * *

NUMBER OF LDS-MADE/LDS-THEMED VIDEOS AND DVDS AVAILABLE AT THE MAJOR ONLINE STORES - Stores listed alphabetically. Statistics compiled August 14, 2003. In the statistics below, each distinct video and DVD is a different item. If a film title is available on both DVD and video, it would be counted as 2 items.

Deseret Book
Total videos and DVDs LISTED on website: 994
302 videos and DVDs are listed as permanently unavailable from the Internet, because they are out of print or no longer ordered. 391 videos and DVDs listed as "Special Order" (they are not in stock at Deseret Book warehouse, but can be special-ordered, which takes a few extra weeks for delivery). 330 videos and DVDs in stock and orderable through Deseret Book online. Of the videos and DVD orderable that are in stock, 236 are LDS-made and/or LDS-themed.
LDS-made/LDS-themed: 236

LDS Direct
Total videos and DVDs available on website: 21
LDS-made/LDS-themed: 20

LDS Living
Total videos and DVDs available on website: 202
LDS-made/LDS-themed: 148

LDS SuperStore
Total videos and DVDs available on website: 44
LDS-made/LDS-themed: 44

LDS Video Store
Total videos and DVDs available on website: 242
LDS-made/LDS-themed: 242

Seagull Book & Tape
Total videos and DVDs available on website: 55
LDS-made/LDS-themed: 50

Sounds of Zion stores
[34 bookstores have their own URL for a front page, but all of these lead to the same Sounds of Zion website and inventory. A different store code is tracked based on which front page user enters the site through.]
Total videos and DVDs available on website: 110
LDS-made/LDS-themed: 96

[Note that whether or not items are in stock is addressed only with regards to Deseret Book. Numbers of videos and DVDs available from other stores does not necessarily signify all titles listed are in stock.]

* * *

CASTING INDEPENDENT FILM IN UTAH - Independent Short filming in Utah during September, visit and register for casting information in Utah only. Contact: Jana Edgington ( Phone: 801-450-6545. Source: Utah Casting Connection; And Action! Actor's Studio (; Michelle K. Wright

SPONSORS FOR MICHELLE K. WRIGHT SHOW - [Press Release from Wright] Sponsors are being considered at this time for a Television Talk Show in SLC, UT. Great family project to become involved with, and exposure for your company. Please send your interest to Pirana Productions for more info.