Feature Films by LDS/Mormon Filmmakers and Actors
Weekend Box Office Report (U.S. Domestic Box Office Gross)

Weekend of November 14, 2003

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Natl Film Title                Weekend Gross  % B.O. Theatrs
Rank LDS/Mormon Filmmaker/Star   Total Gross  Change  $/Thtr   Days
--- ---------------------------  -----------  ------ -------   ----
29  Bugs!                            111,977   -6.0%      29    248
    stars Papilio,                 6,338,605          $3,861
      a Great Mormon butterfly

47  The Legend of Johnny Lingo        36,100  +37.9%      30     80
    Gerald Molen (producer)          710,236          $1,203
    John Garbett (producer)

52  The Book of Mormon Movie Vol. 1   27,236 +242.1%      27     66
    Gary Rogers                    1,022,374          $1,238
    Craig Clyde (screenplay)
    David Hales (co-producer, editor)
    Ira Baker (editor)
    Robert C. Bowden (composer)
    Actors: Bryce Chamberlain,
      Mark Gollaher, Jan Broberg Felt,
      Cragun Foulger, Jacque Gray,
      Kirby Heyborne, Michael Flynn

54  Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure  24,641  -96.8%       9   1011
    Scott Swofford (producer)     15,466,938          $2,737
    Reed Smoot (cinematographer)
    Sam Cardon (composer)
    Stephen L. Johnson (editor)

98  Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man   2,481  +62.7%       3   1283
    Reed Smoot (cinematographer)  15,585,208            $827

104 Cremaster 3                        1,742  -22.2%       2    206
    Mathew Barney                    500,200            $871

105 Galapagos                          1,635  -44.7%       2   1480
    Reed Smoot (cinematographer)  14,192,426            $817

113 China: The Panda Adventure           813  +68.8%       1    843
    Reed Smoot (cinematographer)   3,538,403            $839

ROGERS' "BOOK OF MORMON MOVIE, VOL 1" PASSES $1 MILLION MARK: "The Book of Mormon Movie, Vol. 1: The Journey," directed by Gary Rogers, passed the $1 million dollar mark this week in total box office revenue. The movie cost had a production budget of $1.5 million and an initial prints/advertising budget of $500,000.

Gross box office receipts for The Book of Mormon Movie are as follows:

$26,465.00    Week ending Thursday November 13th

$27,236.00    Weekend Gross through Sunday November 16th

$1,022,374     Total cumulative Gross through Sunday November 16th
The movie will be opening in Alaska, Florida and California soon. Other than that, the movie will be opening in very few theaters until January. In early 2004 the movie will be playing all over the United States and many International markets during the first 3 months of the new year.

HALESTORM ENTERTAINMENT TO CO-PRODUCE LDS SCREENWRITER JOHN MOYER'S MOB MOVIE [PRESS RELEASE FROM MOYER]: HaleStorm Entertainment is on board to co-produce John E. Moyer's latest script tentatively called, The Western-Relocation Program. The story revolves around a dysfunctional mobster family placed in the witness relocation program among an all-Mormon community in small town Utah. "The nice thing about this script," Moyer says, "is that it's totally from the outsider's perspective. You don't have to be "one of us Mormons" to get the jokes or follow the story." Moyer, who plans to direct, grew up in a predominantly Italian neighborhood just outside of Philadelphia. "Every kid I went to school with was the stereotype from The Sopranos. Then I moved to Utah. For me, this movie is the best of both worlds." Production will start late spring 2004.

* * *

ECLIPSE FILM FESTIVAL IN ST. GEORGE, UTAH: From article in Deseret News ("Eclipse Festival to feature independent-film genres", 14 November 2003,,1249,525037690,00.html):

ST. GEORGE -- Utah's least-heralded but most-ambitious film event, the Eclipse Film Festival in St. George, returns this weekend for its fifth year.

The festival focuses on independently made films, including shorts, animated films and documentaries, most by directors from Utah and other Western states.

New this year is a feature film competition, which includes five movies, among them the locally produced features "The Best Two Years" and "Saints and Soldiers." [and "The Collectors"] According to organizer David Chase, the primary goal of the festival is to give exposure to filmmakers who wouldn't otherwise receive it, as well as to enhance the broad spectrum of arts in southern Utah.

Festival selections will be screened tonight and Saturday in the Pioneer Opera House, 200 N. Main, and at The Movies multiplex, 214 N. 1000 East. For information on ticket availability and screening times, go to the festival Web site,

* * *

GREAT REVIEW FOR "LIKEN THE SCRIPTURES" MUSICAL BASED ON 1ST NEPHI: The marketing team behind the new "Liken the Scriptures: I Will Go and Do" video/DVD is brilliant. This thing is going to be everywhere, and right before Christmas. Expect it to be one of the top sellers of the season. It doesn't hurt that it's a great production as well.

Thomas Baggaley gave it a tremendously positive review in Meridian Magazine, which is really saying something considering the fact that "I Will Go and Do" is a musical and depends so much the music. Tom, who actually worked on the "competing" 1st Nephi film "The Book of Mormon Movie, Vol. 1: The Journey" (directed by Gary Rogers) liked the music in the "Liken the Scriptures" DVD. Tom received his Master's Degree in music composition studying under multiple-time Academy Award nominee Jerry Goldsmith. This makes him a pain in the neck sometimes. I can't tell you how many times I've seen what I thought was a perfectly good, enjoyable film and Tom will say, in essence, "I didn't like it. The music stunk." I'm often baffled, because I thought the music was just fine. But no, he can point out with great clarity and detail how the music derailed the movie and weakened it and made the whole thing sound cheap, and how some different musical choices would have helped the production considerably.

So, anyway, he has declared himself a big "Liken the Scriptures" fan. I won't see the thing myself for a few more days, but I'm looking forward to it.

Deseret News feature editor and former film reviewer Chris Hicks liked "Liken the Scriptures: I Will Go and Do" less than Baggaley did. In reviewing it, along with a new HaleStorm direct-to-video release ("LDS-comedy DVDs aren't great laugh fests",,1249,525037454,00.html), Hicks said: "Think of the 'Book of Mormon Movie' as a low-budget, very broad musical comedy - or perhaps a big-budget roadshow. That will give you some idea of what to expect from this 45-minute live-action adaptation of some of the stories from 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. This mix of farce and sentiment will probably appeal mostly to children, especially with its wraparound story of a young boy in Primary who learns a lesson in the scriptures... I found the comedy flat and the songs unmemorable, but it's not a bad Family Home Evening video for families with young children. Parents can doze until it's over."

NEXT UP IN LIKEN THE SCRIPTURES SERIES: AMMON, THE MUSICAL: According to promotional materials being circulated with "Liken the Scriptures" vol 1 (1st Nephi), Episode 2 of the series, the story of Ammon, will begin production in January 2004, with a release date in Spring 2004. Episode 3, David and Goliath, is scheduled to go before the cameras in Springs, with a release date in Summer 2004. Further episodes to be announced.

I can guarantee you that the Liken folks' version of the Ammon story will NOT be like the road show I staged here in my stake. As the ward activity chair this pretty much came under my jurisdiction, and I tried for a long time to get anybody at all other than myself to write and then direct our ward's musical. Without success. So, okay, do it myself. I had long been fascinated by the story of Abish, so we did a contemporary version of her story. Of course, half of this story belongs to Ammon.

Anyway, it was set in a milieu which was sort of a dystopian mix of North Korean Juche/Communist rule juxtaposed with Nietzchien ideals and classic European totalitarianism from the first half of the 20th Century. We used music from Sarah McLachlan, Bach, Andrew Lloyd Weber ("Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", a song that Donny sings on the DVD) and a track from The Singles Ward soundtrack CD. If you listen closely to Sarah McLachlan's "Sweet Surrender" and you read the story of Ammon and Abish... yeah, you'll see what I'm talking about. Hard to believe that the song wasn't written specifically for this story. Anyway, anybody who has seen the video of this roadshow can see why I work in a biotech research lab as a computer programmer instead of in the film industry. I think the whole thing was better on paper. Visually, it's kind of interesting. Well, visually it's very red. The big "Fear is Happiness" banner shows up pretty well, I think.

* * *

MORE ABOUT POWERLESS: UPCOMING FAMILY-FRIENDLY THRILLER MADE BY BRITISH LATTER-DAY SAINTS: Well, we've conversed at some length with Matt Daniels, the writer and director of "Powerless," and the more we hear about it the more excited we are. We've ALREADY SEEN the trailer, and we know it simply looks and sounds fantastic. Reminds us of Hitchcock and M. Night Shyamalan.

I'm not saying this is a studio film or anything, and it's budget probably isn't huge, but it looks to be a bonafide feature film made by some people who really know what their doing. And check out some of the sponsors: Mini Cooper, Sony Playstation, Cadbury, to name a few...

"Powerless" is being made entirely by Brits, filmed entirely in England and Wales, which makes it somewhat unusual for an LDS-made feature film. Nearly all of the filmmakers are Latter-day Saints, including writer/director Matt Daniels, producer Seth Wilkins and Production Manager/Producer Gideon Wilkins. (Seth Wilkins is also credited as "Head of Story." What the heck is a "Head of Story"? Must be some kind of European thing, like crumpets.) The story focuses mostly on one family, all of whom are played by Latter-day Saint actors, many of them Wilkins. Additional roles are played by a mix of Latter-day Saint and non-LDS actors.

The movie is not overtly about LDS characters, but gospel principles and values will be clearly portrayed.

The filmmakers are planning to play the British festival circuit in 2004, get into some U.S. festivals, release it as an independent film in the U.K., and hopefully pick up a U.S. distributor as well. We'll see. If nothing else, you should eventually be able to pick it up on video/DVD, although you might be in for a long wait because they want to do a theatrical release first...

Daniels writes:
"Audiences will be stuck to their seats when they see this film. It's a thinking film, made to stretch your mind and make you consider your life. What would you do if suddenly there was no power? We all love thrillers, but there are so few you can watch these days without being affronted by sex, swearing, and excessive violence. This film has all the tension, character development and intrigue without lowering the bar..."

We look forward to bringing you more details about "Powerless."

* * *

BYU GRAD AND CURRENT STUDENT WRITING FOR "SMALLVILLE" TV SERIES AND COMIC BOOK: As detailed in previous newspaper articles and on this site, a number of Latter-day Saint BYU students and graduates work on the popular TV show "Smallville," which retells the boyhood of DC Comics' most popular character, Superman. Two of these students, Jake Black and Clint Carpenter, have worked on the show's writing staff and now write for DC Comics' monthly "Smallville" comic book series. "Smallville" is currently ranked No. 1 in its time slot by the 12-34 age group demographic. A detailed article about Black and Carpenter's work on the comic book was published this week in BYU's newspaper, the Daily Universe: "Smallville comic book brings fame to co-writer BYU student", by Amelia Nielson-Stowell, 18 Nov. 2003, BYU graduate Clint Carpenter is currently the script coordinator for the "Smallville" TV show, as well as a freelance writer for the Smallville comic. The article notes that "Carpenter writes or co-writes for almost all the Smallville comics and wrote an episode for the second season... Carpenter's wife, Yvonne, also works at Smallville as the writer's assistant." In the article Black and Carpenter recall that an idea for a recent comic book story they wrote "came from a familiar missionary experience. 'We kind of approached Whitney from our missionary 'Dear Johns' [letters]... those missionaries on your mission who had the girlfriend and they were absolutely convinced that she was waiting... [and] when the letter came, they were devastated for a week.'"

CASTING CALL FOR DAVE SKOUSEN FILM: We are making a short dramatic film and are holding auditions this Saturday(the 22 Nov.) from 10am-2pm in Provo Riverbottoms. We are looking for a mid 40 yr old looking woman, and a 16-22 yr old looking girl. Contact info is:

DESERET NEWS REVIEWS "IT'S LATTER-DAY NIGHT!" - Chris Hicks reviews the direct-to-video live comedy concert film, which is clean and family friendly, in an article published 13 November 2003. Hicks didn't think it was as funny as the live audience apparently did. See:,1249,525037454,00.html

4 OUT OF 5 STARS FOR "THE WORK AND THE STORY": Movie reviewer Brad Davidson gave 4 out of 5 stars to "The Work and the Story," the LDS Cinema mockumentary comedy directed by Nathan Smith Jones, which stars Richard Dutcher, Kirby Heyborne, Dan Merkely, Jen Hoskins and Jones himself. The reviewer concludes his review with a strong recommendation: "The Work and the Story won me over. With more laughs than The Singles Ward, interesting characters you connect with, and a message that is powerful, this movie is well worth watching. I was heartened to see Richard Dutcher playing a sarcastic version of himself. The focus is slightly soft on the big screen and the editing is amateur in some spots. My recommendation is to see this in the theaters with someone who loves to laugh." Read the review at:

MICHAEL DANIEL: An article in the 14 November 2003 Dallas Morning News mentions Michael Daniel, Utah-based adventurer and filmmaker, maker of the film "Walking with Freedom."

ARTICLE AND EDITORIAL ABOUT GOSPEL-RELATED PRODUCTS DISCUSS LDS CINEMA: "Opinions flare over LDS commercialization," by Ruth Cuevas, NewsNet Staff Writer, 11 Nov 2003 in Daily Universe at BYU ( And also: "Viewpoint -- Selling the Gospel: Vendors follow the profit," by Jeremy Twitchell, NewsNet Sports Editor, 12 Nov 2003 in Daily Universe at BYU (

* * *

Newsletter #02/03


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You can now submit your film or screenplay to the 3RD LDS FILM FESTIVAL 2004! Entry deadline is December 1, 2003. Prizes totaling $ 2,000.00 will be awarded to the three best films and screenplays.

The LDS Film Festival looks for entries demonstrating intelligence, spirituality, originality, integrity, and technical excellence in their approach to the subject matter and motto of the festival.

The motto of the festival is: "The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth." (D&C 93:36).

For more information, go to:

To download the entry form, go to:

To review the entry guidelines, go to:

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- - - - - - - - - - - -
The 3RD LDS FILM FESTIVAL will be held January 22-24, 2004, in Provo, Utah.

After the great success of the 2ND LDS FILM FESTIVAL with over 30 exceptional events, more than 80 screened films and an attendance of 1500, we look forward to an exciting new festival weekend!

- - - - - - - - - - - -
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Are you creative, enthusiastic and young at heart? Do you believe in the potential of LDS artists? is looking for volunteers to help build a worldwide community of creative LDS people. You can add your ideas, projects, or time to support the creative potential within the Church.

If you would like to volunteer at the LDS FILM FESTIVAL, please contact us at Tell us more about yourself and how you think you can contribute to the LDS FILM FESTIVAL. We would love to hear from you!

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PRIDE AND PREJUDICE SONG HITS THE AIRWAVES! [PRESS RELEASE from Excel Entertainment, distributor of "Pride & Prejudice"]: [QUOTE] If you live in Utah , you can listen to American Idol finalist Carmen Rasmusen's hot new song "Be With You" on the air! The song, featured in the forthcoming movie PRIDE & PREJUDICE , will play on Star 102.7 and 94.9 ZHT. If you haven't heard it, call one of the numbers below to request it!

Star 102.7
Utah County: 670-1027
SLC: 570-1027
Davis/Weber: 470-1027
94.9 ZHT
Utah County: 670-1949
SLC: 570-1949
Davis/Weber: 470-1949

PRIDE & PREJUDICE , a modern-day comedy adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, hits theaters December 5, but you can hear songs from the movie now! Experience the emotion and magic of the film with performances by Carmen, Brilliant Stereo Mob, Stephanie Smith, and Trey Warner. Log on to and click on "Soundtrack" to hear full songs and clips! The soundtrack will be available in stores and on the website on November 28 , so be sure to pick it up as a perfect Christmas gift. Join the fan list to receive updates about Highway Records and Carmen Rasmusen! [END QUOTE]

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Dear Colors Friends!
"Colors Live Concert CD & DVD" is finally here - and you can be the first to see it!

As a friend of Colors', you are personally invited to join Russ, Ryan and Brian for an exclusive pre-release screening of their new DVD at the "Post Theater" Saturday November 22nd where you can pick up a copy of the new CD/DVD set a week before it is available to the public.

Request Your Free Tickets Here:
* Due to the limited 250-seat venue, tickets are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Watch the Trailer: (low bandwidth, dial-up) (high bandwidth DSL/Cable)

"Colors Live in Concert" Features:
Brand-New Songs such as:
"Groovy Thing"
"President's Song"
"Falling In"

Full-length DVD concert video includes:
Behind the scenes footage
Colors "Up Close & Personal Video"
Rusty-D Rap montage
"First Performance" footage

Pre-Order Now:

Where: University of Utah "Post" theater (see for directions)
When: Saturday, November 22nd
Times: (7pm & 9pm shows sold out) new ones added at 5pm & 11pm
Who: Colors & Mailing List members and friends (not advertised to the public)

This will be a casual event -- come watch the movie, pick up the new album -- hang out with the band into the night!

See you there!

visit for more information

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["Abby Singer" is an independent feature-length film made entirely in Utah by Utah filmmakers, a mix of Latter-day Saints (including lapsed) and filmmakers of other backgrounds. The movie is not LDS Cinema, but the main character is a Latter-day Saint, albeit a schizophrenic one.]


Media Contact: Elisabeth Caren/Lynda Dorf
BWR Public Relations 310.550.7776


Winning Films include Abby Singer, Sounds Of Memphis, and Genital Warts: The Musical

New Orleans, LA (November 4, 2003) -- Winners of the film and music video competitions were honored with the Fleur De Lis Award on Friday, October 31, 2003 at the first annual New Orleans Media Experience ("The Experience"). Over 100 short, animated, documentary and feature films were screened at the inaugural Experience, the first-of-its kind convergence festival celebrating the best of film, music, advertising and videogames during Halloween Week in New Orleans. Winners were selected by festival attendees via interactive voting stations located throughout the city. The awards reception recognized the most outstanding entries from the various screenings based upon the same criteria used to determine selection for screening at the Experience.

Abby Singer, directed and co-produced by Ryan Williams, produced by Jonathan Black and executive produced by Paul A. Wood, received top honors for both Best Feature Film and Best Independent Film. Set against the independent film festival scene, Abby Singer centers on a schizophrenic casting director who is hell-bent on ending his life after his girlfriend ends their relationship. The filmmakers pushed the edge of the envelope by directly approaching celebrities with their digital video camera and weaving the celebrities' appearances into the film's plot. Such appearances include Patricia Arquette, Roger Ebert, Don Cheadle, John Waters, Jake Gyllenhall, Taye Diggs, and Brad Pitt.

[Other awards and films at festival mentioned.]

About The New Orleans Media Experience
The New Orleans Media Experience takes place in New Orleans, LA, during the week of Halloween. The festival features select content from the four fields of film, music, advertising and videogames, including feature films, short films, never-before-seen commercials, winners from the MVPA Awards music videos, and unreleased videogames. All films in competition have a convergence theme, embracing elements from the mediums of music, advertising and interactive content, or utilize non-traditional techniques in either their means of production or distribution. Additionally, playing on the Halloween Week timing, a special selection of horror films are screened.

The 2003 Experience featured panel discussions with industry leaders such as Xbox's J Allard, director Allison Anders (Gas Food and Lodging), film producers Neal Moritz (Fast and the Furious) and Jeff Balis (HBO's Project Greenlight) and television producer John Feist (Survivor, The Restaurant); World-famous videogame developer American McGee; Digital Domain's Steve Ross; New York's Scratch DJ Academy, breakfast screenings of classic horror films from Hammer Films; the best of short films; Sony Dreams Project 2003 "Joy", nightly theme parties; a benefit concert for the Media Experience's charitable partner, Rock the Vote featuring N.E.R.D, Clipse, and spymob; and GameRiot presented by nVIDIA, a lifestyle experience and competition for casual and hardcore videogamers. Among the many titles GameRiot showcased this year are SCEA's Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, Electronic Arts' The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Activision's Tony Hawk's Underground, and Tecmo's America's Army: Special Forces. The festival closed with a Halloween Masquerade Ball sponsored by InStyle Insider.

Sponsors of The New Orleans Media Experience include American Cinematographer, 'boards Magazine, City of New Orleans, coolsign, Club 360, Cox Communications, ifilm, G4, Hypnotiq, Krispy Kreme, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, Association of Independent Commercial Producers, InStyle Insider, OffBeat Magazine, Music Video Production Association,, Omni Royal New Orleans,, Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, Starbucks Coffee, Tipitina's, and Wired Magazine. For additional information, please visit

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LETTER WRITERS IMPRESSED BY ELIZABETH SMART MOVIE, SUPPORT FAMILY'S DECISION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE MOVIE ABOUT THEM: Here are just a few of the recent letters to the editor about the Elizabeth Smart movie:

"Smart movie impressive", 13 Nov. 2003, Deseret News (,1249,525037464,00.html):

I am disappointed with the front page report of criticism of the Smart movie (Nov. 10). I know that we need accurate reporting, but somehow we also need a balance that shows respect toward others.

I was very impressed by the Smart story. It shows the love, concern, respect and values of a great family. We need more examples of this on TV. Congratulations to Elizabeth. She conducted herself admirably in a difficult situation. She is a heroine, in my book.

Shirley Nielson

"Smarts are role model", 17 Nov. 2003, Deseret News (,1249,525038410,00.html):

Some have written truly vitriolic diatribes against the Smarts, saying they look too perfect in the movie and book. I think I know why. In light of their own imperfect households, folks don't want to believe that some families actually pray together every night. That some families actually hug and kiss and treat one another with respect.

Simply by being themselves, the Smarts have shown how a good family operates. Let's learn from them instead of demanding that they pretend to be something they aren't.

Ryan Larsen
Salt Lake City

"Smarts acted prudently", 19 Nov. 2003, Deseret News (,1249,525038833,00.html)

Having just watched taped interviews with Katie Couric and Oprah Winfrey, as well as the movie, "The Elizabeth Smart Story," we join with others in voicing total support for Ed and Lois Smart.

As parents of nine children, with only two left at home, we believe the actions they took in allowing a movie to be made and interviews to be given with two nationally known news correspondents were very prudent. The reason is simple -- if the story is to be told with or without their permission, most parents would want to tell it in a way in which they retain at least some control.

Dave and Rochelle Clark
Salt Lake City

"Editing lax in Smart film", 13 Nov. 2003, Deseret News (,1249,525037459,00.html):

Scott Pierce is right on with all his criticisms of the Elizabeth Smart television show of Nov. 9.

Artistic license is one thing and at times acceptable, but not inauthenticity. Where are the editors? Why didn't they do something about an actor saying "The Salt Lake City Tribune," which is not the name and which nobody says.

What kind of editor permits Mormons (especially children) to say "ah-men" to end every prayer when they say "ay-men"?

I didn't like the bus-station sign reading "Salt Lake City to San Diego." San Diego is not a destination from here.

When someone is found by the Sandy police on March 12, I want some Sandy authenticity -- our trees aren't budding on that date, let alone, as the movie showed, looking as green as the Fourth of July.

Why don't film producers make a bit more effort?

Natives are not fooled.

Keith Moore
Salt Lake City

Among the innumerable articles that appeared are:
- "Smart movie stirs reactions", 10 Nov. 2003, BYU Daily Universe (
- "Two movies show how low TV, and viewers, have sunk" (

* * *

The official website for the upcoming feature film "Where Rivers Meet" is now back online. It was previously at, and then the material went away to be replaced by a bunch of default internet service provider-placed popup ads, none of which had anything to do with the movie.

The website is NOW at:

This is a much better URL anyway. Looks like the same website as before: with a song to hear when you click on 'Soundtrack," and some photos under the "Cast" button, and a fairly detailed synopsis. The movie was directed by LDS filmmaker Bill Shira, who is obviously very talented if you've seen his short films on the video "A Truce With Death," which features films about Pioneers or people living in Utah soon after the trek West.

"Where Rivers Meet" was filmed in and is set in Idaho, and stars many of Utah's top LDS actors, including Marvin Payne and Jaelen Petrie. But apparently its characters are not explicitly LDS. The story revolves around mortgage rates and fly fishing.

* * *

PRESS RELEASE FROM MORONI PRODUCTIONS: The movie CHANGES is currently under production and is scheduled to be released this holiday season. CHANGES is an inspiring and uplifting movie about a latter day saint boy named Brandon (played by Tim Nalder). Brandon is faced with many challenges and changes. Many of the changes begin with his dad getting a job transfer from Utah to Washington where there are less members. Brandon moves with his family to Washington and becomes friends with Alison (played by Tiffany M.) who lives next-door. Alison is a very popular girl that loves to party. She notices something is different about Brandon and wants to learn more. Alison gets baptized and starts to make good changes in her life while Brandon starts to become popular and changes to Alison's old ways. She later explains to Brandon that people have to make changes in their lives weather for good or for bad. Brandon has to choose between Alison and the church or his popularity...

Any Film company that would be interest in placing their TRAILER in our PREVIEWS or anyone interested in PRODUCT PLACEMENT (advertising your product) in our movie PLEASE CONTACT US at our temporary e-mail address:

Any book store that would like to preorder our movie please also contact us for more information. Thank you!

* * *

Earlier in the week a letter to the editor appeared in the Deseret News criticizing the publication of Chris Hicks' opinion piece in which Hicks explained why he decided not to see "Love Actually" after hearing about the movie's graphic sex, gratuitous nudity, pro-porn stance. Hicks is a Latter-day Saint who was the former chief movie reviewer for the Deseret News and is now the features editor. The letter that criticized Hicks for expressing his opinion about the movie was written by Jeremy Mathews, a misogynistic writer for "Red Magazine," which bills itself as Salt Lake City's "only weekly arts and entertainment magazine."

Today's Deseret News publishes a letter from a writer agrees with Hicks ("Hicks is right on about film", 15 November 2003,,1249,525037985,00.html):

In the Nov. 13 edition of the Deseret Morning News, Jeremy Mathews criticizes Chris Hicks' article on the film "Love Actually" by using the same ol'-same ol' rhetoric everybody else does in justifying watching an R-rated movie. "It's a great show except for the sex, nudity, foul language. etc."

I don't think Chris Hicks refrained from watching "Love Actually" because it was based around porno-film stars, but because in several reviews, it was explained by movie critics that the movie contained several scenes of sex and nudity and the movie was blasted throughout by foul language. Those are the very reasons I won't be going to see the movie. Maybe it's just me, but I don't find derogatory actions and language as being a "charming and funny ensemble romantic comedy."

I've seen plenty of hit romantic comedies that succeeded at the box office without all the garbage. How this movie is being billed as the "great Christmas movie everybody must go see or be called Scrooge" is beyond me. I don't find anything Christmassy about this movie, and I highly doubt Jesus Christ (whom Christmas is all about anyway) would find it charming and funny either.

Karen McCabe