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Reportedly from Utah:
Marvel's Ultimate Hulk

References described on this page:
- Flash Thompson: "the Hulk lives in Utah" (Ultimate Spider-Man #7)
- Norman Osborn/Green Goblin: "gene nullifier they used to collar the Hulk in Utah" (Ultimate Six #1)

Flash Thompson, a high school classmate of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) incorrectly states that the Hulk lives in Utah, in Ultimate Spider-Man issue #7.

Is the Hulk from Utah?
Flash Thompson's quote from
Ultimate Spider-Man, issue #7

In the very first battle between the fledgeling Spider-Man (15-year-old Peter Parker) and a super-powered villain, the hero faces Norman Osborn, who has transformed himself into a super-strong green-skinned monstrosity who will later become known as the Green Goblin. After the battle (which begun at Parker's high school) is over, one of Parker's classmates (Kenny, nicknamed "Kong") incorrectly identifies the assailant as the Hulk. Flash Thompson, one of Peter Parker's classmates in high school, is correct to be doubtful that it was the Hulk who attacked the school, but Flash incorrectly suggests that the Hulk lives in Utah.

Source: Ultimate Spider-Man issue #7 ("Secret Identity"), Marvel Entertainment Group: New York (2001), page 18. Reprinted in Ultimate Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility, Marvel Entertainment Group: New York (2001), chapter 7, page 18. Story by Bill Jemas and Brian Michael Bendis. Script by Brian Michael Bendis. Pencils by Mark Bagley.

Excerpt from Ultimate Spider-Man #7, page 18:

FLASH THOMPSON: What was that thing? Dude, did you get a look at him? Did you see Spider-Man?

PETER PARKER: Who? No. I got pinned under some stuff and--

FLASH THOMPSON: Dude, what was that thing?

KONG (KENNY): It was the Hulk!

FLASH THOMPSON: Man, the Hulk lives in Utah or something.

POLICE OFFICER: Doesn't matter now. The call came in -- it's dead whatever it was.

Note: Marvel Comics' "Ultimate" line is a separate line of comics with continuity based on but entirely distinct from the mainstream Marvel Universe. The Ultimate line uses the most popular comics from the Marvel Universe, but "reboots" them, bringing their origins into contemporary times, often with interesting, original changes. The original Marvel Universe and the Ultimate universe maintain totally separate continuities. Long-time readers of Marvel comics, or moviegoers who have seen the movies Spiderman (2002) and Hulk (2003) may find it odd that Peter Parker's classmate Kong, as dimwitted as he is sometimes, could mistake the Green Goblin for the Hulk. But in Ultimate Spider-Man #7, Norman Osborn really has transformed himself into a creature who does indeed look and act very much like the Hulk. In previous issues Osborn tried to replicate the accident that gave Peter Parker his Spider-Man powers, but he changed the conditions by trying use his own DNA instead of spider DNA. As a result, he has become a murderous monstrosity with nearly no verbal skills but great strength and invulnerability. In this transformed state, Osborn attacked the high school attended by Peter Parker and Harry Osborn's son Harry. Parker, dressed as Spider-Man, fought Osborn, who eventually fell into the ocean after being shot by police in helicopters. Parker was as yet uncertain whether Osborn had come to attack him, or his son Harry, or perhaps both.

Norman Osborn: Hulk Captured in Utah

Norman Osborn refers to the Hulk's capture in Utah

After his defeat by Spider-Man, Norman Osborn was held by authorities in a secure S.H.I.E.L.D. security in New York. During a sort of "group therapy" session led by Dr. Hank Pym (known as the hero Giant Man when in his role as a costumed hero), Norman Osborn referred to the Hulk's capture in Utah.

From: Ultimate Six issue #1 ("Chapter 1"), Marvel Entertainment Group: New York (2003), page 12. Reprinted in Ultimate Spider-Man hardcover collection, Volume 5, Marvel Entertainment Group: New York (2004). Pencilled by Joe Quesada and Trevor Hairsine, inked by Danny Miki. Pencils by Mark Bagley.:

DR. HANK PYM/GIANT MAN: Norman? M. Osborn? Is there any chance you'd like to participate today?

[Long pause.]

NORMAN OSBORN/GREEN GOBLIN: I told you . . . I'll do anything you want. I'll say anything you want. Just bring me my boy.

FLINT MARKO/SANDMAN: You're like a broken record, man.

DR. HANK PYM: You know I can't do that, Norman.

NORMAN OSBORN/GREEN GOBLIN: Actually, I do have a question. These collars we wear . . . These are an advanced model of the Richards gene nullifier they used to collar the Hulk in Utah that time, correct?

DR. HANK PYM: They are standard issue S.H.I.E.L.D., prison--

NORMAN OSBORN/GREEN GOBLIN: I can understand why some of the group here would be fit with collars like these. But Otto and I-- you took Otto's arms from him. Why is he wearing a collar? Why am I? I needed to inject myself with Oz to express my true nature. Without the Oz compound I am just a regular homo sapien . . . with a great deal of money. You people know that. So why am I wearing this collar?

Ultimate Six held in S.H.I.E.L.D. facility

Ultimate Spider-Man Hardcover Collection Volume 5 and Ultimate Six issue #1

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