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Harry's War (1981)

"Harry's War"
TEXT from back video cover


The hilarious story
about a man who had
finally had enough!

Harry's War is the comedy/drama about a man who had finally had enough. Harry Johnson (a quiet, obedient postman played by Edward Herrmann) handles his tax problems like any sane patriotic American...he declares war on the Internal Revenue Service. It isn't for hate of paying taxes, but love of and defense for his "Aunt" Beverly (played by 1986 Oscar Winner Geraldine Page), who is being unjustly harassed by the IRS.

Harry's defensive spirit refuses to be broken. The hilarious antics that Harry chooses to fight the huge bureaucracy of government becomes an effective weapon with the powerful American T.V. media and his courage becomes an additional means for bringing his family back together. Harry's War ends with a dramatic climax you won't soon forget.

98 Min, Color
Distributed under authority of
Image Home Video, 1986
All rights reserved
Package design 1995 TPI, FMG
Printed in USA

Starring: Edward Herrmann, Geraldine Page, Karen Grassle, David Ogden Stiers, Elisha Cook and Salome Jens
Music by Merrill Jenson
Produced by Jack N. Reddish and Keith Merrill
Executive Producer David B. Johnson
Written and Directed by Keith Merrill
An American Film Consortium Production
Distributed by
Thomson Productions, Inc.
(801) 226-0155

Family Multi-Media Group, Inc.

"Harry's War"
OPENING credits as they appear in the film


In Association With



American Film Consortium

A Kieth Merrill Film


Edward Herrmann

Geraldine Page

Karen Grassle

also starring
David Ogden Stiers

Salome Jens

and Elisha Cook
as Sergeant Billy

production designer
Douglas G. Johnson

edited by
B. Lovitt
Peter L. McCrea

Merrill B. Jenson

director of photography
Reed Smoot

executive producer
David B. Johnston

produced by
Jack N. Reddish
Kieth Merrill

written and directed by
Kieth Merrill

"Harry's War"
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

Ramsay King and Associates

Cast of Characters
Harry Johnson Edward Herrmann
Beverly Payne Geraldine Page
Kathy Johnson Karen Grassle
Ernie Scelera David Ogden Stiers
Wilda Crawley Salome Jens
Sgt. Billy Elisha Cook
Commissioner James Ray
Draper Douglas Dirkson
IRS Attorney Jerrold Ziman
Newsman Jim McKrell
Major Andrews Noble Willingham
Sheriff Prentiss Rowe
Ponde Vernon Weddle
Judge Max Lewin
Agent #1 Alan Cherry
Agent #2 Bruce Robinson
Special Agent Rex Cutter
Shawn Kamee Aliessa
Shelly Kieri Valee
Mailman #1 Scott Wilkinson
Aide David Mason Daniels
Hammel Spencer McMullin
Receptionist Jean Stringham
Relief Girl Leslie Perry
Mailman #2 Robert Daugherty
Wino Oscar Rowland
Rodney Marc Raymond
Reporter David Sterago
Soldier Terry Afton Lee
Indigent Charles Chagnon
Indian Mother Dolly Big Soldier
Banker Paul Anderson
Supervisor Larry Roupe
Confused Man Jack N. Reddish
Duchess Leola Green
Hooker Star Roman
Elderly Lady Mickey Wodrich
Lumberman Jay Bernard

Special Effects Supervisor
Sass Bedig (?)

Assistant Director Jack N. Reddish
Unit Production Manager Stephen J. Fisher
Assistant to the Producer Geneve (?) Scott
Production Coordinator Joan Arnold
Second Assistant Director Doug Wise
Additional Dialogue Edward Herrmann
Script Supervisor Tiere Trilanney (?)
Controller Sheldon Jew, CPA
Location Auditor Dennis Price
Make-up and Hair Stylist Karl Wesson
Costumer Joanne Haas
Camera Operators Reed Smoot
George Griner
Thomas Christensen
First Assistant Camera Gordon C. Lonsdale
Camera Assistants Stan Wadley
Bruce Johnson
Sound Mixer Robert Sheridan
Sound Boom John Sheridan
Associate Editor Rich Scott
Assistant Editors Michael Amundsen
Dronne (?) Moretti
Chuck Boyer
Cheri Daniels
Deborah Herzig Oram
Moore Fetterman (?)
Karen Grassle
Property Master Jan DeWitt
Assistant Property Roger Crandall
Still Photographer Erik Veen (?)
Special Effects Rick Josephsen
Clark Naisbitt
Electrical Gaffer Richard Crown
Extras Casting Karl Wesson
Shirley Anderson
Julie Penhroff (?)
Set Dressers Paul Nibley
Pamela Morris
Set Decorator Tom Pratt
Draftsman Orrin Andersen
Best Boy Robert A. Frilles (?)
Key Grip Dennis Summer (?)
Dolly Grip Manuel Jimenez
Electricians Jon Antonovich (?)
Patricia Bedown (?)
Glenn Schillerup
Grips Scott McGowan
Dennis Peterson
Chapman Crane Driver Kenneth Wallace
Transportation Captains Lee Carroll
Glade Wilson
Honewagon Driver Richard Schultz
Pallin (?) Driver Clyde Curtis
Ballet Consultant Marsha Lee Anderson
Security Chief Ernest Boggs
Catering Bart's Catering
Location Equipment Patting (?)
Post Production Secretaries Judy Christiansen
Sandi Adams
Script Research Randi Newman
Charles B. Belitz (?)

Color By

Titles By
Title House

Optical Effects By
Master Film Effects

Post Production, Creative Sound By
Melman (?) Tiller Associates, Inc.

Music Performed By
National Philharmonic Orchestra

Conducted By
Merrill Jenson

Sound Mix By
Glenn Caemn (?) Sound

Post Production Completed At
Eagle Eye Film Co.

Lenses and Panaflex Camera By

Shot on Location at
Ray Schmultz Farm
St. George, Utah

Mr. Herrmann's Glasses Furnished By
Village Eye Opticians

Military Equipment Furnished By
York Arms and Armor Museum
Hurricane, Utah

Special Thanks
Utah National Guard and Facility
John Earle and Utah Film Commission
St. George Chamber of Commerce
St. George Police Department
St. George Fire Department
Dixie College
St. George Post Office
Washington County Courthouse
The "Wild Truck" People
Elizabeth Eiwald (?)
The Students from Ladero School

[copyright notice]

The characters in this film are fictitious, however, the events are based on actual cases.

American Film Consortium

The actress named Star Herrmann is credited in this movie as "Star Roman."
T.C. Christensen, one of Utah's most prolific cinematographers, is credited as a camera operator in this movie as "Thomas Christensen."
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