Some works of Disney sculpture by Gwen Dutcher

Gutzon Borglum, Cyrus Edwin Dallin and Avard Fairbanks, eat your hearts out. Here are some works by Gwen Dutcher. While she may be better known as the Alma Hitchcock-like film collaborator of her husband Richard, her sculpture is all her own. Skip those skimpy cameos. If you want to see Gwen Dutcher's work, get to a Disney store. "Kiss the Girl" may not be as well known as "Mount Rushmore," but it's got heart.

"Kiss the Girl"
Eric and Ariel The Little Mermaid

"She Didn't Shudder at My Paw"
The Beast and Belle from The Beauty and the Beast

"Little Charmer"
Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

"O'Malley the Alley Cat"
From The Aristocats

"Little Rascal"
Berlioz from The Aristocats

"Coquettish Kitty"
Marie from The Aristocats

"Little Tiger"
Toulouse from The Aristocats

"Fetching Feline"
Duchess from The Aristocats

Thumper ornament
From Bambi

Toy Soldier and Ballerina
From Fantasia 2000

Beauty and the Beast portrait series