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Latter-day Saint Cinematographers

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This page lists Latter-day Saint and Utah cinematographers and their film and television credits. Films listed include primarily feature films, but also made-for-television movies (listed in this color) and videos (identified with a "V").

Most of the films listed are mainstream productions, but films and videos made for the Latter-day Saint market, as well as Church-commissioned films and videos, are listed as well.

Television series credits are listed in purple.

This is not a complete list, but it has all of the information we have at this time.

Charles Lang: *
(Received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Cinematographers in 1991.)
A Farewell to Arms (1932; Academy Award Best Cinematography)
    Lang received an Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography for the following films in red:
Butterflies Are Free (1972)
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969)
How the West Was Won (1962)
One-Eyed Jacks (1961)
The Facts of Life (1960)
Some Like It Hot (1959)
Separate Tables (1958)
Queen Bee (1955)
Sabrina (1954)
Sudden Fear (1952)
A Foreign Affair (1948)
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)
The Uninvited (1944)
So Proudly We Hail! (1943)
Sundown (1941)
The Right to Love (1930)
40 Carats (1973)
The Love Machine (1971)
Doctors' Wives (1971)
Walk in the Spring Rain (1970)
How to Commit Marriage (1969)
Cactus Flower (1969)
The Stalking Moon (1969)
A Flea in Her Ear (1968)
The Flim-Flam Man (1967)
Wait Until Dark (1967)
Hotel (1967)
Not with My Wife, You Don't! (1966)
How to Steal a Million (1966)
Inside Daisy Clover (1965)
Sex and the Single Girl (1964)
Father Goose (1964)
Paris - When It Sizzles (1964)
Charade (1963)
The Wheeler Dealers (1963)
Critic's Choice (1963)
A Girl Named Tamiko (1962)
Something's Got to Give (1962)
Blue Hawaii (1961)
Summer and Smoke (1961)
The Magnificent Seven (1960)
Strangers When We Meet (1960)
Last Train from Gun Hill (1959)
The Matchmaker (1958)
Wild Is the Wind (1957)
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957)
Loving You (1957)
The Rainmaker (1956)
The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956)
Autumn Leaves (1956)
The Man from Laramie (1955)
Female on the Beach (1955)
The Long Gray Line (1955)
Phffft! (1954)
It Should Happen to You (1954)
The Big Heat (1953)
Salome (1953)
The Atomic City (1952)
Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick (1952)
Red Mountain (1951)
Peking Express (1951)
The Big Carnival (1951)
The Mating Season (1951)
Branded (1950)
Copper Canyon (1950)
September Affair (1950)
Fancy Pants (1950)
The Great Lover (1949)
Rope of Sand (1949)
My Own True Love (1948)
Miss Tatlock's Millions (1948)
Where There's Life (1947)
Desert Fury (1947)
Cross My Heart (1946)
Blue Skies (1946)
Miss Susie Slagle's (1946)
The Stork Club (1945)
Here Come the Waves (1944)
I Love a Soldier (1944)
Practically Yours (1944)
Frenchman's Creek (1944)
Standing Room Only (1944)
True to Life (1943)
No Time for Love (1943)
The Lady Has Plans (1942)
The Forest Rangers (1942)
Are Husbands Necessary? (1942)
Nothing But the Truth (1941)
Skylark (1941)
The Shepherd of the Hills (1941)
Dancing on a Dime (1940)
The Ghost Breakers (1940)
Women Without Names (1940)
Arise, My Love (1940)
Buck Benny Rides Again (1940)
Adventure in Diamonds (1940)
The Gracie Allen Murder Case (1939)
The Cat and the Canary (1939)
Midnight (1939)
Zaza (1939)
You and Me (1938)
Spawn of the North (1938)
Dr. Rhythm (1938)
Tovarich (1937)
Angel (1937)
Souls at Sea (1937)
I Loved a Soldier (1936)
Desire (1936)
Mississippi (1935)
Peter Ibbetson (1935)
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935)
She Loves Me Not (1934)
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1934)
We're Not Dressing (1934)
Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
He Learned About Women (1933)
Cradle Song (1933)
The Way to Love (1933)
Gambling Ship (1933)
A Bedtime Story (1933)
She Done Him Wrong (1933)
Devil and the Deep (1932)
Thunder Below (1932)
No One Man (1932)
Once a Lady (1931)
Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1931)
Caught (1931)
The Magnificent Lie (1931)
Newly Rich (1931)
Vice Squad (1931)
Unfaithful (1931)
Behind the Make-Up (1930)
For the Defense (1930)
Tom Sawyer (1930)
Anybody's Woman (1930)
Shadow of the Law (1930)
The Light of Western Stars (1930)
Sarah and Son (1930)
Street of Chance (1930)
Seven Days' Leave (1930)
Innocents of Paris (1929)
Halfway to Heaven (1929)
The Shopworn Angel (1928)
Ritzy (1927)
The Night Patrol (1926)

Reed Smoot:
Intellectual Property (2005?)
The Heart of India (2005; IMAX)
Mystery of the Nile (2005; IMAX)
Mystic India (2004; IMAX)
Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees (2002; IMAX)
Ultimate X (2002; IMAX)
China: The Panda Adventure (2001; IMAX)
Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure (2001; IMAX)
All Access: Front Row. Backstage. Live! (2001; IMAX)
The Human Body (2001; IMAX)
Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man (2000; IMAX)
Olympic Glory (1999; IMAX)
Galapagos: The Enchanted Voyage (1999; IMAX)
Mysteries of Egypt (1998; IMAX)
Special Effects: Anything Can Happen (1996; IMAX) - film nominated for an Academy Award
Yellowstone (1994; IMAX)
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)
To Be An Astronaut (1992; IMAX)
Don't Tell Her It's Me (1990)
Legacy (1990)
Gleaming the Cube (1989)
Alamo: The Price of Freedom (1988; IMAX)
The Pump (1988; sv)
Russkies (1987)
The Wraith (1986)
Rainbow War (1985; IMAX) - film nominated for an Academy Award
Door to Door (1984)
Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets (1984; IMAX)
The Avenging (1982)
Ballet Robotique (1982; IMAX) - film nominated for an Academy Award
Harry's War (1981)
Windwalker (1980)
The Emmett Smith Story (1979; sv)
The Great Brain (1978)
Uncle Ben (1978; sv)
Take Down (1978)
The Gift (1977; sv)
The Phone Call (1977; sv)
The Mailbox (1977; sv)
John Baker's Last Race (1976; sv)
The Lost Manuscript (1974; V)
The Great American Cowboy (1973)
Cipher in the Snow (1973; sv)
No Laughing Matter (1998)
Divided by Hate (1997)
Not In This Town (1997)
Out of Annie's Past (1995)
The Women of Spring Break (1995)
Rubdown (1993)
Louis L'Amour's Down the Long Hills (1986)
The Long Hot Summer (1985)
Lots of Luck (1985)
When Your Lover Leaves (1983)
"The Long Hot Summer" (miniseries)

T.C. Christensen:
Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (2005?)
Mission to Mars (2005?)
The Work and the Glory (2004)
Down and Derby (2004)
Texas: The Big Picture (2003; IMAX)
A Pioneer Miracle (2003; sv)
Finding Faith in Christ (2002; V; LDS)
Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West (2002; IMAX)
Journey to Harmony (2002; sv)
Bug Off! (2001; V)
Love Thy Neighbor (2001; s)
Prophets (2001; Salt Lake Visitor's Center)
The Penny Promise (2001; V)
Brigham City (2001; 2nd unit D.P.)
Horse Crazy (2001; V)
Witnesses of the Light (2000; V; LDS)
Fedora (1994; sv)
Baby Bedlam (2000)
Message in a Cell Phone (2000; V)
The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd (2000; 70mm)
A Kid Called Danger (1999; V)
Witness (1999; IMAX)
Olympic Glory (1999; IMAX)
Christmas Mission (1998; V)
The Touch of the Master's Hand (1998; sv)
No More Baths (1998; V)
The Secret of San Francisco (1997; 70mm)
Last Resort (1997; V)
The Robin Hood Gang (1997; V)
The King's Falcon (1997; s)
Clubhouse Detectives (1996; V)
Valencia, Spain (1995; IMAX; title: "Passion for Life"?)
Ozarks: Legacy & Legend (1995; IMAX)
The Mediator (1995; sv)
A Matter of Choice (1995; s)
Rigoletto (1993; V)
Seasons of the Heart (1993; V)
Enduring Legacy: The Story of Firearms (1992; dv)
The ButterCream Gang (1992; V)
Split Infinity (1992; V)
The True Nature of God (1992)
In Your Wildest Dreams (1991; V)
The Dream Machine (1990; V)
Remembering Nauvoo (1989)
Carthage (1989)
On Our Own (1988; V)
Wheels of Fire (1981; d)
Greater Love (1980)
The Mouths of Babes (1981; V)
The Bridge (1978; s)
Joseph Smith: The Man (1979)
Walls (2001; sv)
Turning Point (1996; sv)
Navigate Your Destiny (1999; sv)
The Quest for a Go-Getter (1990; sv)
Reach for the Stars (1995; sv)
Follow Your Heart (1998; sv)
American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith (2000)
Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail (1997)
Miracles & Other Wonders (1992; pilot)
On the Way Home (1992)

Frank Young:
[Grandson of Pres. Brigham Young.]
Why Girls Say No (1927; s)
On the Front Page (1926; s)
Don Key (A Son of Burro) (1926; s)
Wandering Papas (1925; s)
Yes, Yes, Nanette (1925; s)
Wild Papa (1925; s)
Short Kilts (1924; s)
Wide Open Spaces (1924; s)
Rupert of Hee Haw (1924; s)
Near Dublin (1924; s)
Brothers Under the Chin (1924; s)
Zeb vs. Paprika (1924; s)
Postage Due (1924; s)
Smithy (1924; s)
Mother's Joy (1923; s)
Scorching Sands (1923; s)
The Soilers (1923; s)
Frozen Hearts (1923; s)
Roughest Africa (1923; s)
A Man About Town (1923; s)
Oranges and Lemons (1923; s)
Gas and Air (1923; s)
Kill or Cure (1923; s)
Collars and Cuffs (1923; s)
Pick and Shovel (1923; s)
Under Two Jags (1923; s)
White Wings (1923; s)
The Noon Whistle (1923; s)

Dal Clawson:
The Horror (1933)
The Black King (1932)
The Love Kiss (1930)
Love at First Sight (1930)
Black and Tan (1929; s)
Hunting Tigers in India (1929; d)
Syncopation (1929)
The Slaver (1927)
What Price Love? (1927)
Another Scandal (1924)
The Lone Wolf (1924)
Miami (1924)
Rose o' the Sea (1922)
The Woman He Married (1922)
The Marriage Chance (1922)
The World's a Stage (1922)
What Do Men Want? (1921)
The Oath (1921)
The Corsican Brothers (1920)
The Courageous Coward (1919)
Eve in Exile (1919)
Bonds of Honor (1919)
Her Kingdom of Dreams (1919)
Back to God's Country (1919)
Forbidden (1919)
Mary Regan (1919)
A Heart in Pawn (1919)
A Midnight Romance (1919)
When a Girl Loves (1919)
The Temple of Dusk (1918)
For Husbands Only (1918)
The Red, Red Heart (1918)
The Pride of New York (1917)
The Conqueror (1917)
Betrayed (1917)
The Innocent Sinner (1917)
The Silent Lie (1917)
One Touch of Sin (1917)
The Weaker Sex (1917)
The Female of the Species (1916)
The Love Thief (1916)
The Honorable Algy (1916)
Somewhere in France (1916)
The Vagabond Prince (1916)
Honor Thy Name (1916)
The Phantom (1916)
Civilization (1916)
The Dumb Girl of Portici (1916)
The Call of the Cumberlands (1916; s)
The Yankee Girl (1915)
Scandal (1915)
The Rosary (1915)
Captain Courtesy (1915)
Sunshine Molly (1915; s)
Hypocrites (1915)
It's No Laughing Matter (1915)
The Merchant of Venice (1914)
The Career of Waterloo Peterson (1914)

Gordon Lonsdale:
Stick It (2005?)
Down and Derby (2004)
Best Two Years (2003)
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (V)
Set Straight on Bullies (1988; V)
Searching for David's Heart (2004)
Miracle Run (2004)
Stealing Christmas (2003)
The Last Brickmaker in America (2001)
Songs of Praise and Remembrance: A Memorial Day Celebration (2000; PBS)
See You In My Dreams (2000)
Anya's Bell (1999)
Avalon: Beyond the Abyss (1999)
The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn (1999)
Houdini (1998)
Bella Mafia (1997)
The Last Don (1997; miniseries)
A Loss of Innocence (1996)
Unforgivable (1996)
Buckaroo Bard (1993; PBS)
Choose Your Own Adventure: The Case of the Silk King (1992)
Jailbirds (1991)
A Celebration of Christmas (1991; PBS)
A Girl of the Limberlost (1990)
A More Perfect Union: American Becomes A Nation (1989; PBS)
Encyclopedia Brown: The Boy Detective: One-Minute Mysteries (1989; TV pilot/V)
Minerva Teichert: A Mission in Paint (1988; PBS)
The Witching of Ben Wagner (1987)
Mercy Point (UPN pilot)
Notorious 7 (FOX pilot)
The Center (NBC pilot)
On the Street (ABC pilot)
Parenthood (NBC pilot)

Haunted (2002; TV series; 11 episodes)
Kate Brasher (2001; 5 epis.)
Providence (1999)
The Magnificent Seven (1998; 22 epis.)
Space: Above and Beyond (1995-1996; 13 epis.)
Northern Exposure (1990-1995; 47 epis.)
Going to Extremes (1992; 13 epis.)

Michael L. Schaertl:
Perilous Journey (1984; V)
Hidden Howie (2005)
Touched by an Angel (1994-2003?)
20/20 Downtown (1999)
20/20 (1994)
Dateline NBC (1992)
Primetime Live (1989)
Rescue 911 (1989)
Runaway with the Rich and Famous (1987)
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (1984)

   2nd Unit Director of Photography:
Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! (1998)

Zack and Reba (1998)
Meet the Deedles (1998)
Neon City (1992)
Sotto il vestito niente (1983; aka "Nothing Underneath")

Brian Sullivan:
Courage & Stupidity (2004; sv)
Getting There: Sweet 16 and Licensed to Drive (2002; V)
Little Secrets (2002)
Coyote Summer (1996; V)
The Paper Brigade (1996; V)
Wish Upon a Star (1996; V)
The (2000; Disney)
Route 9 (1998)
Just Like Dad (1996)

"Chicken Soup for the Soul" (1999; TV series)
"Hotel del Sol" (1998; TV series)
"The Magnificent Seven" (1998; TV series)

   2nd Unit Director of Photography:
Just a Dream (2002; V)
Bicentennial Man (1999)
Almost Heroes (1998)
Breaking Free (1995)
Home of Our Own (1993)
Luck of the Irish (2001)
Cutty Whitman (1997)
Divided by Hate (1997)
First-Time Felon (1997)

"The Visitor" (1997; TV series)

Ryan Little:
Saints and Soldiers (2004)
The Home Teachers (2004)
The R.M. (2003)
The Singles Ward (2002)
Brigham City (2001; 2nd unit D.P.)
Daybreak (2001; s)
Brides on the Homefront (2000; PBS)

Bengt Jan Jonsson (Bengt Jonsson):
Duel (2004; s)
Jack Weyland's Charly (2002)
The Snow Child (1997; s)
The Touch (1997; sv)
Life Happens (1996; s)
Crime Strike (1999-2001; series)

Lords of the Mafia (2000)
Nowhere to Go (1998; TV/V)
The Secret KGB UFO Files (1998)

Ken Garff:
Avalanche (1999; 2nd unit)
John Wesely Powell (Green River Museum)
American Valor (2003; PBS)
Darkness at High Noon: The Carl Foreman Documents (2002; PBS)
Realm of Redheads (2001; HBO; website)
Woman, the Pioneer (1997; s; PBS)
The Mysteries of Wild Mexico
Headliners and Legends (MSNBC)
Cosmetic Surgery (A&E)
Future Warfare (Learning Channel)
Extreme Hawaii (Discovery Channel
Sahara (PBS)
Eco-Challenge (Discovery Channel)
Weekend Explorer (PBS)
The Hollywood Bowl (PBS)

Don Muirhead:
The Children's Video Songbook, Vol. 1: My Heavenly Father's World (1990; V)
The Children's Video Songbook, Vol. 2: I Am a Child of God (1991; V)
The Best Two Years of My Life (1983; V)
Docudrama of the Restoration video series:
- The Trek West
- The Heavens Are Opened
- The Mormon Battalion
- New York: The Church Restored
- Kirtland: The Spirit of God
- The Handcart Pioneers
- England: The Field is White
- Missouri: Zion Revealed
- Nauvoo: The City of Joseph
- Roots of an American Prophet
- Ensign Unto All People
- A Legacy of Faith
"Chicken Soup for the Soul" (1999; TV series)
"Center Street" (TV series)

  [NOTE: The following are some of the LDS Motion Picture Studio productions for which Muirhead was D.P.]
More Precious Than Gold: The Contributions of the Mormon Battalion (1998; dv)
The Plan of Happiness (Missionary Open House 1998)
Naaman & Elisha
School of the Elders
Heavenly Things (Christ & Nicodemus)
Zion in the Wilderness
Teacher Improvement Package

Roderick A. Santiano:
Liken the Scriptures, Episode 3: One Smooth Stone (2005; V)
New York Doll (2004; d)
Liken the Scriptures, Episode 2: A Mighty Change of Heart (2004; V)
Liken the Scriptures, Episode 1: I Will Go and Do (2003; V)
L.I.N.X. (2000; V)

Travis Cline:
Pride and Prejudice (2003)
The Promethean (2003; s)
The Ivy Exchange (2003; s)
The Snell Show (2002; s)
Quietus (2001; s)

Mark N. Goodman:
Someone Was Watching (2002; V)
Clubhouse Detectives (1996; V) - assistant
Seasons of the Heart (1993; V) - assistant
The ButterCream Gang (1992; V) - assistant
Sacred Stone: Temple on the Mississippi (2002; PBS)
American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith (2000; also editor)
Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail (1997; also editor)

George Stapleford: *
In Search of Noah's Ark (1977)
Adventures of Frontier Fremont (1976)
The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (1975)

Robert Stum:
[Head cinematographer in the BYU Motion Picture Department for 28 years, Stum (sometimes credited as Robert W. Strum) filmed more than 150 motion pictures.]
Seven Alone (1974)
Johnny Lingo (1969; LDS sv)
Windows of Heaven (1963; LDS V)
Man's Search for Happiness (LDS sv)

Wally Barrus:
[Cinematographer at LDS Motion Picture Studios for 15 years. Made 30 films.]
Man's Search for Happiness (V)
The Three Witnesses (V)
In This Holy Place (V)

Kels Goodman:
The Collectors (2003; V)
Handcart (2002)
He Took My Licking (2001; sv)
Mundo Milagroso (1995; d)
Legacy West (1997; TV)

Michael Worthen:
Out of Step (2002)

Tristan Whitman:
The Work and the Story (2003)
Junk (2002; s)
Simplicity (2002; s)
The Last Tzaddik (1998; s)
A Fate Foretold (s)
Absence (2001; s)
Love Crimes and Other Felonies (s)
[Other commercials and shorts.]

Clark Cooper:
Day of Defense (2002)

Dan Merkley:
The Work and the Story (2003)

Brady Tuckett:
My Father's Gun (2002; History Ch.)
Faces of Evil (2000; TNT; d)

Jason Hatfield:
Shooting People (2001; s)
Daniil Kharms' The Old Woman (1999; V)

Michael Karr:
The Creator's Game (1999; V)

Tahlee Booher:
Transamerican Killer (2002; V)
The Shadow of Light (2002; V)
Sisters in Zion (2002; d)
The Smith Family: a portrait in love (2002; d)

Paul Green:
Hoops (2004; V)
Infidelity (2002)
Domestic Dispute (2001; s)
Missy (2000; V)
Keeper of the Earth (s)
The Dollar (s)
The Squad (1997; s; also director)
The Squad II (1998; s)

Brian Wilcox:
The Call of Story (2002; PBS)
Yellowstone: America's Eden (1998; d)

Ethan Vincent:
Documentary: The Making of the Memorial Day Special (1999; KBYU)
Terry Nails the Sale (2001; s)
Employee of the Month (2001; s)
Indifference (1999)
Brooklyn Boy (2000)

Phil Tuckett:
My Father's Gun (2002; History Ch.)

Rodney Lamborn:
Smash the Kitty (2003)
Helen Foster Snow: My China Years (2000; d)
Immortal Fortress: A Look Inside Chechnya's Warrior Culture (1999; d)
Pursuit (1998; s; also dir.)
The Appleby Sensation (1997)

Jeff Lambright:
The Children's Video Songbook, Vol. 1: My Heavenly Father's World (1990; V)
The Children's Video Songbook, Vol. 2: I Am a Child of God (1991; V)

Brad Barber:
The Family Factor: A Global Family Portrait (2002; d)

Barbara Filichia:
Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story (1996; sv)

Jon L. Anderson:
Eliza and I (1997; PBS)

Mark Andersen:
Everyday (2002; mv)

Doug Chamberlain:
The Yard Sale (2002; s)
The Wrong Brother (2000; sv)
Funky Town (2000; s)
The Salesman (1999; s)
A Christmas Kite (1999; s)

Calvin Cory; Christian Vuissa:
Out of Step: Behind the Scenes (2002; sdv)

Vincent Brown II; Clint J. Elison; Stanley Everett
Kirtland Temple: House of the Lord (2001; V)

Stan Wadley:
In Search of Ancient Cumorah (2001; dv)

Brandon Christiansen:
In Time of Need (1999; sv)

Brandon Christensen:
Unfolding (2003; sv)
Roots & Wings (2002; sv)

Norman Bosworth:
A Time to Love (1987; V)

Manju Varghese: *
Woodwork (2001; sd)
Elise (2001; s)
Just Say When (2000; s)

Patrick H. Parker:
Amidst the Gateway (2002)

Timothy Skousen ("Tim Skousen"):
Jip (2001; s)

Katie Bogner:
Shattered (2001; s)
The Gift (2001; s)

Jared Hess:
Peluca (2002; s)
Get (2001; s)

Brandon Arnold:
Hoagies (2001; s)

Leila Miller:
Please (2001; s)

Carter Durham:
General Household Repairs (2001; sd)

Aaron Ruell:
Sublimating Arthur (2001; s)

Geoffrey Card:
A Foot in the Door (2002?)
Fork (s)
Remind Me Again (2002; s)

Peter Semelka: *
Little Voices: Celebrating the Family (2000; V)

Mark Allen: *
Tyler: A Real Hero (V)

Devereaux Jennings: *
Born to the West (1937)
Rhythm on the Roof (1935)
The Famous Ferguson Case (1932)
Stranger in Town (1932)
Fifty Million Frenchmen (1931)
Manhattan Parade (1931)
Side Show (1931)
The Public Enemy (1931)
Finn and Hattie (1931)
Divorce Among Friends (1930)
Life of the Party, The (1930)
Oh, Sailor Behave (1930)
Matrimonial Bed, The (1930)
Golden Dawn (1930)
Bride of the Regiment (1930)
Dumbbells in Ermine (1930)
Hold Everything (1930)
Song of the West (1930)
Sap, The (1929)
Sally (1929)
Heart Trouble (1928)
Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)
Vamping Venus (1928)
Flying Romeos (1928)
College (1927)
The Missing Link (1927)
The General (1927)
Battling Butler (1926)
Steel Preferred (1926)
What Price Beauty? (1925)
Cobra (1925)
The Eagle (1925)
The Million Dollar Handicap (1925)
Those Who Dare (1924)
The Gunfighter (1923)
Children of Jazz (1923)
Brass Commandments (1923)
The Footlight Ranger (1923)
The Boss of Camp Four (1922)
Without Compromise (1922)
Bells of San Juan (1922)
The Glory of Clementina (1922)
Two Kinds of Women (1922)
The Lure of Jade (1921)
The Sting of the Lash (1921)
Salvage (1921)
The Mistress of Shenstone (1921)
Madame X (1920)
The Daredevil (1920)
The Feud (1919)
Should a Husband Forgive? (1919)
Evangeline (1919)
Cowardice Court (1919)
Miss Adventure (1919)
The Forbidden Room (1919)
Treat 'Em Rough (1919)
The Danger Zone (1918)
Fame and Fortune (1918)
Mr. Logan, U.S.A. (1918)
Ace High (1918)
Confession (1918)
The Bride of Fear (1918)
Six Shooter Andy (1918)
Cheating the Public (1918)
The Scarlet Pimpernel (1917)
The Spy (1917/I)
Durand of the Bad Lands (1917)
Her Temptation (1917)
One Touch of Sin (1917)
The Sin Ye Do (1916)
A Gamble in Souls (1916)
The Mediator (1916)
The Jungle Child (1916)
Lieutenant Danny, U.S.A. (1916)
Eye of the Night (1916)
The Dividend (1916)
The No-Good Guy (1916)
Bullets and Brown Eyes (1916)
The Corner (1916/I)
The Winged Idol (1915)
Matrimony (1915)

Craig Feller: *
America's Most Wanted (TV series)
PM Magazine (TV series)
Walker Texas Ranger (TV series)
Profiler (TV series)

Gordon Huston: *
Someone Was Watching (2002; V)
Gold Fever (1990; sv)

Gordon Jennings: *
Give Us This Night (1936)
Our Hospitality (1923)
The Blot (1921)

George Griner: *
Water with Food Coloring (2001; s)
Alyson's Closet (1998; s)
Promised Land (1996)

Colin Low:
Universe (1960)

Munn Powell:
Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath (1997; sv)
Fourth Witness: The Mary Whitmer Story (1996; sv)

Grant Williams:
The Best Crop: A History of Orchard Farming in Orem, Utah (2002; d)
"Letting God Have His Way": A Conversation about C.S. Lewis (1999; PBS)
A Truce with Death (1993; sv)
Gold Fever (1990; sv)
Cipher in the Snow (1973; sv)

Mark Taft: *
Impala (1999; s)
Divine Intervention (1998; s)
A Truce with Death (1993; sv)
Gold Fever (1990; sv)
Wildest Dreams (1986; sv)
The Subject of a Moment (1985; sv)

Ten van Horn:
Cipher in the Snow (1973; sv)

Jim Sherman
The Butterchurn (1995; sv)

Nathan Petty:
Kevin and Jay (2001)

Dalan Granat: *
Iscariot (2001; s)
Delusion (2001; s)

Geno Salvatori: *
Night Waltz: The Music of Paul Bowles (2000; d)

Brian Capener: 1
Dropping Out (2000)
Smoke Signals (1998)
Yesterday's Target (1996; V)
Radio Inside (1994; V)
Secret of Treasure Mountain (1993; V)
The Ice Runner (1993; V)
The Faith of an Observer: Conversations with Hugh Nibley (1985; dv)
Christmas Snows, Christmas Winds (1978; sv)
Face of Evil (1996)
My Stepson, My Lover (1997)

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* Names with asterisk: Published biographical sketch doesn't mention religious affilation, but person is from and/or lives in an area of Utah in which at least 70% of the population are Latter-day Saints.

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