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Some Already Released Films and Movies
by and/or about Latter-day Saints

The films listed here were were made by Latter-day Saint filmmakers in key creative roles (as director, writer, producer, film editor, actor in a starring role, director of photography and/or composer) or were about Latter-day Saint characters. In most cases, the films about Latter-day Saint characters were also made by Latter-day Saint filmmakers in at least creative role.

This page is not a comprehensive list of all films made by and/or about Latter-day Saints. This page simply features an archive of the listings which previously appeared on this site's "Upcoming Films" list. These films have already been released, and their listings have thus been removed from the "Upcoming Films" list. We have archived these lisings here because they contain useful information (such as plot synopses, key cast and crew information, and information about production dates, release dates, distributor, etc. We frequently communicate directly with the director or producer of these films, and these listings often contain useful details which can not be found elsewhere on our website (or anywhere else).

For some already released films we have created an entire dedicated page (or collection of pages). Such pages contain many more details than we include in the brief listings found here. For a directory to these film archives see: Index to Film Pages on this Website.

Already Released Films with Latter-day Saint THEMES and characters (most were also made by Latter-day Saint Filmmakers):

Other Already Released Films Made by Latter-day Saint Filmmakers or Stars:

NOTE: As much as possible, the names of Latter-day Saint filmmakers and stars are in bold in the list below.