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A Time To Love (1987)

There are a few things to be aware about this video. First of all, it is rather dated. It was made in 1987 and it may simply be too old for the young people who are its target audience.

Second, be aware that this is not a narrative musical such as "Saturday's Warrior" or "My Turn On Earth." This is indeed a "program." Teens are shown quoting famous people such as Mother Theresa, David O. McKay, poets, letters to "Dear Abby", etc. In a serious manner they speak words of wisdom and warning relating to the Law of Chastity. These range from poetic passages about the value of waiting until marriage, to sobering statistical facts about sexually transmitted diseases. These straight-to-the-camera deliveries are interspersed with musical numbers, sort of like uplifting, lower-budget music videos. Teen actors portray various true-to-life experiences and challenges in scenes set to both musical numbers and voice-overs.

Some parents and youth leaders may feel this program has value for their youth, and that even if there is some snickering at the video kids will learn good lessons from it and have fun with it. But I can't recommend this to everyone. If you want to choose just one video to address this topic, I would readily suggest the much more recent "Only Once" (directed by Rocco DeVilliers), which tells a single, powerful story rather than using this video's program/fireside format.

"A Time To Love" is not meant as entertainment (though I'm sure some will find the dated text and hair styles hilarious). But its messages are certainly excellent and meant specifically for Latter-day Saint youth. It may be of interest to parents and youth leaders who can use it as a teaching tool, and also for collectors interested in this earlier example of work by Lex de Azevedo and Carol Lynn Pearson, both of whom have distinguished themselves elsewhere with artistically impressive accomplishments.

"A Time To Love"
CLOSING credits as they appear in the film

Melinda Anderson
Enid Atkinson
Charles Barndt
Jeff Bird
Bryan Booth
Jennifer Buckalew
Heather Campbell
Adam Christensen
Mike Clements
Gaylord Davis
Thelma Davis
Emilie de Azevedo
Julie Finnegan
Colleen Gardner
Lurissa Gines
Byron Goff
Chellie Harris
Korry Harvey
Wendy James
Anne Madsen
David McConnell
Howard McOmber
Mark Nelson
Edith Pritchett
Danny Ray
Mont Robins
Noreen Robins
Nau Satini
Heidi Stewart
Gary Whiting
Stacey Whiting
David Winkelkotter
Wendy Wood
Brenda Woods
Tina Marie Angelikis

Special Thanks To:
Tuxedo Junction
Silvercrest Reception Center
Alta View Hospital

Executive Producer Lex de Azevedo
Directors Gerry Graves
Norman Bosworth
Music Lex de Azevedo
Script and Lyrics Carol Lynn Pearson
Still Photography Norman Bosworth
Produced by
Visual Communications

A presentation of
Embryo Productions
Salt Lake City, Utah

"A Time To Love"
TEXT from Video Back Cover

Produced by Bosworth/Graves Visual Communications for Embryo Productions
Executive Producer: Lex de Azevedo
Produced and Directed by Norman Bosworth and Gerald Graves
Video Photography by Norman Bosworth

A Time To Love is a musical program that celebrates the joys of romantic love and warns against the pitfalls of immorality. It will make a difference in the lives of untold numbers of young people who are trying to make their way in a dangerous world. Experience the power of words and music combined with beautiful, sensitive cinematography that together not only entertain but implant in the viewer a feeling and understanding for the proper time and place to experience A Time To Love.

Also available from Embryo Music: Script/piano vocal score; accompaniment tape; Music cassette; and Slides.
A Time To Love is a royalty-free production specifically designed for young people to experience positive concepts about morality through speaking and singing them rather than once again just hearing them. Give the music cassette at special quantity discount to the youth as a momento of their evening with A Time To Love.


Now available for performing groups: "IT'S MY LIFE!"
Powerful, musicla drama designed to help stamp out teenage drug abuse. "IT'S MY LIFE!" Demo Video; Script/Piano Vocal Score; Accompaniment Tape; Music Cassette; Slides available from Embryo Music (801) 532-6114.

© 1987 Embryo Entertainment Group, Inc.
77210 So. 900 East, Midvale, Utah 84047 (801) 566-6114

WARNING: The program contained in this videocassette is licensed only for use where no admission is charged. Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of copyrighted videotapes. (Title 17 USC, Sec. 501 & 506.)


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