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Dean F.H. Macy
Author, Screenwriter and Artist Manager

Latter-day Saint. Lives in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Author, screenwriter and artist manager. Author of the science fiction novel Barriers. Screenwriter of the unfinished TV movie "One Christmas Eve," which is scheduled for a December 2002 premier according to IMDb. President and founder of New England Talent, Ltd.. Biographical information from his website (
I began my professional writing career at age 23 when I ghostwrote several sci-fi stories & novels for a now famous author. I write sci-fi, fantasy, fiction and non-fiction novels. In the theatre arts I have written and had performed three musicals, two Broadway dramas, and a host of one-act plays. I am currently writing a new series pilot for CBS and have a TV motion picture musical-drama (One Christmas Eve) sitting at Warner Bros. waiting for financing.

I began my performance career in music at age seven. I have been engaged in the business of music for 56 years. I have composed music for theatre since the early 60's and currently compose music and themes, write parts and arrange music for Epilogue Records Artists, motion pictures and TV specials. Besides singing as a lyric tenor I play Violin, Organ, Guitar, Accordion, Tin Whistle, Harmonica, Dulcimer and Psaltery.

...The most exciting work I do is with exceptionally gifted musical children.

What are some of [my] more famous past works?

I'll try to keep this simple. SINGING: (Lyric Tenor soloist) NBC Symphony Chorus, Jerome Hines Opera Company (NE Tour), Broadway Summer Stock, Lake Placid/Saranac Lake Summer Stock, Off-Broadway Musicals, Twin Cities Symphony Chorus, Monadnock Symphony Chorus, Utah Symphony Chorus, Southern California Mormon Choir, Detroit Mormon Choir, Tabernacle Choir, Robert Shaw Chorale, Dick Tosti Trio (Vegas), and several others.

COMPOSING: Two Summer-Stock musicals, music used in "Sesame Street", a march I wrote that was performed in the movie, "Bells of Saint Mary's," a host of church musicals, and a couple of Celtic style piano scores, one with words, the other performed in concert by George Loring, several Marches for High School & College Bands, and a host of songs for Epilogue Artists.

CONDUCTING: Utah Symphony at the Hollywood Bowl, New York Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall, Adirondack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Robert Shaw Chorale, and several Broadway Show pit orchestras.

PRODUCTIONS: Director of Equity Children's Theatre Workshop (ECTW) in NY, one of four founders of Sesame Street TV Show (CTW), Lake Placid Folk Festival, "ONE" one of three one act plays directed by Richard Foorman on Broadway, "Bell, Book & Candle" special effects, The Wolfman Jack radio show, Original Star Trek "Bridge" design, and all the productions for my artists at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, etc.

I have been coaching musicians since 1954 in motion pictures & TV, recording studios, for opera, concerts, and the Broadway stage, in bands, choruses and orchestras, and many famous and not famous soloists.

Teaching has been for 22 years in voice, violin, accordion, piano, trumpet, tin whistle, organ, and harmonica with the mainstay in voice. I have had three adult voice students. The rest were children...

I worked with Barbra Streisand as a coach beginning at age 13 and was her recording engineer for a couple years in the 60's. I have worked with many young, now famous, singers on motion picture sets (too many to list here) in television and on Broadway. I worked with Brian Epstein for a year with the Beatles and managed the promotions for the Osmonds, Ed Ames, Buffy St. Marie, Pete Segar, Bob Dylan, Gene Rockwell, The Four Evers, Dick Tosti Trio, The Pretenders, The Epics, Blue Light, The Infernos (bands) and many others.

Bio from AML-List (

I am Dean FH Macy. As the name implies, I am male (the female spelling would be 'Deane' or 'Deanna'). I am married and my wife, Nancy, and I have raised 19 kids in a 28 year period; 14 girls (three sets of twins) and 5 boys (no twins, thankfully). I grew up in the Bronx (Fort Apache), New York and she was raised in Chicago's South Side. We overcame our heritage, got baptized in the Church and met in Salt Lake City where we were married three months later. And together, we still survive.

We currently live in Peterborough New Hampshire where I teach music privately (voice, violin and piano) and operate New England Talent, Ltd., a philanthropic management and production house for gifted LDS kids, and children with high standards, in music. We produce albums under the Epilogue Label and sell through Deseret, LDS bookstores, and National record and music chains. We invite you to visit our web site where you can hear what our gifted children do in music. I am also producing an album of Classical New Age music by young composers and have a FOX TV show pending for one of my little singers. All this fills my day with joy and wonder.

My connection to Mormon literature is the writing of play scripts and screenplays. My latest screenplay "One Christmas Eve" (An LDS Musical Drama) is scheduled to be produced and filmed by Moonlight-Graham Productions and released through Amblin Antertainment as soon as I can raise the additional 1/4 million we need for production. (If you have an extra $250,000 gathering dust in your attic I have a home for it.)

I also write LDS and Non-LDS fantasy and science fiction. My epic novel "Barriers" is due to be released by Doubleday and a new novelette "Visit To Central Park" was rejected for inclusion in a new LDS Anthology edited by Jacob Proffitt, which is still on the back burner. I was also asked to do a pilot for a new (LDS oriented) TV series. Heaven only knows where that idea has gone. "Treasures In My Attic," is a humorous, and sometimes poignant, book about raising 19 children in the Gospel and "The Hawthorne Tree," a true short story about a very unusual little girl, should be out early 2000 (hope, wish).

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