Michael J. Birkeland * * Jeff Birk
Elizabeth Sands * * Chad Long * * Wally Joyner

A comedy written by John E. Moyer
from the makers of "The Singles Ward" and "The R.M.":

The Home Teachers

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Review Roundup

Numerical average of these graded scores: 42.8 (out of 100)
  Average score is 1.7 stars out of 4, or a "C-"

RottenTomatoes.com freshness score: 0.0%
  5 reviews counted: 0 positive; 5 negative

[In the table below, the column labeled "RT.c" shows a plus or minus sign, indicating whether the RottenTomatoes.com website rated the review mainly positive (+) or negative (-). Reviews with nothing in the "RT.c" column (that is, they have no plus or minus by them, were not catalogued by the RottenTomatoes.com website, and are not included in the RottenTomatoes.com score.]

SourceReview AuthorRT.cGradeGrade
as #
Boxoffice Magazine Wade Major 3.5/5 67
Salt Lake Tribune Sean P. Means - 2/4 50
Tooele Transcript-Bulletin (Utah) Audrey Rock-Richardson - C 50
Adam Mast Movie Reviews Adam Mast C 50
EricDSnider.com Eric D. Snider - C- 42
Deseret News Jeff Vice - 1.5/4 38
Ogden Standard-Examiner Steve Salles 1.5/4 38
Salt Lake City Weelky Scott Renshaw 1.5/4 38
FilmThreat.com Brad Slager - 1/5 12

The following reviews did not include a "grade," but they were given a "fresh" or "rotten" rating (+ or -) by RottenTomatoes.com:

SourceReview AuthorRT.c

The following reviews did not have a number or letter rating, nor were they catalogued by the RottenTomatoes.com website:

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