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LDS / Utah Films
Upcoming Film Auditions

Information about upcoming LDS Film auditions, LDS Cinema auditions, Utah auditions, movie auditions.

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Past Latter-day Saint-themed feature films which have announced auditions through include The R.M., Suddenly Unexpected, Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie, and Eat, Drink and Get Married.

Note that while some productions hold open auditions, many Latter-day Saint-themed films are cast without publicizing audition details with us -- or with anybody else. Some productions work exclusively with casting agencies. Professional actors are signed up with casting agencies and work with agents.

Established actors interested in participating in these productions -- including films which do not hold open auditions -- are encouraged to communicate their interests with their agent and casting agencies. Such actors, or their agents, should also communicate early with directors who they are interested in working with. Detailed information about movies which are in pre-production can be found in the Upcoming Movies list. Actors interested in auditioning for a film are encouraged to become familiar with the available details relating to the film, study the sides, and watch the directors' past films. In addition to enhancing the possibility of a successful audition, these steps will also help actors determine if they are interested in auditioning for a particular film or actor in the first place.

Note that actors succeed in obtaining film roles generally have considerable experience in live theater. This page does not contain information about upcoming auditions for stage productions. Extensive information on this topic can be found in the Related Links shown above.

3 Feature-Length Films Directed by John Lyde

Audition date: 25 September 2004

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - JKL Entertainment and ITS US Productions have begun pre-production on three feature films. "Take a Chance", "Shadowman" and "The Youth of Zion."

"Take a Chance" tells the story of two brothers from Texas who travel to a small town in Idaho in search of the girls of their dreams. In their quest to win the girls hearts they learn what true love really is. Kirby Heyborne and Corbin Allred star as the two brothers. The cast also includes Bobby Swenson.

"Shadowman" is a thriller set in high school where seven students in after school detention find themselves terrorized by an unseen force.

"The Youth of Zion" is a series of short films based from the LDS, "For the Strength of Youth." Each film will be approximately 60 minutes long and distributed for Video/DVD exhibition in the United States and abroad. The first film will be about "Honesty."

Auditions will be held on Saturday, September 25 in American Fork, Utah. Parts are still available for all three films for both men and women between the ages of 16 and 29.

If you are interested in auditioning for any of these projects contact Lorien at 801-763-0927 or email your head shot and resume to


Directed by: Tucker T. Dansie
auditions: date not yet announced
end of August 2003

Roles (more info will be added, along with sides)

Joe-The Prodigal son-role not available for audition. 23 years old.

Jesse (18 year old)- Joe's brother, skinny, straight laced

Father (50 year old)- Joe and Jesse's Dad. Larger guy. Sincere, quiet, good man.

Halle (20-24 year old-blonde)- Joe's girlfriend. Very Talkative.

Raven (20-30 year old- brown or black hair)- Joe's bad girl. rock n roll chick.

Ratman (25-35 year old- bald or long hair, heavy)- Joe's roommate, heavyset guy. likes to party.

Smitty (30-35 year old)-

Chaz (20-25 year old)-

Gambler #1-

Gambler #2-

press release August 12, 2003

"There was a man who had two sons;" that's how the classic parable begins. And within only a few verses we are taught, among other things, about forgiveness, jealousy, temptation and rebellion. It's a story that has fascinated us for generations, by one of the greatest storytellers ever.

Centuries later, acclaimed filmmaker Tucker T Dansie ("COLORS: up close & personal" - Director / "Suddenly Unexpected" - Director of Photography) will attempt to do justice to this tale by modernizing it's elements. This will include some modernizing of the rebellious acts, a job that could prove to be "tricky". Dansie and his crew will be putting the twenty-something son through alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex and violence, all things that are unfortunately gaining popularity in society these days. "The challenge will be to show these temptations and make them look as despicable as they are, while keeping the film watch-able." says Dansie, the films writer/director/producer.

The LDS Church did their own version of the parable, titled "The Prodigal Son", which delivered a powerful message about jealousy. But unlike that production, which was primarily about events that occurred after the son's return, Dansie's "prod·i·gal" will focus on the son's leaving home, his lose of innocence, and the state of torment that it leaves his family and friends in. It will also reflect Dansie's signature "Digital Video" style, which can be seen in his short films and documentaries.

"It's a beautiful story that everyone knows by heart" says Dansie, commenting on the challenge of making a story that everyone already knows the ending to. "It's not really about the conclusion, it's the ride that we are all hanging on for that matters. And I'm hoping to touch some emotions I've never touched on before."

Although he was the Director of Photography on the LDS comedy feature film "Suddenly Unexpected" which opened in Houston, Texas in August of 2003, "prod·i·gal" is the first film he has written and directed that contains religion as a central theme. The religion in the story is meant to be generic so all denomination can enjoy this time tested tale. Dansie also is completing work on his "One of Life's Little Lessons" series, which although not religious, are a series of heartwarming, funny and dramatic "Little Lessons" for all ages to enjoy.

For those curious thespians out there, the lead role in "prod*i*gal" was written for an actor friend of Dansie's, who has appeared recently in a direct-to-video release, but his name will remain secret until he accepts the role. Other roles for the film will be up for Audition at the end of August, with the cameras role soon thereafter.

Joseph Smith, The Man

VALID: July 24 - August 18, 2003

The SEARCH for JOSEPH continues...  Please forward this message to
anyone you may know who might be interested.  Thank you!


Deseret Media Productions, a company owned by The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints, is producing a new film based on the life of the
Prophet Joseph Smith.  We are currently casting the LEAD ROLE:

    Height: 6'0" or taller
    Age:  Must be able to portray from 21 to 39 years old.  (Actors
should be in their mid-twenties to early thirties.)
    Build:  Athletic, approximately 200-215 lbs.
    Complexion: Fair with Light eyes
Character and Personality:  Charismatic, Positive, Intelligent,
Passionate, Wise beyond his years, Deeply Spiritual, Approachable,
Fun-loving, Athletic, Loves Children and people of All Ages, and others
enjoy being around him.  In short, a very well-rounded human being.

ALL OTHER ROLES for this film will be addressed at a future date.

Due to the intensity of this highly demanding role, we are considering
ONLY seasoned actors with professional experience in theater and/or
film.  This will be a S.A.G. affiliated production, although auditions
are open to ALL actors regardless union membership.  As usual,
preference will be given to members of the LDS faith although
consideration will NOT be limited thereto.  Actors of ALL faiths may

AUDITIONS are CURRENTLY taking place in New York, Los Angeles, and
London.  Please contact the appropriate Casting Director for an
appointment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  (If you are LDS, please identify
yourself as such when making your audition appointment.)

Jackie Burch
310-360-6861 (office)
310-360-9134 (fax)
8601 Wilshire Place Suite 1006
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
 - Assistant: Tim Donner

Elaine Huzzar
212-609-9383 (office)
646-214-7906 (fax)
451 Greenwich St. 7th floor
New York, NY 10013

Jeremy Zimmermann
Clareville House
26/27 Oxendon Street
London SW1Y 4EL
tel: 44.20.7925.0707
fax: 44.20.7925.0708
Assistant: Andrea Clark

If you have any further questions, you may contact the Audiovisual
Casting Producer:
Calls will be taken by: 1-800-453-3860, ext. 2-1965

Thank you for your interest,

Alisa Anglesey
AV Casting Producer

For actors who are unfamiliar with the background of Joseph Smith,
following are a few informative web-sites for your perusal:,8672,941-1,00.html,4945,104-1-3-1,FF.html

One of Life's Little Lessons (composer needed)

Seeking composer for "One of Life's Little Lessons"

Hi there, Tucker Dansie here. In the next few months I will be finishing up "One of Life's Little Lessons" film series. I would like to have the entire series scored (about 20 minutes worth of 5 different films, each with there own feel and 1 main theme song.) I'm looking for composers that could send me a demo of their work that would be similar to the feel of what's on their now (temp tracks) or I'm willing to listen to new ideas too.

I cannot pay up front, unless my distributor will help, which I doubt, but I will defer on the royalties from sales. I have many companies interested in selling. If you are interested please contact me by e-mail and I'll give you can address to send a CD or if you have an MP3 that's even better.

You can see the films now with the temp music at

Easy Out

Cast and crew needed for 45 minute dramatic, non-profit video shooting in Davis County, Utah. For a shooting schedule and more information, please contact Fred Hughes, 801-295-3213 or

Project title: Easy Out
Synopsis: Matt Felix, a twelve-year old little league pitcher strikes up a friendship with Kevin Myers, a boy who has Down's Syndrome. Over the summer, Matt works with Kevin and teaches him to hit. When the boys' teams play each other at the end of the season, Matt must choose between keeping his friendship with Kevin and supporting his team
Shooting dates: August 14-28 (three or five full days, four or five half days)
Locations: Farmington, Bountiful, Salt Lake City
Crew members needed: Videographer, Audio, Lighting, Makeup;
Approx length: 45 minutes

The Umpire Strikes Back

Director: Tucker Dansie
Posted: 9 June 2003
Director Tucker T Dansie and 9 by 9 Entertainment, are looking for 2
Little League Baseball Teams that would be interested in participating
in his new short mockumentary "THE UMPIRE STRIKES BACK: the rise and
fall of a Little League Umpire," filming is scheduled for July of 2003.
If you or anyone you know are affiliated with a Little League team (ages
8-12) that can provide a complete team, along with uniforms, please
contact Tucker at or visit for more information.

Participates will be required for a 1 day / 3-4 hour shoot, full of
plenty of baseball, cheering, making fun of umpires and even some members
of the team and their familes will get feature roles. This will be a
no-pay non-union shoot, but refreshments and copies of the film will be

We encourage all young participants and their families to get involved.
Auditions for many lead roles will be announced as soon as we secure the

The Choice - Envisage

Posted: 31 May 2003

DBD Productions has begun pre-production on a short film entitled "The Choice - Envisage". A interactive film that will that will follow a rogue CIA Antiterrorist Agent, through Boston in an attempt to defuse a Nuclear Weapon that has been placed in a busy shopping mall in downtown Boston.

Principal photography will commence on June 14th, 2003., is some information on a new production we are doing.
You can get more information about it at

- Danno Nell (director)

Audition Announcement: Open Casting Call

DBD Productions is holding an open casting call for a series pilot.

Sat. June 7th

From 2-6:00PM

At the Salt Lake City Library Main

Block of 209 E 500 South

In the new building, bottom floor (-1) conference room

Positions are not paid. Great opportunity for new talent to show what
they can do with a chance that these rolls might turn into a weekly
television show. Good resume builder.

Please bring a headshot and resume if available.

If not, one will be taken at the audition.
Pilot will be filming from June 21st to June 28th.
All characters will not be required for every day,
but those auditioning must be available within that time span.

Here is what we need:

Voice-over Narrator: News anchor.

John:     20 something hero, CIA Agent.  Clean cut.
          Jeans, leather jacket. Stunt or martial arts  experience a plus.

Clerk:     Female 20-40, trendy style. (non- speaking, must have good  reactions)

Thug:     Male, any age. Stunt or martial  arts experience a plus.

Agent (7):   Suspicious looking man 20-45, classic men in black look.
             Stunt  or martial arts experience a  plus.
             (speaking and non-speaking)

Jodi:     20 something, girlfriend of  John. Pretty.

Woman:     30-60, a mall shopper, stunt or martial arts experience a plus. (non-speaking)

Mall Security Guard:  20-60 years old. Typical mall  security guard. (2)
                      (speaking  and non-speaking)

Police Officers (4) (speaking and non-speaking)

Elderly Couple (2) (non-speaking)

College Student (2) (non-speaking)

Vagrant (non-speaking)

Shoppers:  (non-speaking) adults, teens, and  children of any age.

For questions email:

Or call during business hours 801-458-8631

The Perfect Dad

Posted: 26 May 2003
Pink Pirana Productions is looking for experienced crew to work on a
feature film, which will begin shooting this September. The title of the
film is "The Perfect Dad." The approximate length of shooting will be 4
weeks. The location of the project will be in the Provo/Orem area with
locations in the Provo Canyon.
Paid positions.
Mention Michelle referred you.
Please send all Resumes to Keith at:

Singers for "Day Of Defense"

Subject: [ldsmusicians] Audition for Day Of Defense

Auditions for singing roles in the score of the upcoming film,
Day of Defense
Coming to Theatres September 2003

Auditions will be held May 22nd at 6pm at Spirit West Studios
2525 South State Street, Salt Lake City, #801-474-9100

Please have with you a minus track of a song that you will present, or
you can sing a capella. Thanks, good luck.

Score by Rick Reeve.
Orchestrations by Sam Cardon and Matthew Donavan.

From: rick reeve []
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2003 8:50 AM

New Church film about the life of Joseph Smith

Date Posted: 24 February 2003

Seasoned Actors with professional experience: Desert Media Productions is producing a new film bsed on the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Auditions for lead roles will take place throughout March and April. If you are a serious actor and would like more information about these high-demand roles, please see Elizabeth in D-581. Resume and headshots must be sent to the Church office building by March 3.

The Collectors

Genre: action adventure science fiction martial arts thriller
Date of auditions: 1 March 2003
Time: 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Filming: last two weeks of March
Location: American Fork Library Community Room (131), 64 South 100 East, American Fork, Utah (It is right off Main St. at 100 East by the American Fork Tabernacle)
Director: John Lyde
Director of Photography: Kels Goodman
Date Posted: 13 February 2003

TC DESPAIN       35 to 50 year old Male. Must be athletic.
MELISA DESPAIN   35 to 45 year old Female.
BRUCE DESPAIN    Over 60 year old Male.

JADE             17 to 25 year old Female.

BROWN BELT       Over 18. Must have martial arts experience.
BLACK BELT       Over 18. Must have martial arts experience.
NAKAYUMA MIFUNE  Over 30. Must have martial arts experience.
DRUG CZAR        Over 18. Scruff and long hair would be nice.
DRUG BUYER       Over 18. Scruff and long hair would be nice.
THE CONTACT      Over 18. Gets to do a lot of running and a little bit of fighting.

The following must be over 18 and be able to participate in fight scenes.
Martial arts experience is not required except for Karate Students.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Filming will take place from March 15th to March 29th. Most parts will only be needed for one day. We will give you the lines at the audition. Because this is a low budget production only the major parts will be paid.

Unexpected Race

Shooting date: 12 July 2003 Wolf Productions presents "Unexpected Race" (previously titled "War in Heaven"). Need 300 EXTRAS! Extras need to provide their own white clothing (and black clothing for "evil spirits"). Major roles still available: Christ, Archangels, Adam and Eve, an Heavenly Father (35+ years old). Shooting will be on July 12. Please contact Stephen Groo for audition or more information at or call 356-3468 before 9:30 p.m.


Type: feature film
Genre: family-friendly action/comedy
Date of auditions: Saturday, March 15 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Callbacks: Saturday, March 22 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Off Broadway Theatre, 272 South Main, Salt Lake City, Utah
Director: Jared S. Buttars
Date Posted: 10 February 2003
More info:

Requirements: Ecto demands fun, energetic, comedic performors. Great character development, comedic timing and even some improv when it is appropriate are qualities that are required. We need people that can give a paragraph of lines in a single look. If you think you're up to snuff and want to have a blast performing in a very unique independent movie then we want to see your audition!

Unfortunatly this is a non-paid position. If you want to participate it will have to be for pleasure, exposure and/or experience. It is also required that you be readily available during a two week shooting schedule from August 9th through August 23rd 2003. Demand of your presence during that time frame will depend on which part you are awarded and accept.

Fill out the online form if you are planning to attend the audition.

Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie

Type: feature film
Genre: LDS Cinema
Positions available: production assistants and interns
Location: see below
Director: Gary Rogers
Date Posted: 1 Feb. 2003
More info: click here

If you live in or near any of the following locations and would like to volunteer to work on this movie please send an email to: and let us know where you live and that you are interested in helping on this movie. If we have a spot for you and you are available then we would be happy to have you!

- Salt Lake City, Utah
- Ogden, Utah
- Green River, Utah
- Moab, Utah
- Los Angeles, CA
- Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
- Saudi Arabia, Jordan, or Morocco

(NOTE: These volunteer positions may entail duties such as, cleaning sets and locations, running errands, assisting crew when necessary, and other miscellaneous jobs as needed. Typically the "credit" for this kind of volunteer work is "Production Assistant", "Intern", or other as deemed appropriate.)


Type: feature film
Genre: family action/adventure
Date of auditions: February 2003
Location: Utah County, Utah
Director: Kels Goodman
Date Posted: 24 Jan. 2003
More info: click here

Kels Goodman's action adventure feature film featuring boy scouts. Casting will be in February. Actors who can pass for scouts aged 12 to 18 will be needed. Shooting has not been scheduled, but may be as late as May or June this year. Goodman is the director of the feature films "Yankee2Kilo: A Comedy" (2000) and "Handcart" (2002).

The Saints of War [Saints and Soldiers]

Type: feature film
Genre: war / LDS Cinema
Needed: Extras needed to play WWII soldiers
Location: Utah
Director: Ryan Little (director, "Out of Step"; D.P.: "The Singles Ward", "The R.M.")
Date Posted: Jan. 2003
More info: click here

Young men who are interested in being soldiers for a WWII feature film directed by Ryan Little and produced by Brian Brough are needed for a local, one-day shoot sometime during Jan. 22 - Feb. 19. Because of limited uniform sizes, please email your weight, waist, pant inseam, shirt, and shoe size along with your contact information to


USC grad student film: Jason Epson is shooting his film in Castle Theatre and Aspen Grove Jan. 30-Feb. 25. He is looking for 15 crew people, including Sound Mixer, Second A.D., Make-up, Script, and PAs. If interested, please call Chad Potts at 604-5051.

Love Logs On

Type: feature film
Genre: romantic comedy w/LDS characters
Date of auditions: March 2003
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Director: Tucker T. Dansie
Date Posted: Jan. 2003
More info: click here

Open auditions to be held in March. Sides and details about character types are available on the official website. "Love Logs On" is a romantic comedy for the cyberage set in Salt Lake City. The seting may be local and the characters may happen to be Latter-day Saints, but the movie isn't about religious themes. Dansie is an experienced short film maker and documentarian. This is his first feature film as director. He was the Director of Photography for the upcoming feature film "Suddenly Unexpected." Many of Dansie's previous films can be seen at and Cast in the lead role in "Love Logs On" is Lisa Higbee, one of the supporting actresses in "The Singles Ward" Higbee played "Jenny," one of Cammie's friends.
Serious applicants for major roles in "Love Logs On" should contact Dansie prior to March auditions to arrange private auditions.

Cosmic Agents

Date Posted: 13 March 2003

III Millennium Movie Makers,* is proud to announce a new comical; but also serious at times, plus action-packed futuristic science fiction/Military/Martial Arts movie series in the works, entitled:
Cosmic Agents
Episode One: When Earth Became an Endangered Species.

Written, directed, produced and starring Darell Thorpe and others, this ongoing series will explore what might happen if the human family continues to invent and progress in their weaponry to the point of inventing global killer weapons, that go way beyond nukes, where one weapon can destroy an inhabited world. It will explore time/space and realm travel, where Cosmic Agents get to work with the good angels to help stop those who seek to use such weapons to hold entire inhabited worlds hostage. When this happens, Cosmic Agents, trained and gathered from the best warriors from different inhabited worlds, are sent back to different times, places or realms on missions to seek and destroy, disarm, or stop these weapons from being perverted and misused. Or to find those who are responsible for attempting to hold entire inhabited worlds hostage with such weapons.

One of the main points that will be brought out is how that we are all members of the human family, that ought to learn how to love one another and get along, so we can be ready to get along with what might be even more diverse types of races of the human family that have spread to other inhabited worlds as part of the much larger universal family. The first episode:
When Earth Became an Endangered Species, will introduce a time line of the history of weapons on up to the year 2088, when a global killer weapon is invented.

What will not be included in this series:
There will be no sex scenes, vulgar or "street talk" language. However, with the graphic martial Arts and military scenes, the movie might get at least a PG-13 level, but we hope to keep it under R.

What needs to be done:
III Millennium Movie Makers, needs help with the following projects in order to continue towards the goal of making the first episode in this series:

A lot still needs to be done!

Contact information:
If you live in the Salt Lake City, or the Utah area, and are interested in helping out with these different aspects mentioned thus far, please contact: Darell Thorpe, III Millennium Movie Makers,

* III Millennium Movie Makers, is a private and Independent film project that started in 2001, at the turn of the 3rd Millennium, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Clash

Type: feature film
Genre: teen drama
Date of auditions: Saturday, February 1st, 2003
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Scera Theatre at 745 S. State Street, Orem, Utah
Directors: Elias Pate and Bryan Young
Date Posted: Jan. 2003
More info: click here

ShineBox Motion Pictures is pleased to announce open auditions for it's second feature film tentatively entitled "The Clash." Directors of the picture Elias Pate and Bryan Young will be presiding directly over the audition, as well as Paul Green, the associate producer of last year's landmark film "Handcart."

ShineBox Motion Pictures has gained notoriety with their first film "Missy" after a modest theatrical premiere then placing in the semi-finals at the 2002 NoDance film competition, held each January in Park City, Utah.The founders of ShineBox Motion Pictures have also been heavily involved in the local film industry, running production crews for various local films including Kels Goodman's "Handcart."

Trailers of their previous films and projects can be downloaded for viewing at "The Clash" is a film revolving around a number of teenagers dealing with universal problems in a background of nature.

Male and female characters are being sought between the ages of 15 and 20. Eight leads, more than a dozen supporting players and background ensemble are being cast through this audition process. Anyone capable of looking like they could be in high school are encouraged to audition.

All participants are asked to bring a head-shot and resume and to be prepared to cold read a page of dialogue on video tape. Auditions will be held Saturday, February 1st at the Scera Theatre at 745 S. State Street in Orem from 9:00a.m. until 5:00p.m. For more information regarding the audition, Bryan Young can be reached at (801) 427-7723.

Production staff can also be reached at the ShineBox Motion Pictures owned production facility/comic book store ShineBox Comics at 345 "B" East University Parkway in Orem or by calling (801) 426-9226.

35mm. Casting call for a female, age 21-24, and young boy, age 9-12, for a short film for Rock Bottom Stories Productions, directed by Adam Lawson ("Day of Defense"). Deadline for submissions is Jan. 20. Shooting days are Feb. 21-23 in SLC. You will be contacted if chosen to audition.

Everwood (TV series)

crew, call: 801-908-8836
extras, call: 801-296-7171

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