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Bernie Diamond
Latter-day Saint. Long-time resident of Ogden, Utah. Also credited as: Bernie M. Diamond; Bernie R. Diamond. Having retired from business he has embarked on a second career in film. Executive producer of the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Out of Step" (2002). He also appeared briefly on screen, playing the main character's bishop. Has a supporting role as "Rafferty" (9th billed actor on the official poster) in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002). Diamond is also included in the "thanks to the following for their contribution to the making of this movie" section in the closing credits of "Charly." Presumably he was an investor in "Charly" and "Out of Step." Also had a small part in the TV miniseries "Firestarter: Rekindled" (2002).
Ken Diamond
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Ken E. Diamond. Art director of who has worked on many of director Blair Treu's films. Art director of: No More Baths (1998); Coyote Summer (1996); The Paper Brigade (1996); Wish Upon a Star (1996); Just Like Dad (1995). Set Decorator on Treu's major feature film "Little Secrets" (2002). Buyer for the Disney TV movie "The Poof Point" (2001). Lead man for "Partners in Crime" (2000) and "Stranger Than Fiction" (1999).
Rob Diamond
Award winning Filmmaker and sought after acting coach, Rob Diamond, started his career in Los Angeles where he landed numerous national commercials for companies such as Honda, Minute Maid, Toyota, Coca Cola, and Levis 501 Blues, just to name a few. From there, he broke into the movies and starred in several independent films including “The Face On The Barroom Floor” with Hollywood icon, Mickey Rooney. Other film credits followed before Diamond started writing and directing his own films.Latter-day Saint. :
Actor / Writer / Director
In 2006 he wrote and directed the supernatural thriller “Propensity” starring legendary character actor, Danny Trejo. In 2007, Rob wrote and directed the deeply moving drama “Tears of a King” about the final hours of Elvis Presley’s life. In 2008, Rob wrote, produced, and directed the heart wrenching true story “Cinders of my Soul” which won “best dramatic short” at the New York Independent Film Festival. In addition, he wrote and produced another award winning family drama called $1.11, which found success on the film festival circuit, including The LDS Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival, Bear Lake Film Festival, Gloria Film Festival, and many others. Also in 2008, Rob was an associate producer on the action film “The Eleventh Hour.” In 2009, Rob has two films coming out which he both wrote and directed, including the family action/adventure film called, “Justin Time” and “Once Upon a Summer” starring heather Beers. Rob has written close to 20 screenplays to date and has plans to direct two more feature films in the summer of 2009 and the winter of 2010.
In addition to being a successful independent filmmaker, Rob is a sought after acting coach. Teaching the art of film acting since 1997, at Rob Diamond’s Actors Lounge, Rob’s students have landed speaking parts in literally hundreds of feature films, television shows and commercials.

Donna Dick
Latter-day Saint. Also credited as: Donna W. Dick. Producer of the low-budget film "The Award" (1985), based on the story by Jack Weyland. The video was produced by the Cypress California Stake. "The Award," which tells what happens when a group of football players decide to give an "award" to the ugliest girl in school, has long been available on video and shown to Latter-day Saint youth. She also has a small role as a school teacher in the film.
Thomas W. Dickeson
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Credited with computer graphics/animation work (company: Evans & Sutherland) for Lee Groberg's documentary "Treasure House: The Utah Mining Story" (1995).
Jana Dietlein
Utah resident. Sister of filmmaker Quinn Dietlein. Actress in Tucker Dansie's short film "Crayoluv" (1997), co-starring with her husband. The cast also included Daniel Barton, Jason Hewlett, Mindy McDonough, Brittany McGarry, Robert Swenson, Daniel Tisdale and Lauren Wolters.
Quinn Dietlein
Latter-day Saint. Served a German-speaking mission. Utah resident. Grandson of Latter-day Saint theatre legend Ruth Hale; son of Mark Dietlein, current owner and president of the Hale Centre Theatres; cousin of film director Kurt Hale; cousin of actor Will Swenson, the star of Kurt Hale's films "The Singles Ward" and "The R.M." Quinn Dietlein is a frequent collaborator of auteur director Tucker Dansie. Co-writer, producer and co-star of Dansie's short film "Crayoluv" (1997). Co-writer and co-star of Dansie's music video "SFL: Can't Get Chicks" (1997; music video). Producer of Dansie's short film "The Couch."
Thom Dillon
Utah-based actor. Company: Vision Communications, in Park City, Utah. Dillon has had small or bit parts in at least 15 feature films and TV movies, including: Murder at 75 Birch (1999); Not In This Town (1997); Clubhouse Detectives (1996); Split Infinity (1992); Double Jeopardy (1992); It Nearly Wasn't Christmas (1989). Multiple TV guest appearances on "Touched by an Angel" and "Walker, Texas Ranger."
Merrill Dimick
Lives in South Jordan, Utah with his wife, Myrle. Works at LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo, Utah. Executive producer of the short film "Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story" (1996), which was funded by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and made largely by BYU students and faculty at LDS Motion Picture Studio. Director of the studio segments of the KBYU program "Your Medical Heritage" (1997). Studio director of the big budget 70mm film "The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000), directed by Kieth Merrill and produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Executive in charge of production of the BYU student film "Iscariot" (2001). Included in the "special thanks" credits of the short BYU student film "Root & Wings" (2002).
Scott Ditty
Utah-based actor. Born 27 January 1963, Los Angeles, California. Major supporting role in the independent direct-to-video movies "The Last Resort" (1997) and "Just in Time" (1997), and in the TV movie "The Ticket" (1997). Smaller roles include: Net Worth (2000); The Runner (1999); Con Air (1997); Before He Wakes (1998); Just Like Dad (1996); In the Blink of an Eye (1996). TV guest guest appearances on the Utah-filmed series "Touched by an Angel" "Promised Land." Bio from (
In 1995 he founded the Professional Actors Conervetory of Salt Lake in Salt Lake City Utah, where he continues to teach today.

He was a founding member of Salt City Productions Theatre Company and in 1998 Directed their first production "The Odd Couple (female version)" which was the innaugural theatrical performance at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in Salt Lake City.

In 2000 he directed "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" at the Don Bagget Theatre in Grass Valley, Ca. This Production was dedicated to the memory of Charles Schultz, attended by his immediate family and was the first recognized theatrical tribute to the great cartoonist following his death.

Camille Dixon
Utah-based actress. Narrator of the PBS documentary series "Ancestors," produced at Brigham Young University (BYU). On-camera host (with co-host Kelvin Garvanne) of the telecourse "Dollar$ & Sense: Personal Finance for the 21st Century." Bio (
Camille Dixon, an independent announcer and producer, has worked in public and commercial settings for more than twelve years. She is an announcer and on- camera host for PBS station KOCE-TV, in Huntington Beach, California. Other broadcast credits include her work as host for live radio broadcasts of the Utah Symphony Orchestra, as host of the nationally released Grand Teton Music Festival series on public radio, and as narrator on the PBS television series "Ancestors." Dixon's commercial credits include projects for Random House, IBM, the U.S. Air Force, the Discovery Channel, and numerous radio and television commercials across the country. She is also a voice usage specialist with the Ethos Institute, a consulting group providing media training at the executive level.

Karen Dixon
Latter-day Saint. Her 9-minute experimental film "Textures and Temperaments" (2001) was a finalist in the International Young LDS Film Festival of 2001.
Russell Dixon
Latter-day Saint. Returned missionary. Dixon and fellow Utah/Latter-day Saint musicians Ryan Merrill and Brian Tibbets form the pop band "Colors." Their CDs include: "Outside the Lines", "Falling In" and "Standing on the Sun." Their music and lives are featured in Tucker Dansie's documentary "Colors: Up Close & Personal" (1999), available from Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores. Website:
Merrill Dodge
Latter-day Saint. Major supporting role as "Brigham Phelps," the father of the title character in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The R.M." (2003). Bio from "The R.M." website:
Merrill Dodge has appeared on the television series Touched By An Angel as well as several films produced by the LDS Church. He has also directed several plays at the Hale Centre Theatre in Orem, UT and performs with the singing group the Sterling Singers.

Dawnee Dodson
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Made the short (5 min., 45 sec.) narrative film "Wide Awake and Dreaming," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is described thus: A young woman, Dorothy, discovers lucid dreaming as an escape from "real" life. Shot in 16mm.
Susan Dolan
Non-LDS. Actress based in Salt Lake City, Utah. 5th billed role in the family film "The Undercover Kid" (1996). Smaller roles in the feature films "Invasion of Privacy" (1996) and "Ski Patrol" (1990), and the TV movies "Face of Evil" (1996) and "Harmful Intent" (1993). Dolan has appeared on episodes of "Touched by an Angel" as a nurse and a teacher, and in a guest role on "Promised Land." Dolan wrote 1950 Maroon Dodge, a ten-minute play performed as part of a collection of plays by the Salt Lake Acting Company in 2002. The play is a comedy about a young couple recently relocated to Utah dealing with an overly friendly female neighbor. Dolan was interviewed for 7 January 1999 Salt Lake Tribune article about an agreement between the Screen Actors Guild and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that would allow non-Latter-day Saint actors to work for Church film productions if they agreed to abide by Church ethical standards (no drinking/smoking, etc.) during filming. Dolan was described as a non-LDS Salt Lake City actress who had worked in the Utah market for 15 years. She said she was pleased with the news -- which would allow her to work for Church productions, something she had not previously done, and that as a non-smoker and non-drinker those standards would not be difficult for her.
Jesse Dolce
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hair stylist and make-up artist.
Kate L. Donahoo
Latter-day Saint. Graduated from Brigham Young University in 1989. Manager of creative advertising for Columbia Pictures. Article: "Movie Junkie Enters World of Hollywood Faces", by Jacquelyn Youd Christensen, BYU Magazine, Winter 1999.
Cindy Doose
Lives in Utah. Hair stylist for T.C. Christensen's "Bug Off!" Related to Ernie Doose, the film's makeup artist and costume designer. Cindy also appears briefly on screen as part of the heavily shadowed alien council and as a hand double.
Ernie Doose
Latter-day Saint. Company: Arts Inc. (A.R.T.S., Inc., formerly known as Young Audiences of Utah, Inc.), in Salt Lake City, Utah: leading source of arts in education for Utah. Costume designer for the low-budget, Utah-made films "Baby Bedlam" (2000), "The Robin Hood Gang" (1997, filmed under the title "Angels in the Attic") and "Bug Off!" (2001). Also makeup artist for "Bug Off!" and appears briefly on screen in the movie as the TV Clicker Man. Costumer for "The Children's Video Songbook, Vol. 1: My Heavenly Father's World" (1990) and "The Children's Video Songbook Vol. 2: I Am a Child of God" (1991), sold in Latter-day Saint bookstores.
Taylor Doose
Son of costume designer Ernie Doose. Taylor Doose is credited as the "bug wrangle" for T.C. Christensen's low-budget direct-to-video film "Bug Off!" This might seem like a minor position, but in this film it wasn't. The "bug" (actually a beetle) was a major star of the movie, and real beetles were used. Amazingly, the beetle on screen really appears to be acting, taking cues, moving where it should, etc. This film literally may feature one of the greatest performances by a insect in movie history. Taylor Doose also appears briefly on screen in Bug Off!" as part of the alien council, and he provides alien voices. He is also credited with Craft Service for the movie. Taylor is also interviewed prominently in the "making of" video that is included on the DVD release of "Bug Off!" One can only speculate about whether he washed his hands frequently while working as both bug wrangler and craft service provider.
Mallory Dougherty
Utah-based actress. Miss Teen Utah 2002. Appeared on the cover of Supermodels Unlimited. Won the Coveted Bellissima Readers Choice Award.
Geoffrey Douglas
Set production assistant for the Feature Films For Families video "The ButterCream Gang" (1992).
Nancy Stewart Douglas
Utah-based actress. Bit part in the TV movie "Whose Daughter Is She?" (1995). Has performed on stage, including at least three productions at the Hale Center Theater in Orem, Utah: as "Mrs. Cratchit" in A Christmas Carol (2000), as "Annabelle" in George Washington Slept Here (1999), and as "Mrs. Baker" in Neil Simon's Come Blow Your Horn (1998).
Curt Dousett
Utah-based actor. Also credited as: Curt Doussett. Has perfomed on stage in Charley's Aunt at the Hale Center Theater in Orem, Utah (1999) and in the same play at the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley, Utah (2001), as well as in The Hasty Heart at the Hale Center Theater in Orem (2001). Bio from "The R.M." official website:
Curt Doussett has appeared in numerous stage productions and commercials. Television and film credits include Everwood, Touched By An Angel and Dumb & Dumber. He is also the director of ComedySportz Utah, an improvisational comedy troupe based in Provo, UT.

Richard A. Dove
Latter-day Saint. Author of "Turn Here," published in the Church magazine Ensign, February 2001, and adapted to a short film by director John Lyde.
Tyson Downey
Latter-day Saint. Star of John Lyde's low-budget direct-to-video film "The Fields is White" (2002), sold in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores. Later had a starring role in Lyde's short film "Thy Will Be Done" (2004), which was sold on video and DVD in the LDS Christian as well as general Christian markets. Had a small part in Lyde's short film "In the Service of God" (2003).
Derek Dowsett
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Director of the short (4 min., 12 sec.) experimental film "Dream Sequence Crosswalk," which competed in the 2002 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is described thus: A strange dream that leaves the audience wondering; what is reality, and what was the dream.
Sherry Drabner
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hair stylist and make-up artist.
Steven R. Dransfield
Lives in Ogden, Utah. Also credited as: Steven Dransfield. Camera operator, boom operator. Dialogue editor for "Earthbound" (1981).
Kelly Draper
Swing gang for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Singles Ward" (2002).
Shelba Dredge
Makeup/hair assistant for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The R.M." (2003).
Michelle Dreier
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Location manager and location scout.
Donna Drew
Born 18 March 1896, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died 24 October 1918, Helena, Montana (influenza). Sometimes credited as: Donna Moon. Starring roles in the silent films "Madame Spy" (1918), "'49-'17" (1917), "The Lair of the Wolf" (1917) and "The Flame of Youth" (1917).
Montana R. Drysch
Lives in South Ogden, Utah. Production assistant.
Danny Drysdale
Latter-day Saint. Hometown: San Jose, California. Birth name: Daniel Bryant Drysdale. Resident of Syracuse, Utah. Student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Co-writer and director of the short documentary "Shoes" (2001), which won an Audience Choice Award at the International Young LDS Film Festival in 2001. Bio from "Just Docs" film festival ( "Danny Drysdale, 23, is from San Jose, California. An English major at Brigham Young University, Danny eats sushi and is allergic to rye."
Greg Duckwitz
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Utah. Credited as a keyboard player and one of the engineers for the soundtrack of the LDS Cinema feature film "Day of Defense" (2003). Also assisted with some of the scoring. Composer of the short film "Redemption" (2003), directed by Dave Skousen. Has worked with Skousen many other times, writing music for some of Skousen's TV commercials, including the 30-second Medical Supply Company TV spots "24 Hour Roadside Assistance", "Gangster" and "Crash & Burn." Duckwitz, along with Brett Monson, won 3rd Place in contest sponsored by Utah radio station 1075 The End, for a TV commercial he made titled "Bare Necessities."
Andrew Ducote
Born 5 September 1986, Salt Lake City, Utah. Actor. Nominated for 6 Young Artist Awards, including 1 win -- for playing William Winthrop on the 1999 TV series "Thanks." Played Willie Barry on the 1993 TV series "Dave's World." Many TV guest spots. Film roles: The Prophet's Game (1999); Judgment Day: The Ellie Nesler Story (1999); The Secret Life of Girls (1999); Can of Worms (1999; TV); The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue (1998; video; title role); The Secret Kingdom (1998). More:
Nathan Dudley
Lives in Utah County. Carpenter/set contruction. Credits include the HBO movie "Made Men."
James Duggar
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Along with five fellow Boy Scouts, he made the short (21 min., 20 sec.) film "Root Beer Runners," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is described thus: Written and produced by 16- and 17-year-old scouts in North Salt Lake's Troop 679 to fulfill several requirements of the cinematography merit badge, this film is a spoof of movies about rum running during Prohibition. Smokey and the Bandit meets the Cops TV show with root beer as the banned substance.
Richard Duke
Sound designer for the KBYU documentary "The Best Crop: A History of Orchard Farming in Orem, Utah" (2002). Sound mixer and sound editor for the KBYU documentary "The Call of Story" (2002). Credited with ADR sound effects for the big budget film "The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000), produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Michael Dungan
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife Shannon. Has lived in Kamas, Utah. Location manager whose credits include: The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All (1999); Friends & Lovers (1999); Net Worth; Homefront; The Way of the Gun (2000). Driver for the Leucadia TV movie "Windrunner" (1995). Provided some of the footage of Utah natural scenery that was used in the KUED musical special "Desert Serenade." Also a location scout. Website:
Diana Dunkley
Utah-based actress. Lives in Ogden and Park City, Utah. Married to Ralph Dunkley. Voiceover work. Has performed on stage. Roles include Dear World on the outdoor Eccles Stage at Sundance Village, 2002. Had a major supporting role as "JoEllen Roberts", the mother of the lead male character in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002).
Michael Dunn
Latter-day saint. Director of the feature-length documentaries "Shared Vision", "In Those Days" and "Flagship in the Desert." From his bio (
An award winning advertising agency executive who was once mauled by a grizzly bear... worked as a freelance print journalist, radio and television reporter, and writer and producer for two Salt Lake City advertising agencies before opening his own ad agency... "Mr. Dunn's creativity and ambition have earned him some lofty recognition," Neal Cox... points out. "Among his national awards are two gold medals from the New York Film Festival, six Clio awards for advertising excellence, two Emmy nominations and an Emmy award. In March of this year, he became the first recipient of the Young Professional of the Year award from the Utah Advertising Federation." Just prior to opening his own agency, Dunn Communications, Inc., Dunn spent 13 years as a senior writer and producer for Bonneville Communications and Fotheringham & Associates, two full service ad agencies based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has written and produced three documentary films: "Shared Vision," a story about American doctors on a humanitarian mission in a remote African village; "In Those Days," which chronicles life in Utah during the Depression; and "Flagship in the Desert," which celebrates the 150-year history of the University of Utah. A recent project is a four-volume set of exercise videos starring Karl Malone, an NBA basketball player with the Utah Jazz. In the late summer of 1994 Dunn was severely mauled by a grizzly bear while he was running in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. After his recovery, he shared his story as a featured speaker and on several national television programs including "Prime Time Live," "The Leeza Gibbons Show," "Inside Edition," and "The Jenny Jones Show." An avid runner, Dunn has completed 23 marathons, including the Boston Marathon and the 100-mile Wasatch 100. He is a graduate of the University of Utah.

Randy Dunn
Lives in St. George, Utah. Location manager, location scout, still photographer and production assistant.
Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn is a writer, director and producer for Dunn Communications, Inc, a Salt Lake City advertising agency and film production company. Among his peer distinctions over the years are a gold and silver medal from the New York Film Festival, several ADDY’s from the American Advertising Federation, and four CLIOs--an award considered the “Oscar” of the advertising industry. He also garnered two Emmy nominations–one of which earned the Emmy Award for public service in 1992 from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. In the spring of 2000 he was honored by the Utah Advertising Federation as the inaugural recipient of the Young Professional of the Year Award. Michael spent 13 years as a senior writer and producer for Bonneville Communications where he worked on the highly acclaimed Homefront campaign for the LDS Church, and Fotheringham & Associates (now Richter 7). He began his career as a freelance print journalist and later moved to the broadcast side working in radio and television as a reporter and producer. Dunn graduated from the University of Utah, earning both a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Mass Communication. Professionally he also has earned an APR certificate from the Public Relations Society of America. He has written and directed several documentary films for public television including, Shared Vision, In Those Days, and Flagship in the Desert. He also wrote and directed Karl Malone’s Body Shop, a four-volume exercise video series featuring NBA legend Karl Malone. Most recently he completed A Message to the World, a film about Salt Lake City’s post-Olympic environmental message to the citizens of Torino, Italy. In the late summer of 1994, Michael was attacked and severely mauled by a grizzly bear while running in the mountains of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Miraculously he survived the attack and has gone on to share his remarkable story with national audiences both as a featured speaker and on television programs such as ABC’s Prime Time Live, The Leeza Gibbons Show, Inside Edition, and The Jenny Jones Show. Other accounts of his experience are currently available on an audio tape entitled Bears and Prayers from Covenant Communications, and in essay form in New Genesis: A Mormon reader on Land and Community, a book hailed by the Deseret News as the best local book of 1998. Michael and his wife Linda have three children. An avid runner, cross-country skier and cyclist, he has completed more than 30 marathons including the Boston Marathon, LOTOJA (Logan to Jackson) Bike Race, and the Wasatch 100, a 100-mile ultra-marathon staged in the mountains of northern Utah.
Dave Dunston
Art Director and Texturing Supervisor at Zygote Media, based in Provo, Utah. Working for Zygote and Viewpoint Data Labs, which were contracted by companies such as Digital Domain, Olive Jar, and Centropolis, Dunston has done character modeling for the feature films "Fight Club", "Dennis the Menace", vehicle modeling for "Independence Day", anatomy modeling for "The 5th Element", and object modeling for "Star Trek: Generations." Also did character modeling for the Coke commercial "Wall Dancers." Website:
Nick Duran
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hair stylist and make-up artist.
Carter Durham
Latter-day Saint. From Sandy, Utah. Graduate of Brigham Young University film school (BYU). Director of the short student documentary "Woodwork." Cinematographer of the short student film "General Household Repairs" (2001). Co-producer (along with Ryan Little and director Chris Bowman) of the award-winning comedic short film "The Wrong Brother" (2000), which is now sold on video.
Jim Durham
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Videographer.
Eliza Dushku
Latter-day Saint (not an active churchgoer, although most of her family and relatives are, and she was raised in the Church). Born 30 December 1980, Boston, Massachusetts. Birth name: Eliza Patricia Dushku. Known for playing the villainous slayer "Faith" on the popular TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Mostly works as a lead actress in feature films. First film was "That Night" (1992). Major roles: "Bring It On" (2000, 2nd billing); "The New Guy" (2002, female lead); "Bye Bye, Love" (1995, 6th billing, starring Matthew Modine); "Soul Survivors" (2001, 3rd billing); "Race the Sun" (1995, 4th billing); "City by the Sea" (2002, 4th billing, starring Robert De Niro).
Eli Dutcher
Latter-day Saint. Son of filmmaker Richard Dutcher. Appears briefly onscreen in his father's feature films "God's Army" (2000), "Brigham City" (2001), "Prophet" (2003).
Ethan Dutcher
Latter-day Saint. Son of filmmaker Richard Dutcher. Appears briefly onscreen in his father's feature films "God's Army" (2000), "Brigham City" (2001), "Prophet" (2003).
Gwen Dutcher
Latter-day Saint. Name before marriage: Gwen Yuill. Wife of filmmaker Richard Dutcher. In 1988, Gwen Dutcher appeared on stage opposite her future husband in a BYU production of Foreigner, three months before they were married. On screen, Gwen Dutcher had a small role in Richard Dutcher's first feature film "Girl Crazy" (1994), which premiered on HBO. She also was a producer (along with her husband) and the set decorator for "Girl Crazy." Costume supervisor for "God's Army" (2000). She appears briefly in his feature films "The Prophet" (2003), "Brigham City" (2001) and "God's Army" (2000). She is a sculptor who has created many pieces for the Walt Disney company. Profile Page
Lucas Dutcher
Latter-day Saint. Son of filmmaker Richard Dutcher. Appears briefly onscreen in his father's feature films "God's Army" (2000), "Brigham City" (2001), "Prophet" (2003).
Richard Dutcher
Latter-day Saint. Considered the father of modern Latter-day Saint cinema. His first feature film was "Girl Crazy," which he sold to HBO. Writer/producer/director and star of the first feature films by and about Latter-day Saints to be shown in commercial theaters: "God's Army" (2000) and "Brigham City" (2001). His first two films were critically acclaimed. Given the first Award for Film ever granted by the Association for Mormon Letters, the 20-year old organization that had long recognized accomplishments in other fields of literature. "God's Army" was one of the top independent feature films of the year. "Brigham City" garnered national critical acclaim. His third major film is the bigger-budgeted "Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith," to be released 2003. Profile Page
Brad Dutson
Utah-based teen actor. Guest appearances in episode of "Touched by an Angel" entitled "The Penalty Box."
Gary Duttle
Based in central Utah. Video operator.
George Dyer
Latter-day Saint. Singer. Featured in the PBS musical special "Gloria: The Life of Christ" (2000), available on video.

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