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These pages shows photographs of the directors, screenwriters, producers, etc. who are mentioned on the main Latter-day Saint Filmmakers web page.

Adding these photos to the page where the filmographies are listed causes the page to take too long to download over slower internet connections. Consequently, photographs have been relegated to these pages. Only a few photos are shown on the main page.

Award Notes:
The Academy Awards (or "Oscars") are considered the most prestigious awards in film. The awards are granted to films and filmmakers of any nationality, but in order to qualify for consideration, films must be in English or have English subtitles.

After the Academy Awards, the Cannes Film Festival awards rank second in prestige. Other awards of worldwide prestige include the those given by the Venice Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, and the New York Film Critics Circle.

Note that some of the following awards are actually literary awards. Award graphics by a photograph indicate that the person is a recipient (or nominee) of an award, but not necessarily for the category the photograph is shown in. Information about only some select festivals and awards is presented on these pages. Also, there are other Latter-day Saint filmmakers for whom we do not have a photograph who are not pictured here.

Oscar statuette indicates Academy Award or nomination.

Cannes graphic indicates a Golden Palm Award or nomination.

BAFTA Award graphic indicates a winner of a British Academy Award, given by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

Bear indicates the winner of a Golden or Silver Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

Golden Globe winner or nominee.

Emmy Award winner or nominee.

An Annie Award winner or nominee. (The Annie Awards are the highest awards given specifically to animated films.)

Graphic indicates a winner of a Crystal Heart Award. The Jimmy Stewart Crystal Heart Awards are awarded at the Heartland Film Festival, a national festival held annually in Indianapolis, Indiana. The festival awards over $100,000 in prizes each year to the top films.

Graphic indicates a winner at the International Family Film Festival (held in Valencia, California), which was previously the Santa Clarita International Film Festival.

Graphic indicates a winner at the Burbank International Children's Film Festival.

Graphic indicates a winner at the prestigious Columbus Film & Video Festival, held annually in Columbus, Ohio.

Graphic indicates a winner at the WorldFest International Film Festival, held annually in different cities.

Thunderbird graphic indicates a Best Film Award at the Thunderbird International Film Festival, held annually in Cedar City, Utah.

Eclipse logo indicates a major Award at the Eclipse Film Festival, an international festival held annually in St. George, Utah since 1999.

This graphic indicates a winner at the Salt Lake City Film Festival, a festival open to international competition, held annually in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2002.

Award winner at the LDS Film Festival, which was founded by Austrian filmmaker Christian Vuissa and which has been held annually in Provo, Utah since 2001.

Awards Granted Primarily for Literature:
Pulitzer coin indicates winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the most prestigous literature award in the United States.

Association for Mormon Letters (AML) Logo indicates winners of an AML Award. This is primarily a literary award given to authors. In most cases, the author/filmmaker's work which received an AML Award is not a film.

Nebula Award winner. Analogous to the "Academy Award" of science fiction.

Hugo Award winner or nominee. Analogous to the "Golden Globe" of science fiction.

AML Awards

The following table lists Latter-day Saints who have received the AML Award (Association for Mormon Letters), and who have also written, directed or produced at least one film. The table lists the work(s) for which the individual received the AML Award. In most cases, these AML Awards are not for their film-oriented work. The table does NOT list the film credits for these individuals.

More information about the AML Awards can be found at:

RecipientYearTitle of WorkCategory
J. Scott Bronson 2001 Stones Drama
Orson Scott Card 1984 Saints Novel
Orson Scott Card 1991 Xenocide Novel
Orson Scott Card 1992 Lost Boys Novel
Richard Dutcher 2000 God's Army Film
Judith Freeman 1989 The Chinchilla Farm Novel
Judith Freeman 1996 A Desert of Pure Feeling Novel
Herbert Harker 1985 Circle of Fire Novel
Kenny Kemp 1996 "3/4-inch Marine Ply" Personal Essay
Walter Kirn 1990 My Hard Bargain Short Story
Neil LaBute 1993 In the Company of Men Drama
Carol Lynn Pearson 1984 Special Award
Anne Perry 1994 The Sins of the Wolf Novel
Anne Perry 1999 Tathea Novel
Tim Slover 1995 A March Tale Drama
Tim Slover 1996 Joyful Noise Drama
Douglas H. Thayer 1977 Under the Cottonwoods Short Fiction
Douglas H. Thayer 1983 Summer Fire 1983
Brady Udall 1997 Beautiful Places Short Fiction
Brady Udall 2001 The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint Novel
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich 1991 A Midwife's Tale Biography
Jack Weyland 1983 Popular Mormon Fiction Special Award

Some filmmakers belong in more than one category (director, screenwriter, author, producer), but are only pictured once on these pages.

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